New Books

Max the brave Max the brave
Vere, Ed, author, illustrator.
Whoosh! : Lonnie Johnson Whoosh! : Lonnie Johnson's super-soaking stream of inventions
Barton, Chris, author.
Splat the cat Splat the cat
Scotton, Rob.
The Adventure Bay treasury. The Adventure Bay treasury.
Percy Percy's promise
Awdry, W., author.
Welcome to the Monster Dome! Welcome to the Monster Dome!
Berrios, Frank, author.
Get well soon, Spot Get well soon, Spot
Hill, Eric, 1927-2014, author, illustrator.
On the farm : touch-and-feel On the farm : touch-and-feel
Parent, Nancy, author.
Train man Train man
Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing, author, illustrator.
Peppa and the big train. Peppa and the big train.
Peek-a-boo Peek-a-boo
Musgrave, Ruth, 1960- author.
Picky eaters Picky eaters
Jackson, Ellen, 1943- author.
B is for bedtime! B is for bedtime!
Kleinberg, Naomi, author.
My garden home My garden home
Color magic! Color magic!
Reviews are in : read, write, and expand your career Reviews are in : read, write, and expand your career
Verma, Henrietta, author.
Rabbit cake Rabbit cake
Hartnett, Annie, author.
Pilot X Pilot X
Merritt, Tom, author.
Laid waste Laid waste
Gfrörer, Julia, author, artist.
The middlepause : on life after youth The middlepause : on life after youth
Benjamin, Marina, author.
Murder, stage left : a Nero Wolfe mystery Murder, stage left : a Nero Wolfe mystery
Goldsborough, Robert, author.
Jerzy Jerzy
Charyn, Jerome, author.
Souljacker : a Lily Bound novel Souljacker : a Lily Bound novel
Galenorn, Yasmine, 1961- author.
Big fit girl : embrace the body you have Big fit girl : embrace the body you have
Green, Louise, author.
The illusionist The illusionist's apprentice
Cambron, Kristy, author.
Mikhail and Margarita Mikhail and Margarita
Himes, Julie Lekstrom, author.
The widow The widow's house
Goodman, Carol, author.
Blue exorcist. Vol. 16 Blue exorcist. Vol. 16
Katō, Kazue, 1980- author, illustrator.
My hero academia. 7 My hero academia. 7
Horikoshi, Kōhei, 1986- author.
Veganize it! : easy DIY recipes for a plant-based kitchen Veganize it! : easy DIY recipes for a plant-based kitchen
Robertson, Robin (Robin G.), author.
The astonishing mistakes of Dahlia Moss The astonishing mistakes of Dahlia Moss
Wirestone, Max, author.
Getting past perfect : how to find joy and grace in the messiness of motherhood Getting past perfect : how to find joy and grace in the messiness of motherhood
Wicker, Kate, author.
Thinking machines : the quest for artificial intelligence--and where it Thinking machines : the quest for artificial intelligence--and where it's taking us next
Dormehl, Luke, author.
One piece. Vol. 81, Let One piece. Vol. 81, Let's go see the cat viper
Oda, EiichiroÌ⁴, 1975- author, artist.
Mister Memory : a novel Mister Memory : a novel
Sedgwick, Marcus, author.
The cutaway : a novel The cutaway : a novel
Kovac, Christina, author.
The fall of Lisa Bellow : a novel The fall of Lisa Bellow : a novel
Perabo, Susan, 1969- author.
Letter to a young farmer : how to live richly without wealth on the new garden farm Letter to a young farmer : how to live richly without wealth on the new garden farm
Logsdon, Gene, author.
Making sense of science : separating substance from spin Making sense of science : separating substance from spin
Dean, Cornelia, author.
Boston Boston's massacre
Hinderaker, Eric, author.
The amazing story of the man who cycled from India to Europe for love The amazing story of the man who cycled from India to Europe for love
Andersson, Per J., author.
Girl code : gaming, going viral, and getting it done Girl code : gaming, going viral, and getting it done
Gonzales, Andrea, author.
Just the essentials : how essential oils can heal your skin, improve your health, and detox your life Just the essentials : how essential oils can heal your skin, improve your health, and detox your life
Grigore, Adina, 1984- author.
Learn better : mastering the skills for success in life, business, and school, or, how to become an expert in just about anything Learn better : mastering the skills for success in life, business, and school, or, how to become an expert in just about anything
Boser, Ulrich, author.
Swimmer among the stars : stories Swimmer among the stars : stories
Tharoor, Kanishk, author.
Letters to a young farmer : on food, farming, and our future Letters to a young farmer : on food, farming, and our future
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.
The underworld : a novel The underworld : a novel
Canty, Kevin, author.
Two turns from zero : pushing to higher fitness goals-converting them to life strength Two turns from zero : pushing to higher fitness goals-converting them to life strength
Griffith, Stacey, author.
The one-eyed man The one-eyed man
Currie, Ron, 1975- author.
The wages of sin The wages of sin
Welsh, Kaite, author.
How to kill a city : gentrification, inequality, and the fight for the neighborhood
Moskowitz, Peter, 1988- author.
The compassionate achiever : how helping others fuels success
Kukk, Christopher L., author.
Bit rot : stories + essays
Coupland, Douglas, author.
How emotions are made : the secret life of the brain
Barrett, Lisa Feldman, author.
Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment
Tushnet, Mark V., 1945- author.
The science of enlightenment : how meditation works
Young, Shinzen, author.
Dynastic, bombastic, fantastic : Reggie, Rollie, Catfish, and Charlie Finley's Swingin' A's
Turbow, Jason, author.
Himself : a novel
Kidd, Jess, author.
Strangers tend to tell me things : a memoir of love, loss, and coming home
Dickinson, Amy, author.
Traitor to the throne
Hamilton, Alwyn, author.
Misfit faith : confessions of a drunk ex-pastor
Stellman, Jason J., author.
Before the war
Weldon, Fay, author.
Murder in plain English : from manifestos to memes - looking at murder through the words of killers
Arntfield, Michael, author.
How to tame a beast in seven days
Sparks, Kerrelyn, author.
Magic for nothing : an incryptid novel
McGuire, Seanan.
Strawberry wine
Jamison, Darly, author.
One-punch man. 11
ONE, 1986- author.
Haikyu!!. 8, Former lonely tyrant
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- author, artist.
Descendants of Daniel and Isabel Evans : a supplement to a book originally published by Geil Evans Butler and Elwanda Drennan White
Drennan, Bob.
Burial census. Schmidt
Pence, Ione K, editor.
Burial census. Weber-Webber
Pence, Ione K, editor.
Family Stories
Von Foerster, Thomas.
Bliss Cemetery Photos : Sidney, Champaign County, Illinois
Snyder, Celia G. Smith
Centennial Journal : an account of the events celebrating the centennial of St. Patrick's Parish, its founding in 1901 and its dedication in 1903
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church (Urbana, Ill.)
Turn your iPad into a genealogy powerhouse : (& other tablets too!)
Cooke, Lisa Louise.
Census of selected cemeteries in Madison County, Illinois
Pence, Ione K, editor.
Joseph Stayton family : from Champaign County, Illinois
Stayton, Charles L.
Burial census. Becker
Pence, Ione K, editor.
A Guide to historic episcopal churches of Southern Maryland, 1634-1984.
A Bibliography of published genealogical source records, Prince George's Co., Md.
The WPA guide to Illinois : the Federal Writers' Project guide to 1930s Illinois
Interconnected : embracing life in our global society
O-rgyan-ʼphrin-las-rdo-rje, Karma-pa XVII, 1985- author.
The fearless travellers' guide to wicked places
Begler, Pete.
Deep into trouble
Ryder, Dawn, author.
The hearts of men : a novel
Butler, Nickolas, author.
Stinky Spike the pirate dog
Meisel, Peter, 1985- author.
Captain Pug : the dog who sailed the seas
James, Laura, 1979- author.
Dark shadows : yes, another misadventure
Cronin, Doreen, author.
A rambler steals home
Higgins, Carter, author.
Leadership step by step : become the person others follow
Spodek, Joshua, author.
Parasyte. 2
Iwaaki, Hitoshi, author, artist.
The collapsing empire
Scalzi, John, 1969- author.
Utopia for realists : how we can build the ideal world
Bregman, Rutger, author.
Never out of season : how having the food we want when we want it threatens our food supply and our future
Dunn, Rob R., author.
Catalina eddy : a novel in three decades
Pyne, Daniel, author.
The weight of this world
Joy, David, 1983- author.
The Lovecraft Squad : All Hallows horror
Probert, John Llewellyn, author.
Alvarez, Lorena, author, illustrator.
Eagles & birds of prey
Parry-Jones, Jemima, author.
Moana : read-along storybook and CD
Scollon, Bill, author.
Dinosaur rap
Foster, John, 1941 October 12- author.
The devil's bible : a novel
Carpenter, Dana Chamblee, author.
One by one : a Danny Ryan mystery
Cain, Sarah, author.
Wait for dark
Hooper, Kay, author.
The best men's stage monologues, 2016
The best women's stage monologues, 2016
The little cedar tree
Simitian, Salpi B.
Taylor, Sean, 1965-
Becoming a frog
Hansen, Grace, author.
Becoming a butterfly
Hansen, Grace, author.
Two little blackbirds
Furukawa, Masumi, illustrator.
Grade K super math success / writer, Amy Kraft.
Kraft, Amy, writer.
I'm new here
O'Brien, Anne Sibley, author, illustrator.
Feel the beat : dance poems that zing from salsa to swing
Singer, Marilyn, author.
Famous friends : best buds, rocky relationships, and awesomely odd couples from past to present
Castle, Jennifer, author.
The dog encyclopedia for kids
Gagne, Tammy, author.
Murray, Julie, 1969- author.
The toxin solution : how hidden poisons in the air, water, food, and products we use are destroying our health - and what we can do to fix it
Pizzorno, Joseph.
New world a-coming : Black religion and racial identity during the great migration
Weisenfeld, Judith, author.
Alexander Hamilton : the making of America
Kanefield, Teri, 1960- author.
The Icarus show
Christie, Sally, author.
Well, that was awkward
Vail, Rachel, author.
Terrors of the forest : an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure
Cheverton, Mark, author.
Bees matter
Wassall, Erika, author.
Math in the kitchen : fractions
Mahaney, Ian F., author.
Astronomy lab for kids : 52 family-friendly activities
Nichols, Michelle.
Weigh it!
Higgins, Nadia, author.
The night ocean
LaFarge, Paul, author.
Mr. Darley's Arabian : high life, low life, sporting life : a history of racing in 25 horses
McGrath, Christopher, author.
Arrangement of skin : essays
Journey, Anna, author.
The goat
Fleming, Anne, 1964- author.
Yo-kai watch. 7, A hairy situation
Konishi, Noriyuki, author, illustrator.
Parasyte. 7
Iwaaki, Hitoshi, author, artist.
Parasyte. 8
Iwaaki, Hitoshi.
Parasyte. 1
Iwaaki, Hitoshi.
The great pursuit
Higgins, Wendy, author.
Pontius Pilate : deciphering a memory
Schiavone, Aldo, author.
Infernal parade
Barker, Clive, 1952- author.
The kingdom of happiness : inside Tony Hsieh's Zapponian utopia
Groth, Aimee, author.
Nourish bowls : simple and nutritious balanced meals in a bowl
Posh rice : over 70 recipes for all things rice
Kydd, Emily, author.
The excavation
Andersson, Max, 1962- author, illustrator.
Scraps, wilt + weeds : turning wasted food into plenty
Refslund, Mads, author.
Fairy houses : how to create whimsical homes for fairy folk
Smith, Sally J., 1954- author.
More 10-minute plays for teens
The mother of all questions
Solnit, Rebecca.
The Voices of martyrs
Broaddus, Maurice.
Paper Panda's guide to papercutting
Firchau, Louise.
Fun & games for a smarter dog : 50 great brain games to engage your dog
Collins, Sophie.
Parasyte. 6
Iwaaki, Hitoshi, author, artist.
Parasyte. 5
Iwaaki, Hitoshi.
25 *10-minute plays for teens
The Mermaid's Daughter
Claycomb, Ann
The third squad
Kumar, V. Sanjay
The painted gun
Spinelli, Bradley.
Descender. Book three, Singularities
Lemire, Jeff, author.
The can opener's daughter
Davis, Rob, artist, author.
Snotgirl. 1, Green hair don't care
O'Malley, Bryan Lee, author.
Writing hard stories : celebrated memoirists who shaped art from trauma
Brooks, Melanie, author.
Terms and conditions : the graphic novel
Sikoryak, R., author, illustrator.
The impossible fairy tale : a novel
Han, Yujoo.
Standard Hollywood depravity
Christopher, Adam, 1978- author.
Starnone, Domenico, 1943- author.
One of the boys : a novel
Magariel, Daniel, author.
Rosalind : Shakespeare's immortal heroine
Thirlwell, Angela.
Someone to watch over me : a portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt and the tortured father who shaped her life
Burns, Eric, author.
My Jewish year : 18 holidays, one wondering Jew
Pogrebin, Abigail.
Born both : an intersex life
Viloria, Hida, author.
Parasyte. 4
Iwaaki, Hitoshi, author, artist.
Parasyte. 3
Iwaaki, Hitoshi, author, artist.
Hekla's children
Brogden, James (Novelist), author.
A climate of fear
Vargas, Fred, author.
Signature wounds
Russell, Kirk, 1954- author.
Less is more : a practical guide to weeding school library collections
Baumbach, Donna J. (Donna Jean), 1948-
Man overboard
Jance, Judith A., author.
Vicious circle : a Joe Pickett novel
Box, C. J, author.
Makeup man : from Rocky to Star trek : the amazing creations of Hollywood's Michael Westmore
Westmore, Michael G., author.
The Alps : a human history from Hannibal to Heidi and beyond
O'Shea, Stephen, author.
The brain defense : murder in Manhattan and the dawn of neuroscience in America's courtrooms
Davis, Kevin (Kevin A.), author.
Wild nights : how taming sleep created our restless world
Reiss, Benjamin, author.
No friends but the mountains : dispatches from the world's violent highlands
Matloff, Judith, author.
The death and life of the Great Lakes
Egan, Dan, author.
Short stories for little monsters
Gay, Marie-Louise, author, illustrator.
The prince and the porker
Bently, Peter, 1960- author.
Scandikitchen : Fika & Hygge : comforting cakes and bakes from Scandinavia with love
Aurell, Bronte, author.
The cave of Aaaaah! doom!
Kent, Jaden, author.
Love, Ish
Rivers, Karen, 1970- author.
Korman, Gordon, author.
Forever, or a long, long time
Carter, Caela, author.
Peekaboo! : in the ocean
Cocoretto (Joint pseudonym), author, illustrator.
The chupacabra ate the candelabra
Nobleman, Marc Tyler, author.
Sidman, Joyce, author.
Moana hairstyles & looks
Littlefield, Cindy A., 1956- author.
Yours sincerely, giraffe
Iwasa, Megumi, 1958- author.
Mutant rat attack!
Cooper, Jay, 1974- author.
Tickle monster
Manceau, Édouard, 1969- author, illustrator.
The long tall journey
Wahl, Jan, author.
Adventure time. Islands
Burch, Ashly, 1990- author.
Pancakes! : cook in a book
Nieminen, Lotta, illustrator.
I promise
McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.
Baseball genius
Green, Tim, 1963- author.
Mull, Brandon, 1974- author.
Camp So-and-So
McCoy, Mary, 1976- author.
Stop the stone monsters!
Murray, Helen (Senior editor), author.
Peanuts. Volume eight
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000, author, artist.
The injured fox kit
Nolan, Tina, author.
Biscuit flies a kite
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, 1957- author.
Hiawatha and the Peacemaker
Robertson, Robbie, author.
The road home
Cotton, Katie, author.
Nancy Clancy, late-breaking news!
O'Connor, Jane, author.
All ears, all eyes
Jackson, Richard, 1935-
Priscilla gorilla
Bottner, Barbara, author.
Noisy night
Barnett, Mac, author.
One trick pony
Hale, Nathan, 1976- author, illustrator.
The Berenstain Bears : we love baseball!
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author.
Carman, Patrick, author.
My big fat zombie goldfish : jurassic carp
O'Hara, Mo, author.
Effie Starr Zook has one more question
Freeman, Martha, 1956- author.
Telgemeier, Raina, creator.
Rocks, minerals and gems
Farndon, John, author.
Trixie and the razzle-dazzle ruse
Berrow, G. M, author.
Dear Ijeawele, or, A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977- author.
It's raining, it's pouring
Green, Poppy, author.
Grandpa's great escape
Walliams, David, 1971- author.
Skeleton God
Pattison, Eliot, author.
Bleaker house : chasing my novel to the end of the world
Stevens, Nell, 1985- author.
A closed and common orbit
Chambers, Becky, author.
The idiot
Batuman, Elif, 1977- author.
Never let you go : a novel
Stevens, Chevy, author.
The forgotten girls
Laukkanen, Owen, author.
Carle, Eric, author, illustrator.
Escape to Australia
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
El camioncito azul abre el camino
Schertle, Alice, author.
Sam the Man & the rutabaga plan
Dowell, Frances O'Roark, author.
El viaje de mamá
Ruiz Johnson, Mariana.
Malala : activist for girls' education
Frier, Raphaële, 1970- author.
Jonah and the whale
Grosche, Erwin, 1955- author.
Cribb, Joe, author.
The secret life of the red fox
Pringle, Laurence, 1935- author.
Caroline's comets : a true story
McCully, Emily Arnold, author, illustrator.
Cuenta los pájaros
Melvin, Alice, author, illustrator.
Chabot, Françoise, 1944- author, illustrator.
Zach makes mistakes
Mulcahy, William, author.
Motor girls : how women took the wheel and drove boldly into the twentieth century
Macy, Sue, author.
Tengo una mamá y punto
Pardi, Francesca, author.
¡Sígueme! : animales papás y bebés
Evans, Shira, author.
My kite is stuck! and other stories
Yoon, Salina, author.
Learning to plan and be organized : executive function skills for kids with AD/HD
Nadeau, Kathleen G., author.
Pope Francis
Morreale, Marie, author.
Watson, Jude
The Playbook
Alexander, Kwame
Robin to the Rescue!
West, Tracey
Art of the Pie
McDermott, Kate
Bright air black
Vann, David, author.
The trophy child
Daly, Paula, author.
Of G-men and eggheads : the FBI and the New York intellectuals
Rodden, John, author.
Social Security, Medicare & government pensions : get the most out of your retirement & medical benefits
Matthews, J. L., 1946- author.
The drifter : a novel
Lennon, Christine, author.
Alpine apprentice
Gorham, Sarah, 1954- author.
How the hell did this happen? : the election of 2016
O'Rourke, P. J., author.
The ship beyond time
Heilig, Heidi, author.
Cohen-Scali, Sarah, 1958- author.
Harmless like you
Buchanan, Rowan Hisayo, author.
The nearness of you : a novel
Ward, Amanda Eyre, 1972- author.
Peppa Pig and the Easter rainbow.
Dangerous games : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Lollipop logic
Risby, Bonnie Lou.
My fair duchess
Frampton, Megan, 1964- author.
Talk cowboy to me
Brown, Carolyn, 1948- author.
Lenin's roller coaster
Downing, David, 1946- author.
The violated : a novel
Pronzini, Bill, author.
Stealing Mr. Right
Morgan, Tamara, author.
The once and future king
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964, author.
Clean my space : the secret to cleaning better, faster--and loving your home every day
Maker, Melissa, author.
Sugardetoxme : 100+ recipes to curb cravings and take back your health
Oakes, Summer Rayne, author.
Stranger in a strange land
Heinlein, Robert A. (Robert Anson), 1907-1988, author.
The things you can see only when you slow down : how to be calm and mindful in a fast-paced world
Hyemin, author.
Zúñiga, Diego, 1987- author.
Glaubitz, Charles.
Post, Steph, author.
Blue light Yokohama
Obregón, Nicolas, author.
Beautiful mess : [rock-n-ink]
Lane, Kasey. author.
Starting over on Blackberry Lane
Roberts, Sheila, 1951- author.
Devil in spring
Kleypas, Lisa, author.
Born of legend
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
Love in vain : Robert Johnson, 1911-1938
Dupont, J. M., author.
National Geographic, the photo ark : one man's quest to document the world's animals
Sartore, Joel, author, photographer.
Devil in spring
Kleypas, Lisa, author.
Fallen glory : the lives and deaths of history's greatest buildings
Crawford, James (Writer on aerial photography), author.
Isabella of Castile : Europe's first great queen
Tremlett, Giles, author.
Without mercy
Hunt, David, 1942- author.
The art book
My master recipes : 165 recipes to inspire confidence in the kitchen : with dozens of variations
Wells, Patricia, author.
Indomitable : the life of Barbara Grier
Passet, Joanne Ellen, 1954- author.
The lost eleven : the forgotten story of black American soldiers brutally massacred in World War II
George, Denise, author.
A million little things
Mallery, Susan, author.
March 1917 : on the brink of war and revolution
Englund, Will, author.
The whole art of detection : lost mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
Faye, Lyndsay, author.
The Barrowfields : a novel
Lewis, Phillip (Phillip E.), author.
The wide circumference of love : a novel
Golden, Marita, author.
Sinful Scottish laird
London, Julia, author.
Duck season : eating, drinking, and other misadventures in Gascony--France's last best place
McAninch, David, author.
New York 2140
Robinson, Kim Stanley, author.
The rules do not apply : a memoir
Levy, Ariel, author.
In this grave hour : a novel
Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author.
The devil's triangle
Coulter, Catherine, author.
The cutthroat
Cussler, Clive, author.
History Is All You Left Me
Silvera, Adam
The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase
Mass, Wendy
Rest in peace : a planning guide for the inevitable
Walts, Charles, author.
Goldmine jazz album price guide
Thompson, Dave, author.
Another Castle. Grimoire
Wheeler, Andrew (Comic book writer), author.
The Cheltenham Square murder
Bude, John, 1901-1957, author.
Eveningland : stories
Knight, Michael, 1969- author.
Year of no clutter : a memoir
Schaub, Eve O., author.
Florio, Gwen, 1955- author.
Police at the station and they don't look friendly : a Detective Sean Duffy novel
McKinty, Adrian, author.
My brown baby : on the joys and challenges of raising African American children
Millner, Denene.
Imperial Valley
Shaw, Johnny, author.
How to make it : 25 makers share the secrets to building a creative business
Abbott, Erin Austen, author.
The zero and the one : a novel
Ruby, Ryan, author.
Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969- author.
The girl from Rawblood : a novel
Ward, Catriona, author.
South and west : from a notebook
Didion, Joan, author.
Seven days of you
Vinesse, Cecilia, author.
Celine : a novel
Heller, Peter, 1959- author.
Two good dogs
Wilson, Susan, 1951- author.
The lucky ones : a novel
Pachico, Julianne, author.
The accusation
Bandi, 1950- author.
The optimistic leftist : why the 21st century will be better than you think
Teixeira, Ruy A., author.
The unmade bed : the messy truth about men and women in the 21st century
Marche, Stephen, author.
Gizelle's bucket list : my life with a very large dog
Watt, Lauren Fern, author.
The stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit
Finkel, Michael, author.
Down city : a daughter's story of love, memory, and murder
Carroll, Leah, author.
Taduno's song : a novel
Atogun, Odafe, author.
The Erstwhile : a novel
Catling, B. (Brian), author.
Havana : a subtropical delirium
Kurlansky, Mark, author.
Lies we believe about God
Young, William P., author.
We : a manifesto for women everywhere
Anderson, Gillian, 1968- author.
Raverat, Anna, author.
This is America : a national treasury
Sasek, M. (Miroslav), 1916-1980, author, illustrator.
In memoriam.
Boat of dreams
Coelho, Rogério, illustrator.
Plant the tiny seed
Matheson, Christie, author, illustrator.
When I get older : the story behind "Wavin' Flag"
The smelly search
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Becoming Bach
Leonard, Thomas, 1955-
Smash. Book one, Trial by fire
Bolton, Chris.
Otherwise known as Possum
Laso, Maria D., author.
Respecting diversity
Suen, Anastasia.
Butterfield, Moira, 1960- author.
In the Trenches
Hansen, Justin LaRocca, author.
El niño que amaba a la luna
Alaimo, Rino, author.
Keith Haring : the boy who just kept drawing
Haring, Kay, author.
We are brothers, we are friends
Penfold, Alexandra, author.
The same heart
Bridge, Chris, author, illustrator.
The Smurf menace
Peyo, author, artist.
Superman. La amenaza de Metallo
Stevens, Eric, 1974- author.
The best bear in all the world : in which we join Winnie-the-Pooh for a year of adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood
Bright, Paul, 1949- author.
Jesus is born
Piper, Sophie, author.
ABC pasta : an entertaining alphabet
Medina, Juana, 1980- author, illustrator.
Cody and Grandpa's Christmas tradition
Metivier, Gary, author.
Everybunny dance!
Sandall, Ellie, author.
Teddy bear subtraction
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, 1954- author.
Are we still friends?
Horowitz, Ruth, author.
Life of Fred. Evening
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
¡Pulposauria glotona... peligra mi cola ratona!
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Fridays with the wizards
George, Jessica Day, 1976- author.
This house, once
Freedman, Deborah (Deborah Jane), 1960- author, illustrator.
Brum brum brum
Nencini, Patrizia.
A magical Christmas
Freedman, Claire.
Good night, baby animals : you've had a busy day : a treasury of six original stories
Winnick, Karen B., author.
Little fox in the forest
Graegin, Stephanie, illustrator.
The forbidden power
Brallier, Max, author.
Bear's winter party
Hodge, Deborah, author.
Daisy the deer
Small, Lily, author.
Sophie the Squirrel
Small, Lily, author.
Elle the Thumbelina fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
Rosalie the Rapunzel fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
Mariana the Goldilocks fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
Message in a bottle : a Julie mystery
Reiss, Kathryn, author.
Making bombs for Hitler
Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk, author.
You always have a friend in Jesus for boys
George, Jim, 1943- author.
Bats : learning to fly
Koch, Falynn.
Meet Catboy!
Cregg, R. J, author.
See you in the cosmos
Cheng, Jack, 1983- author.
Boy X
Smith, Dan, 1970- author.
Calico Girl
Nolen, Jerdine, author.
Barbie. #1, Fashion superstar
Kuhn, Sarah, author.
An eggcellent day : a lift-the-flap book
Glass, Calliope, author.
Flamingos fly
Florian, Douglas, author.
El espíritu de la Navidad
Tillman, Nancy, author.
¡Llueven malas noticias, Stiltomut!
Stilton, Geronimo ( 1958-)
Tugboat bill and the river rescue
Brill, Calista, author.
Life of Fred. Night
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Kitchen
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Going home
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Dawn
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. House
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Windows
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Garden
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Electricity
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Peach
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Mud
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Life of Fred. Dinner
Schmidt, Stanley F. (Stanley Fredric), 1944- author.
Slappy Birthday to You
Stine, R. L., author.
El misterio del planeta sumergido
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 4
Caramagna, Joe, adapter.
Superman. El museo de los monstruos
Dahl, Michael, author.
Superman. El último hijo de Krypton
Dahl, Micahel, author.
The humane society
Marsico, Katie, 1980- author.
Eloise and the snowman
McClatchy, Lisa, author.
Robins! : how they grow up
Christelow, Eileen, author.
Eloise skates!
McClatchy, Lisa, author.
Building foundations of scientific understanding : a science curriculum for K-8 and older beginning science learners
Nebel, Bernard J.
Stein, R. Conrad, author.
The LEGO animation book : make your own LEGO movies!
Pagano, David, author.
The lady's slipper : a Melody mystery
Berne, Emma Carlson, author.
Mara, Wil, author.
Adventure time comics. Volume 1.
Orr, Tamra, author.
Mara, Wil, author.
Mara, Wil, author.
Multicultural literature for Latino bilingual children : their words, their worlds
The runaway : a Maryellen mystery
Hart, Alison, author.
Hintz, Martin, author.
1-2-3 magic in the classroom : effective discipline for Pre-K through grade 8
Phelan, Thomas W., 1943- author.
Hazy Bloom and the tomorrow power
Hamburg, Jennifer, author.
Gorilla dawn
Lewis, Gill, author.
The many reflections of Miss Jane Deming
Coats, J. Anderson (Jillian Anderson), author.
The goldfish boy
Thompson, Lisa (Lisa Anne), 1973- author.
Aliens 30th anniversary : the original comics series
Aging gracefully : portraits of people over 100
Thormaehlen, Karsten, photographer.
Agent 110 : an American spymaster and the German resistance in WWII
Miller, Scott, 1960- author.
The Roanoke girls : a novel
Engel, Amy, author.
Illusion of justice : inside Making a murderer and America's broken system
Buting, Jerome F., author.
The devil's Mercedes : the bizarre and disturbing adventures of Hitler's limousine in America
Klara, Robert, author.
The Hollywood daughter : a novel
Alcott, Kate, author.
The making of the president 2016 : how Donald Trump orchestrated a revolution
Stone, Roger J., author.
The inheritance : a family on the front lines of the battle against Alzheimer's disease
Kapsambelis, Niki, author.
The world remade : America in World War I
Meyer, G. J., 1940- author.
Sins of empire : gods of blood and powder
McClellan, Brian, 1986- author.
Never quit : from Alaskan wilderness rescues to Afghanistan firefights as an elite special ops PJ
Settle, Jimmy, author.
In the name of the family : a novel
Dunant, Sarah, author.
Inferno : a doctor's Ebola story
Hatch, Steven, 1969- author.
Dueling with kings : high stakes, killer sharks, and the get-rich promise of daily fantasy sports
Barbarisi, Daniel, author.
Identity unknown : rediscovering seven American women artists
Seaman, Donna, author.
The new Brooklyn : what it takes to bring a city back
Hymowitz, Kay S., 1948- author.
No limits : blow the cap off your capacity
Maxwell, John C., 1947- author.
Great crossings : Indians, settlers, and slaves in the age of Jackson
Snyder, Christina, author.
Spaceman of Bohemia
Kalfar, Jaroslav, author.
Madame President : the extraordinary journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Cooper, Helene, author.
Between heaven & the real world : my story
Chapman, Steven Curtis, author.
Carew, Keggie, author.
The price of illusion : a memoir
Buck, Joan Juliet, author.
Next year, for sure : a novel
Peterson, Zoey Leigh, author.
Close enough to touch
Oakley, Colleen, author.
Surviving death : a journalist investigates evidence for an afterlife
Kean, Leslie, author.
Silence fallen
Briggs, Patricia, author.
The kingdom
Carrère, Emmanuel, 1957- author.
The power of different : the link between disorder and genius
Saltz, Gail, author.
Jonathan Swift : the reluctant rebel
Stubbs, John, 1977- author.
The axeman of New Orleans : the true story
Davis, Miriam C., author.
Falkor, the coiled terror
Blade, Adam, author.
For this we left Egypt? : a Passover Haggadah for Jews and those who love them
Barry, Dave, author.
Unplug : a simple guide to meditation for busy skeptics and modern soul seekers
Schwartz, Suze Yalof, author.
The song rising
Shannon, Samantha, 1991- author.
Walking to listen : 4,000 miles across America, one story at a time
Forsthoefel, Andrew, author.
Seven surrenders
Palmer, Ada, author.
Pekoe most poison
Childs, Laura, author.
Exit west : a novel
Hamid, Mohsin, 1971- author.
In Farleigh Field : a novel
Bowen, Rhys, author.
All grown up
Attenberg, Jami, author.
Irresistible : the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked
Alter, Adam L., 1980- author.
Say nothing : a novel
Parks, Brad, 1974- author.
This long pursuit : reflections of a romantic biographer
Holmes, Richard, 1945- author.
Gather her round
Bledsoe, Alex, author.
The inexplicable logic of my life : a novel
Sáenz, Benjamin Alire, author.
I will hold : the story of USMC Legend Clifton B. Cates, from Belleau Wood to victory in the Great War
Nelson, James Carl, author.
The confessions of young Nero
George, Margaret, 1943- author.
Etched in bone : a novel of the others
Bishop, Anne, author.
Shoot like a girl : one woman's dramatic fight in Afghanistan and on the home front
Hegar, Mary Jennings.
Blitzed : drugs in the Third Reich
Ohler, Norman, author.
Here comes Peter Cottontail
The Berenstain bears spring storybook collection
The great Easter race!
Manning, Craig (Author)
Duck for President
Cronin, Doreen.
The Easter egg
Brett, Jan, 1949- author, illustrator.
The story of the Easter Bunny
Tegen, Katherine Brown, author.
Meet the Easter Beagle!
Gallo, Tina, author.
Easter surprise!
Easter counting
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, 1954- author.
Easter clues
Faria, Kimberley, author.
Hooray for Easter!
Karl, Linda, author.
Knuffle Bunny free : an unexpected diversion
Willems, Mo.
Edwina, the dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct
Willems, Mo.
Stick and Stone
Ferry, Beth, author.
Big rig
Swenson, Jamie.
Star stuff : Carl Sagan and the mysteries of the cosmos
Sisson, Stéphanie Roth, author.
Hooray for Amanda & her alligator!
Willems, Mo.
My pen
Myers, Christopher.
Scaredy squirrel!
Watt, Mélanie, 1975-
Abe's honest words : the life of Abraham Lincoln
Rappaport, Doreen.
Helen's big world : the life of Helen Keller
Rappaport, Doreen, author.
You are (not) small
Kang, Anna, author.
Peanut Butter and Jellyfish
Krosoczka, Jarrett, author.
Creepy carrots!
Reynolds, Aaron, 1970-
What to do about Alice? : how Alice Roosevelt broke the rules, charmed the world, and drove her father Teddy crazy!
Kerley, Barbara.
A house for hermit crab
Carle, Eric.
Grace for president
DiPucchio, Kelly, author.
Madam President
Smith, Lane.
Bear wants more
Wilson, Karma.
My garden
Henkes, Kevin.
Otto runs for president
Wells, Rosemary.
Guinness world records. Gamer's edition. 2017.
The grand old Duke of York
Ian, Nicholas, author.
There was an old lady
Anderson, Steven, author.
Farmer in the dell
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Wheels on the bus
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Itsy bitsy spider
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Boom, boom, ain't it great to be crazy
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Clap your hands
Ian, Nicholas, author.
Rain, rain, go away
Anderson, Steven, author.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Anderson, Steven, author.
Ten pigs in bed
Anderson, Steven, author.
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The hokey hokey
Ian, Nicholas, author.
Miss Mary Mack
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Five speckled frogs
Anderson, Steven C., author.
I've been working on the railroad
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The bear went over the mountain
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Where is Thumbkin?
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Ian, Nicholas, author.
Here we go, looby loo
Anderson, Steven, author.
No more monkeys
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Anderson, Steven C., author.
You are my sunshine
Hoena, B. A., author.
The more we get together
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Happy and you know it
Anderson, Steven, author.
One, two, buckle my shoe
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The alphabet song
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The muffin man
Hoena, B. A., author.
Mifei guo sheng ri
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei zai Youle Chang. Di san ji
Buluna, Dike.
Mifei zuo ke
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei qi zi xing che
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Shinafei de xiao gou
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Xiao xiong Baolisi
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei he Meier
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei qu shang xue
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei zhuang gui
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mi fei zai dong wu yuan
Dick Bruna.
Mifei zai mei shu guan
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei zuo Feiji. Di san ji
Buluna, Dike.
Tu ye ye he tu nai nai
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei zhu yuan
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei zai hai bian
Bruna, Dick.
Mifei zai xue zhong
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Xi gai xian sheng
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei de meng
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
Mifei ku le
Bruna, Dick, author, illustrator.
My "x, y, z" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "n" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "f" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "o" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "u" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "p" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "c" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "m" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "l" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "d" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "e" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "s" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "t" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "w" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "j" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "r" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
My "v" book
Moncure, Jane Belk.
McGhee, Alison.
Puppy Mudge loves his blanket
Rylant, Cynthia.
Hark, a shark! : all about sharks
Worth, Bonnie.
Jacques, Brean.
Collections of the Huguenot Society of America.
Huguenot Society of America.
The history of American sculpture
Taft, Lorado, 1860-1936.
Abraham Lincoln's lost speech, May 29, 1856.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Political debates between Hon. Abraham Lincoln and Hon. Stehen A. Douglas, in the celebrated campaign of 1858, in Illinois : including the preceeding speeches of each, at Chicago, Springfield, etc ; also, the two great speeches of Mr. Lincoln in Ohio, in
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Fentress County footprints.
Mae . Volume one
Ha, Gene, author, artist.
Dinner : changing the game
Clark, Melissa, author.
Ill will : a novel
Chaon, Dan, author.
Robert Lowell, setting the river on fire : a study of genius, mania, and character
Jamison, Kay R., author.
The best we could do : an illustrated memoir
Bui, Thi, author, artist.
Princeless. Raven, the pirate princess. Book three, Two boys, five girls and three love stories
Whitley, Jeremy, author.
The Time museum
Loux, Matthew, author.
Herobrine's war : an unofficial minecrafter's adventure
Cheverton, Mark, author.
Marion and the secret letter
Barkley, Callie, author.
Princess Posey and the first grade play
Greene, Stephanie, author.
The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable
Blabey, Aaron, author.
Minds of winter
O'Loughlin, Ed, author.
One good mama bone : a novel
McClain, Bren, author.
The wrong dead guy
Kadrey, Richard, author.
Britain, Kristen, author.
Dead to rites : a Mick Oberon job
Marmell, Ari, author.
The Case of the green-dressed ghost
Banks, Lucy.
Amelia and the captain
Copeland, Lori, author.
Pressed to death
Weiss, Kirsten, 1968- author.
Burials : a Faye Longchamp mystery
Evans, Mary Anna, author.
Fractured families : a Lottie Albright mystery
Hinger, Charlotte, 1940- author.
Miss Treadway and the field of stars : a novel
Emmerson, Miranda, author.
No other world : a novel
Mehta, Rahul, author.
Marked for revenge
Schepp, Emelie, author.
An almond for a parrot
Delaney, Wray, author.
The inheritance
Alers, Rochelle, author.
The hate u give
Thomas, Angie, author.
Agents of dreamland
Kiernan, Caitlín R.
With love, wherever you are : a novel
Mackall, Dandi Daley, author.
Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- author.
An uncommon protector
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
Nix, Garth, author.
A good idea
Moracho, Cristina, author.
A lie for a lie
MacCready, Robin Merrow, author.
10 things I can see from here
Mac, Carrie, 1975- author.
Wooding, Chris, 1977- author.
One blood ruby
Marr, Melissa, author.
Simon Thorn and the viper's pit
Carter, Aimée, 1986- author.
Sci-Fi Junior High
Seegert, Scott, author.
Hampton, Brenda (Brenda M.)
The undateable
Title, Sarah.
Sweet surprises
McCoy, Shirlee, author.
Flash of fury
Griffith, Lea.
The fifth element
Brekke, Jørgen, 1968- author.
Inside the bones
Halvorson, Karin, 1979- author.
Beauty and the beast : Belle's story
Lagonegro, Melissa, author.
Springtime friends
Depken, Kristen L., author.
Clutton-Brock, Juliet, author.
Spaghetti in a hot dog bun : having the courage to be who you are
Dismondy, Maria. author.
Felicidad es-- = Happy is--
Miller, Connie Colwell, 1976-
Barbie : puppy party
Davidson, Danica, author.
Arthur and the golden rope
Stanton, Joe Todd, author, illustrator.
Social lives of gorillas
Wilson, Rachel, 1977- author.
Code racers
Man-Kong, Mary, author.
Cinderella's best creations ; Snow White and the three giants
Gosling, Cherie, author.
Concrete mixers
Meister, Cari, author.
Meister, Cari, author.
My visit to the doctor
Man-Kong, Mary, author.
The truth about my unbelievable summer...
Calì, Davide, 1972- author.
Tractor Mac countdown to Christmas
Steers, Billy, author, illustrator.
Sleepy toes
McNeil, Kelli.
The girl at the baggage claim : explaining the East-West culture gap
Jen, Gish, author.
The secret life of a black Aspie : a memoir
Prahlad, Anand, author.
Everything belongs to us : a novel
Wuertz, Yoojin Grace, author.
Rescuing Penny Jane : one shelter volunteer, countless dogs, and the quest to find them all homes
Sutherland, Amy, author.
Stealing fire : how Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALS, and maverick scientists are revolutionizing the way we live and work
Kotler, Steven, 1967- author.
The principles behind flotation : a novel
Teague, Alexandra, 1974-
The lost book of the Grail, or, A visitor's guide to Barchester Cathedral
Lovett, Charles C., author.
Game of shadows
Lewis, Erika, 1968- author.
Nature's allies : eight conservationists who changed our world
Nielsen, Larry A., 1948- author.
Dodge City : Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and the wickedest town in the American West
Clavin, Thomas, author.
The gene machine : how genetic technologies are changing the way we have kids--and the kids we have
Rochman, Bonnie, 1972- author.
To be a machine : adventures among cyborgs, utopians, hackers, and the futurists solving the modest problem of death
O'Connell, Mark, 1979- author.
Waking lions
Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982- author.
Banana cream pie murder
Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
The lioness is the hunter : an Amos Walker novel
Estleman, Loren D., author.
Vagabond. Volume 1
Inoue, Takehiko.
Dead in the water
Ryan, Annelise, author.
Murder at an Irish wedding
O'Connor, Carlene, author.
Life on Mars
Agee, Jon, author.
Tata, A. J. (Anthony J.), 1959- author.
There are more beautiful things than Beyonce
Parker, Morgan, author.
Incendiary art : poems
Smith, Patricia, 1955- author.
The cheese trap : how breaking a surprising addiction will help you lose weight, gain energy, and get healthy
Barnard, Neal D., 1953- author.
I am not your negro : a major motion picture directed by Raoul Peck
Baldwin, James, 1924-1987, author.
Big Lonesome : stories
Scapellato, Joseph, 1982- author.
Hello, bicycle : an inspired guide to the two-wheeled life
Brones, Anna.
Everyday delicious : super tasty breakfasts, brunches, mains, desserts & snacks
Hossack, Izy, author, photographer.
The ultimate guide to raising teens and tweens : strategies for unlocking your child's full potential
Haddad, Douglas, 1976- author.
Expecting to die
Jackson, Lisa, author.
Broken glass
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author.
His cowboy heart
Ryan, Jennifer, 1973- author.
Logan, Chuck, 1942-
Ageproof : living longer without running out of money or breaking a hip
Chatzky, Jean Sherman, 1964- author.
If I could tell you
Wilhide, Elizabeth, author.
The tiger in the house
Sheehan, Jacqueline, author.
The golden hour
Greenwood, T. (Tammy), author.
Zhong guo jie ri gu shi
Cut to the bone : a thriller
Caan, Alex, 1976- author.
Girl in disguise
Macallister, Greer, author.
Attitude : develop a winning mindset on and off the court
Wright, Jay, 1961- author.
The home that was our country : a memoir of Syria
Malek, Alia, 1974- author.
Divided we stand : the battle over women's rights and family values that polarized American politics
Spruill, Marjorie Julian, 1951-
Best served cold
Cooper, Susan Rogers, author.
Whereas : poems
Dunn, Stephen, 1939- author.
The horseman
Pears, Tim, 1956- author.
Lower ed : the troubling rise of for-profit colleges in the new economy
Cottom, Tressie McMillan, author.
From under mountains. Volume 1
Uncanny X-men : survival of the fittest. 1
Bunn, Cullen, author.
Local vino : the winery boom in the heartland
Pennell, James R., author.
The housekeeper : a novel
Dainty, Suellen, author.
Bone box : a Decker/Lazarus novel
Kellerman, Faye, author.
Portraits of courage : a commander in chief's tribute to America's warriors
Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- author.
Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal : an illustrated novel
Mignola, Michael, author.
The complacent class : the self-defeating quest for the American dream
Cowen, Tyler, author.
Flâneuse : women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London
Elkin, Lauren, author.
Cravings : how I conquered food
Collins, Judy, 1939- author.
Hoffman, Cara, author.
Fodor's essential Europe : the best of 25 exceptional countries
Clark, Gareth, author.
Kings of the wyld
Eames, Nicholas, author.
Dead letters : a novel
Dolan-Leach, Caite, author.
The schooldays of Jesus
Coetzee, J. M., 1940- author.
Redeeming grace : Ruth's story
Smith, Jill Eileen, 1958- author.
Moon California
Veneman, Elizabeth Linhart.
Dominican Republic
Baker, Christopher P., 1955- author.
Washington, DC.
Like death
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893, author.
Traveling with ghosts : a memoir
Fowler, Shannon Leone, author.
The news from the end of the world
Miller, Emily Jeanne, author.
Johnson, Lorraine, 1960- author.
Pacific Northwest
Brewer, Stephen, author.
Ronit & Jamil
Laskin, Pamela L., author.
The mother's promise
Hepworth, Sally, author.
Why Wall Street matters
Cohan, William D., author.
The typewriter's tale
Heyns, Michiel, author.
Back pocket pasta : inspired dinners to cook on the fly
Henry, Colu.
The yoga kitchen : over 100 vegetarian recipes to energise the body, balance the mind & make for a happier you
Parsons, Kimberly.
Insomniac City : New York, Oliver, and me
Hayes, Bill, 1961- author, photographer.
Dept. H : pressure
Kindt, Matt, author, artist.
The lighthouse
Roca, Paco (Comic book artist), author, artist.
Dear friend, from my life I write to you in your life
Li, Yiyun, 1972- author.
The education of Margot Sanchez
Rivera, Lilliam, author.
Earth as it is
Maher, Jan, author.
To name those lost : a novel
Wilson, Rohan, author.
The left hand of darkness
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- author.
Insiders' guide to Portland, Oregon
Dresbeck, Rachel, author.
The book of Etta
Elison, Meg, author.
The bone witch
Chupeco, Rin, author.
The Beast is an animal
Van Arsdale, Peternelle, author.
The Free
McLaughlin, Lauren, author.
Abandon me : memoirs
Febos, Melissa, author.
Wendig, Chuck, author.
"Tremont thru the years," 1835-1985
Tremont Betterment Association
Florence Nightingale
Reef, Catherine
Mirror Mirror
Singer, Marilyn
The Secret Horses of Briar Hill
Shepherd, Megan
I Got This
Hernandez, Laurie
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
Ryan, Jennifer
Norse Mythology
Gaiman, Neil
Lincoln in the Bardo
Saunders, George
Lowriders in Space
Camper, Cathy
Two White Rabbits
Buitrago, Jairo
Lowriders to the Center of the Earth
Camper, Cathy
The Lord's prayer : words of hope and happiness
Warren, Richard, 1954- author.
Team Batman
Davies, Beth, author.
Addie Bell's shortcut to growing up
Brody, Jessica, author.
Last day on Mars
Emerson, Kevin, author.
Hilo the great big boom
Winick, Judd, author, illustrator.
The son of Neptune : the graphic novel
Venditti, Robert, author.
Down by the station
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The barnyard song
Anderson, Steven C., author.
Two elephants
Anderson, Steven C., author.
The official making of Big trouble in Little China
Bennett, Tara, author.
The wish granter : a Ravenspire novel
Redwine, C. J., author.
Always by my side : life lessons from Millie and all the dogs I've loved
Grinnan, Edward., author.
Fed up : an insider's take on why the Federal Reserve is bad for America
Booth, Danielle DiMartino, author.
The education of Will : a mutual memoir of a woman and her dog
McConnell, Patricia B., author.
The keeper of lost things : a novel
Hogan, Ruth, author.
Convergence : the idea at the heart of science : how the different disciplines are coming together to tell one coherent, interlocking story, and making science the basis for other forms of knowledge
Watson, Peter, 1943-
The inkblots : Hermann Rorschach, his iconic test, and the power of seeing
Searls, Damion, author.
Miracle mindset : a mother, her son, and life's hardest lessons
Virgin, JJ, author.
The killing bay
Ould, Chris, author.
Why I am not a feminist : a feminist manifesto
Crispin, Jessa, author.
Without warning : a J. B. Collins novel
Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967- author.
Girl rising : changing the world one girl at a time
Stone, Tanya Lee, author.
Old bones
Boyce, Trudy Nan, author.
The original Black elite : Daniel Murray and the story of a forgotten era
Taylor, Elizabeth Dowling, author.
The Not-Quite States of America : Dispatches from the Territories and Other Far-Flung Outposts of the USA
Mack, Doug, author.
MWD : hell is coming home
Johnson, Brian David, author.
Extreme measures : finding a better path to the end of life
Zitter, Jessica Nutik.
Piecing me together
Watson, Renée, author.
A season of daring greatly
White, Ellen Emerson, author.
The essential guide to federal employment laws
Guerin, Lisa, 1964- author.
Among the ruins
Khan, Ausma Zehanat, author.
Naturally nourished : healthy, delicious meals made with everyday ingredients
Britton, Sarah, author.
Reichs, Brendan, author.
Gravett, Emily, author.
The heartbeats of Wing Jones
Webber, Katherine, 1987- author.
Alexandra the Great : the story of the record-breaking filly who ruled the racetrack
Aronson, Deb.
Pokémon visual companion
Whitehill, Simcha, author.
How to remember (almost) everything ever
Eastaway, Robert, author.
A dog in the cave : the wolves who made us human
Frydenborg, Kay, author.
Who killed Christopher Goodman? : based on a true crime
Wolf, Allan, author.
The end of Oz
Paige, Danielle (Novelist), author.
A psalm for lost girls
Bayerl, Katie, author.
Yvain, the Knight of the Lion
Anderson, M. T, author.
Maid of the king's court
Worsley, Lucy, author.
Amina's voice
Khan, Hena, author.
Lola : a novel
Love, Melissa Scrivner, author.
Being Elvis : a lonely life
Connolly, Ray, 1940- author.
The jukebox kings
Allyn, Douglas, author.
Reagan rising : the decisive years, 1976-1980
Shirley, Craig, author.
Revolution for dummies : laughing through the Arab Spring
Youssef, Bassem.
A really big lunch
Harrison, Jim, 1937-2016, author.
The creative spark : how imagination made humans exceptional
Fuentes, Agustin, author.
The first love story : Adam, Eve, and us
Feiler, Bruce S., author.
Seasteading : how floating nations will restore the environment, enrich the poor, cure the sick, and liberate humanity from politicians
Quirk, Joe, author.
Solve for happy : engineering your path to joy
Gawdat, Mo, author.
The imagineers of war : the untold history of DARPA, the Pentagon agency that changed the world
Weinberger, Sharon, author.
Printer's error : irreverent stories from book history
Romney, J. P., author.
Last Don standing : the secret life of Mafia boss Ralph Natale
Pearson, Dan, 1959-.
The novel of the century : the extraordinary adventure of Les Misérables
Bellos, David, author.
The 40-year-old vegan : 75 recipes to make you leaner, cleaner, and greener in the second halk of life
Sellani, Sandra, author.
Mercies in disguise : a story of hope, a family's genetic destiny, and the science that rescued them
Kolata, Gina Bari, 1948- author.
How to watch soccer
Gullit, Ruud, 1962- author.
The 1997 Masters : my story
Woods, Tiger, author.
Eating Korea : reports on a culinary renaissance
Holliday, Graham, 1969- author.
Find me
Monroe, J. S., author.
The devil and Webster : a novel
Korelitz, Jean Hanff, 1961- author.
Her secret : the Amish of Hart County
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
Finding Fibonacci : the quest to rediscover the forgotten mathematical genius who changed the world
Devlin, Keith J., author.
Get a financial life : personal finance in your twenties and thirties
Kobliner, Beth, 1965- author.
Grace notes : my recollections
Sagal, Katey, author.
Dead man switch
Quirk, Matthew, author.
The family gene : a mission to turn my deadly inheritance into a hopeful future
Linder, Joselin, author.
Days of awe and wonder : how to be a Christian in the twenty-first century
Borg, Marcus J.
The body builders : inside the science of the engineered human
Piore, Adam, author.
Café Neandertal : excavating our past in one of Europe's most ancient places
Bahrami, Beebe, author.
Ballerina body : dancing and eating your way to a leaner, stronger, and more graceful you
Copeland, Misty, author.
Scared selfless : my journey from abuse and madness to surviving and thriving
Stevens, Michelle (Psychologist), author.
John Ronald's dragons : the story of J.R.R. Tolkien
McAlister, Caroline, 1960- author.
The hiding game
Strauss, Gwen, author.
Peppa Pig and the backyard circus.
Out of wonder : poems celebrating poets
Alexander, Kwame, author.
Anywhere farm
Root, Phyllis, author.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Niver, Heather Moore, author.
Dragons and marshmallows
Citro, Asia, author.
Adventure time. Volume 11
Hastings, Chris, 1983- author.
Forget me not
Terry, Ellie, author.
The Moth presents All these wonders : true stories about facing the unknown
Follow me down
Smith, Sherri (Sherri Lee), author.
Jack's Wife Freda : cooking from New York's West Village
Jankelowitz, Maya, 1978- author.
A twist of the knife : a novel
Masterman, Becky.
My life to live : how I became queen of soaps when men ruled the airwaves
Nixon, Agnes, 1922-2016, author.
City of light, city of poison : murder, magic, and the first police chief of Paris
Tucker, Holly, author.
Sex and the constitution : sex, religion, and law from America's origins to the twenty-first century
Stone, Geoffrey R., author.
A colony in a nation
Hayes, Christopher, 1979- author.
The ground beneath us : from the oldest cities to the last wilderness, what dirt tells us about who we are
Bogard, Paul, 1966- author.
How not to hate your husband after kids
Dunn, Jancee, author.
Infinity engine : transformation book three
Asher, Neal L., 1961- author.
Ike and McCarthy : Dwight Eisenhower's secret campaign against Joseph McCarthy
Nichols, David A. (David Allen), 1939- author.
Hell's traces : one murder, two families, thirty-five Holocaust memorials
Ripp, Victor, author.
Wait till you see me dance : stories
Unferth, Deb Olin.
Who thought this was a good idea? : and other questions you should have answers to when you work in the White House
Mastromonaco, Alyssa, 1976- author.
Mangrove lightning
White, Randy Wayne, author.
Murder on the Serpentine : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel
Perry, Anne, author.
The Arrangement : a novel
Dunn, Sarah, 1969- author.
The last chance matinee
Stewart, Mariah, author.
Greatest story ever told--so far : why are we here?
Krauss, Lawrence M., 1954-
Lucky you : a novel
Carter, Erika, author.
Weis, Margaret, author.
The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel
See, Lisa, author.
The hope chest
Shipman, Viola, author.
Mississippi blood
Iles, Greg, author.
Spooner, Meagan, author.
If not for you : a novel
Macomber, Debbie, author.
The river of kings
Brown, Taylor, 1982- author.
The outsider
Franze, Anthony J., author.
Everything under the heavens : how the past helps shape China's push for global power
French, Howard W., author.
The crisis of the middle-class constitution : why economic inequality threatens our Republic
Sitaraman, Ganesh, author.
Basic income : a radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy
Parijs, Philippe van, 1951- author.
Exoplanets : diamonds worlds, super Earths, pulsar planets, and the new search for life beyond our solar system
Summers, Michael E., author.
Self-evident truths : contesting equal rights from the Revolution to the Civil War.
Brown, Richard D.
The Hello Girls : America's first women soldiers
Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth, author.
Every wild heart : a novel
Donohue, Meg, author.
The talker : short stories
Sojourner, Mary.
The woman on the stairs
Schlink, Bernhard, author.
Written in love
Fuller, Kathleen, author.
Trump's war : his battle for America
Savage, Michael, 1942- author.
Toxic inequality : how America's wealth gap destroys mobility, deepens the racial divide, & threatens our future
Shapiro, Thomas M., author.
A bridge across the ocean
Meissner, Susan, 1961- author.
Word by word : the secret life of dictionaries
Stamper, Kory, author.
Welcome to the farm : how-to wisdom from the Elliott homestead
Elliott, Shaye, author.
The one-cent magenta : inside the quest to own the most valuable stamp in the world
Barron, James, 1954- author.
Siberia 56
Bec, Christophe, author.
No one cares about crazy people : the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in America
Powers, Ron, author.
The will to kill : a Mike Hammer novel
Spillane, Mickey, 1918-2006, author.
Sorry to disrupt the peace
Cottrell, Patty Yumi, author.
Writer, sailor, soldier, spy : Ernest Hemingway's secret adventures, 1935-1961
Reynolds, Nicholas E., author.
Strong is the new pretty : a celebration of girls being themselves
Parker, Kate T., author.
Alice Paul and the fight for women's rights : from the vote to the equal rights amendment
Kops, Deborah, author.
Charlton Heston : Hollywood's last icon
Eliot, Marc, author.
Goodbye days : a novel
Zentner, Jeff, author.
The Benedict option : a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation
Dreher, Rod, author.
Free women, free men : sex, gender, feminism
Paglia, Camille, 1947- author.