New Books

My favorite bedtime rhymes My favorite bedtime rhymes
Penguin misses Mom Penguin misses Mom
Dahl, Michael, author.
Sleepy ABC Sleepy ABC
Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.
Wild! Bathtime Wild! Bathtime
Dicmas, Courtney, author, artist.
Go, go, grapes! : a fruit chant Go, go, grapes! : a fruit chant
Sayre, April Pulley.
Uh-oh! Uh-oh!
Crum, Shutta, author.
Let Let's play, pig!
I love my dinosaur I love my dinosaur
Church, Caroline, author.
Can you canoe? : and other adventure songs Can you canoe? : and other adventure songs
Okee Dokee Brothers.
Counting Counting
Star, Fleur, 1974- author.
The sandwich thief The sandwich thief
Marois, André, 1959- author.
Star Wars Star Wars
Follow that hippo! Follow that hippo!
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea, adaptor.
Just hatched! Just hatched!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Pinkney, Jerry.
A duckling for Daniel A duckling for Daniel
Santomero, Angela C., author.
I love you, Mom I love you, Mom
Testa, Maggie.
My first word book about me My first word book about me
Cabrol, Marta, illustrator.
Touch and trace farm Touch and trace farm
Litton, Jonathan, author.
Sheep go to sleep Sheep go to sleep
Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.), author.
My bike My bike
What do grown-ups do all day? What do grown-ups do all day?
Morgand, Virginie.
Engineering : cool women who design Engineering : cool women who design
May, Vicki V., author.
12 children who changed the world 12 children who changed the world
McCullum, Kenya, author.
The Cuban Missile Crisis through the eyes of John F. Kennedy The Cuban Missile Crisis through the eyes of John F. Kennedy
Hamen, Susan E., author.
The civil rights movement through the eyes of Lyndon B. Johnson The civil rights movement through the eyes of Lyndon B. Johnson
Donohue, Moira Rose, author.
How to survive in the wilderness How to survive in the wilderness
Bell, Samantha, author.
The most amazing sports moments of all time The most amazing sports moments of all time
Williams, Doug (Sportswriter), author.
Admiral Admiral
Danker, Sean.
Sneak-a-peek colors Sneak-a-peek colors
Chapman, Aimée, creator.
Construction Construction
Sutton, Sally, author.
Big brother Daniel Big brother Daniel
Santomero, Angela C., author.
Let Let's be fit
Hallinan, P. K.
Show me happy Show me happy
Allen, Kathryn Madeline, author.
Baby Baby's first words : farm.
Racing colors! Racing colors!
Team numbers. Team numbers.
Twilight Twilight's sparkly sleepover surprise
Finn, Perdita, author.
MacArthur at war : World War II in the Pacific MacArthur at war : World War II in the Pacific
Borneman, Walter R., 1952- author.
Hilo : saving the whole wide world Hilo : saving the whole wide world
Winick, Judd, author, illustrator.
Tiny Titans. Growing up tiny! Tiny Titans. Growing up tiny!
Baltazar, Art.
It ain It ain't so awful, falafel
Dumas, Firoozeh, author.
What elephants know What elephants know
Dinerstein, Eric, 1952-
Meet Mameshiba! Meet Mameshiba!
Shepherd, Carrie.
Time for kids almanac 2017. Time for kids almanac 2017.
Cooking : how to make food for your friends, your family & yourself Cooking : how to make food for your friends, your family & yourself
Daniels, Patricia, 1955- author.
The ugly dumpling The ugly dumpling
Campisi, Stephanie, author.
Dream on! : a book about possibilities Dream on! : a book about possibilities
Meiners, Cheri J., 1957-
Pinkalicious : story time Pinkalicious : story time
Kann, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Volume 1, Shell unleashed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Volume 1, Shell unleashed
Eastman, Kevin B., author.
Shark rescue : all about sharks and how to save them
Musgrave, Ruth, 1960- author.
Hout, Mies van, author, illustrator.
¿Cómo son buenos amigos los dinosaurios?
Yolen, Jane, author.
Apples and robins
Félix, Lucie, author.
Where's the artist? : from caves painting to modern art : a look and find book
Rebscher, Susanne, 1966- author, creator.
The bunny burrow buyer's book : a tale of rabbit real estate
Light, Steve, author, illustrator.
BMX racing
Adamson, Thomas K., 1970-
Agricultural engineering and feeding the future
Rooney, Anne, author.
Rain forest food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Desert food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Double trouble
Mowry, Tia, author.
The Jerrie Mock story : the first woman to fly solo around the world
Pimm, Nancy Roe, author.
Finding Dory
Guinness World Records : amazing body records!
Roberts, Christa, author.
Twist and shout
Dadey, Debbie, author.
Stella Batts : scaredy cat
Sheinmel, Courtney.
Quest for the golden apple : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
Miller, Megan, 1963- author.
Diary of a Minecraft zombie. Book 2, [Bullies and buddies]
Skeleton battle
Morgan, Winter.
Katie Chin's everyday Chinese cookbook : 101 delicious recipes from my mother's kitchen
Chin, Katie, author.
Korean food made simple
Joo, Judy, author.
The voyage of the slave ship Hare : a journey into captivity from Sierra Leone to South Carolina
Kelley, Sean M., 1966- author.
Liberty or death : the French Revolution
McPhee, Peter, 1948- author.
The comeback : how today's moms reenter the workplace successfully
Casone, Cheryl, author.
Limbo's diner
Terrell, Brandon.
Turning Japanese / MariNaomi.
The mirror test : America at war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Weston, J. Kael, author.
The square root of summer
Reuter Hapgood, Harriet.
The Sun and the Moon and the Rolling Stones
Cohen, Rich.
Don't you cry
Kubica, Mary, author.
The Loney
Hurley, Andrew Michael, 1975- author.
Panic at the pump : the energy crisis and the transformation of American politics in the 1970s
Jacobs, Meg, 1969-
Mobs in the mine
Morgan, Winter, author.
The Angry birds movie laughtastic joke book
Carbone, Courtney.
Ai de jiao yu
De Amicis, Edmondo, 1846-1908.
Ask the astronaut : a galaxy of astonishing answers to your questions on spaceflight
Jones, Tom, 1955 January 22- author.
Do you talk funny? : 7 comedy habits to become a better (and funnier) public speaker
Nihill, David, author.
Girl singer
Carlon, Mick, author.
The happy medium : life lessons from the other side
Russo, Kim, author.
The summer guest : a novel
Anderson, Alison A., 1942- author.
Sergio Y.
Porto, Alexandre Vidal, 1965- author.
June : a novel
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda, author.
The children
Leary, Ann, author.
101 job interview questions you'll never fear again
Reed, James. author.
A game for all the family
Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author.
GoatMan : how I took a holiday from being human
Thwaites, Thomas, 1980- author.
Hand drawn lettering : draw, print, paint
Marlborough, Max, author.
Grant, Mira, author.
The second life of Nick Mason
Hamilton, Steve, 1961- author.
Morgue : a life in death
Di Maio, Vincent J. M., 1941- author.
Chenoo : a novel
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
An ecology of elsewhere : poems
Meek, Sandra.
Rules for dating my daughter : the modern father's guide to good parenting
Dawson, Mike.
Street of Eternal Happiness : big city dreams along a Shanghai road
Schmitz, Rob.
You don't have to be a shark : creating your own success
Herjavec, Robert, 1962- author.
How to write like Tolstoy : a journey into the minds of our greatest writers
Cohen, Richard, 1952-
Mz N : the serial : a poem-in-episodes
McLane, Maureen N., author.
Nitro Mountain
Johnson, Lee Clay.
Lost and gone forever : a novel of Scotland Yard's Murder Squad
Grecian, Alex, author.
The last ranch : a novel of the new American West
McGarrity, Michael, author.
The sky over Lima
Gómez Bárcena, Juan, 1984-
How to listen to jazz
Gioia, Ted.
Jones, Stephen Graham, 1972- author.
Queer virtue : what LGBTQ people know about life and love and how it can revitalize Christianity
Edman, Elizabeth M., 1962-
Library wars. Love & war. Vol. 15
Yumi, Kiiro.
Family history of fear : a memoir
Tuszyńska, Agata, author.
Love Canal : a toxic history from Colonial times to the present
Newman, Richard S., author.
Planetes. Volume 2
Yukimura, Makoto, 1976-.
Dressing the decades : twentieth-century vintage style
Dirix, Emmanuelle, author.
Rick and Morty. Volume Two
Gorman, Zac, author.
The real Mrs. Price
Mason, J. D., author.
Advanced style : older & wiser
Cohen, Ari Seth, author, photographer.
Palmer, Michael, 1942-2013, author.
Cleopatra's needles : the lost obelisks of Egypt
Brier, Bob, author.
The silent dead
Honda, Tetsuya, 1969- author.
Drive! : Henry Ford, George Selden, and the race to invent the auto age
Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- author.
Someone like you
Bylin, Victoria, author.
Ruthless : scientology, my son David Miscavige, and me
Miscavige, Ron, author.
A lowcountry wedding
Monroe, Mary Alice, author.
The Waldorf Astoria bar book
Caiafa, Frank, author.
Deep dark fears
Krause, Fran, author.
Wright, C. D., 1949-2016, author.
Central Station
Tidhar, Lavie.
Anchor in the storm : a novel
Sundin, Sarah, author.
Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 : the year's best science fiction and fantasy
Places no one knows
Yovanoff, Brenna.
This is the part where you laugh
Hoffmeister, Peter Brown, author.
Finding Hope
Nelson, Colleen, author.
Brothers of the buffalo : a novel of the Red River War
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
The only thing worse than me is you
Anderson, Lily, 1988- author.
Return to the Isle of the Lost : a Descendants novel
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
Zigzag : a nameless detective collection
Pronzini, Bill, author.
Porcelain : a memoir
Moby, author.
The last star
Yancey, Richard, author.
The cardamom trail : Chetna bakes with flavours of the East
Makan, Chetna, author.
Something to hide
Moggach, Deborah.
Breaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work
Kramer, Andrea S., author.
The code of the extraordinary mind : ten unconventional laws to redefine your life & succeed on your own terms
Lakhiani, Vishen, author.
Seeing off the Johns
Perez, Rene S., 1984-
Eleven things I promised
Clark, Catherine, 1962- author.
The new cocktail hour : the essential guide to hand-crafted drinks
Darlington, André.
Deadpool kills Deadpool
Bunn, Cullen, author.
National geographic kids almanac 2017.
National parks guide U.S.A.
Flynn, Sarah Wassner, author.
Stick Cat : a tail of two kitties
Watson, Tom, 1962- author.
Nick and Tesla's solar-powered showdown : a mystery with sun-powered gadgets you can build yourself
Pflugfelder, Bob, 1967-
Tiny blessings for bedtime
Parker, Amy, 1976- author.
Beachy and me
Staake, Bob, 1957- author, illustrator.
Mowgli's rainy day
Rubiano, Brittany, author.
Explorers of the wild
Atkinson, Cale, author, illustrator.
Isaac and his amazing Asperger superpowers!
Walsh, Melanie, author.
One hundred bones!
Zommer, Yuval, author, artist.
The mummy-makers of Egypt
Bower, Tamara.
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Scieszka, Jon, author.
A fire truck named Red
De Sève, Randall, author.
Gator dad
Lies, Brian, author, illustrator.
The stone thrower
Richardson, Jael Ealey, author.
Jack's worry
Zuppardi, Sam, author, illustrator.
Danny and the blue cloud : coping with childhood depression
Foley, James M., 1947-
Kimmel, Eric A., author.
Three magic balloons : as told to Julianna Margulies and her sisters, Rachel Mara Smit and Alexandra Margulies
Margulies, Paul, 1935-
Princess Penelopea hates peas : a tale of picky eating and avoiding catastropeas
Sweet, Susan D., author.
Move your mood! : by Brenda S. Miles, PhD and Colleen A. Patterson, MA ; illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown.
Miles, Brenda, author.
High? low? where did it go?
Rabe, Tish, author.
The universe, black holes, and the Big Bang
Gifford, Clive, author.
Stars, galaxies, and the Milky Way
Gifford, Clive, author.
Johnny Boo goes like this!
Kochalka, James.
Can you survive an artificial intelligence uprising?
Doeden, Matt, author.
Sesame Street library
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Stanley the mailman
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
Dickson, Irene, author.
Flora and the peacocks
Idle, Molly Schaar, author, illustrator.
Mack, Jeff, author, illustrator.
A goofy guide to penguins : a Toon book
Coudray, Jean-Luc, 1960-
Rick Riordan
Leaf, Christina, author.
Sesame Street firehouse
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Firefighter rescue
King, Trey, author.
The little Christmas tree
Skevington, Andrea, author.
Jak and the magic nano-beans : a graphic novel
Bowen, Carl, author.
Batman character encyclopedia
Manning, Matthew K., author.
The Angry birds movie official guidebook
Cerasi, Christopher.
Too like the lightning: Terra Ignota, book 1
Palmer, Ada.
Martha's Vineyard : Isle of dreams
Branch, Susan, author, artist.
Blood flag : a Paul Madriani novel
Martini, Steve, 1946- author.
Unknown remains : a novel
Leonard, Peter A., author.
Over your dead body
Wells, Dan, 1977- author.
Ohlin, Nancy, author.
Only beloved
Balogh, Mary, author.
Walking the Himalayas
Wood, Levison, 1982- author.
Smith, Lindsay, 1984- author.
Ask me how I got here
Heppermann, Christine, author.
Beyond the red
Jae, Ava, author.
The blood between us
Brewer, Zac, 1973- author.
Highly illogical behavior
Whaley, John Corey, author.
Future shock
Briggs, Elizabeth (Young adult author)
Harmony House
Sheff, Nic, author.
Queen of hearts
Oakes, Colleen, author.
For the record
Huang, Charlotte, author.
Tribe : on homecoming and belonging
Junger, Sebastian, author.
The shark
Burton, Mary (Mary T.), author.
The sorcerer's daughter
Brooks, Terry, author.
The city of mirrors : a novel
Cronin, Justin, author.
Moore, Lisa, 1964- author.
Fatal thunder
Bond, Larry, author.
Cooper, Constance, author.
Blue voyage
Renn, Diana, author.
She : fiction
Latiolais, Michelle, author.
Alice and the fly
a Rice, James (James D.)
Temptations of a wallflower
Leigh, Eva.
The untamed earl
Bowman, Valerie, author.
I thee wed
Bradley, Celeste, author.
Camp alien
Koch, Gini, author.
The house of dreams
Brown, Kate Lord, author.
The weekenders
Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- author.
The high places : stories
McFarlane, Fiona, 1978- author.
Devil You Know, The
Goodman, Jo, author.
Rival forces
Ayres, D. D.
Outlaw cowboy
Helm, Nicole. author.
Astronomy, astronauts, and space exploration
Gifford, Clive, author.
Walt Disney's Donald Duck : terror of the Beagle Boys
Barks, Carl, 1901-2000, author, artist.
Star Wars. The Original Trilogy : a graphic novel
Ferrari, Alessandro (Alessandro Q.), adaptor.
Roses and rot
Howard, Kat, author.
The Mercy journals
Casper, Claudia, author.
Marvel cinematic universe : reading rumble.
Into the wild : yet another misadventure
Cronin, Doreen, author.
The dragon queen
Deutsch, Stacia, author.
Quest for the keys
Deutsch, Stacia.
Droid tales : episodes I-III
Price, Michael.
Techno strike!
Howard, Kate, author.
Clawdeen Wolf and the freaky-fabulous fashion show
Monstrata, Nessi, author.
Fear of flying
Lambert, Nancy (Nancy R.), author.
Rey meets BB-8
Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor), author.
Marsico, Katie, 1980- author.
Color Fiesta!
Danger! tiger crossing
Oliver, Lin, author.
Can you survive a supervolcano eruption?
Hoena, B. A., author.
Can you survive an asteroid strike?
Doeden, Matt, author.
Skyscrapers and towers
Duke, Shirley Smith, author.
Planting seeds
Clay, Kathryn, author.
Angry Birds playground atlas
Carney, Elizabeth, 1981- author.
The most important thing : stories about sons, fathers, and grandfathers
Avi, 1937- author.
The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary
Shovan, Laura, author.
Unidentified suburban object
Jung, Mike, author.
Walking point : from the ashes of the Vietnam War
Ulander, Perry A., 1948- author.
Chainmail bikini : the anthology of women gamers
Laughing all the way to the Mosque
Nawaz, Zarqa, author.
The secret of the scarab beetle
Meyer, William, 1979- author.
Korman, Gordon, author.
The scandal
Grisham, John, author.
Trouble the water : poems
Austin, Derrick, 1989- author.
Whole world vegetarian
Simmons, Marie, author.
The pediatrician's guide to feeding babies & toddlers : practical answers to your questions on nutrition, starting solids, allergies, picky eating, and more
Porto, Anthony, author.
Eat street : the manbque guide to making street food at home
Carruthers, John, author.
Green, John (John Patrick), author, illustrator.
Snoopy : party animal : a Peanuts collection
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000, artist, author.
Wishing day
Myracle, Lauren, 1969- author.
Camp Midnight
Seagle, Steven T., author.
The Berenstain Bears take off!
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author.
In the game
Thorpe, Kiki, author.
Miles, Ellen, author.
Adventure time with Fionna & Cake : card wars
Wang, Jen, 1984- author.
The angry birds movie : the junior novel
Cerasi, Christopher, adapter.
Piper's perfect dream
Zappa, Shana Muldoon, author.
The mcventures of me, Morgan McFactoid : hair today, gone tomorrow
Waxman, Mark S.
The family Fletcher takes Rock Island
Levy, Dana Alison.
Hilarious jokes for Minecrafters : mobs, creepers, skeletons, and more
Hollow, Michele C.
Alexis, cupcake crush
Simon, Coco, author.
The sign in the smoke
Keene, Carolyn, author.
The fairy swarm
Selfors, Suzanne, author.
Beware! space junk!
Stilton, Geronimo.
Sky the unwanted kitten
Webb, Holly, author.
Skyler the fireworks fairy
Meadows, Daisy, author.
You can't drink a meatball through a straw
Winkler, Henry, 1945- author.
Eva and the new owl
Elliott, Rebecca, author.
Bubonic panic : when plague invaded America
Jarrow, Gail.
Our great big backyard
Bush, Laura Welch, 1946- author.
Sourdough : recipes for rustic fermented breads, sweets, savories, and more
Owens, Sarah, 1978- author.
Meathead : the science of great barbecue and grilling
Goldwyn, Meathead, author.
Raw, vegan, not gross : all vegan and mostly raw recipes for people who love to eat
Miller, Laura (Cook), author.
Natalie Jill's 7-day jump start : unprocess your diet with super easy recipes ; lose up to 5-7 pounds the first week!
Jill, Natalie. author.
The God Wave : a novel
Hemstreet, Patrick, author.
Loveness, Jeff, author.
Gap gardening : selected poems
Waldrop, Rosmarie, author.
How women decide : what's true, what's not, and what strategies spark the best choices
Huston, Therese, author.
We are as gods : back to the land in the 1970s on the quest for a new America
Daloz, Kate, author.
India's war : World War II and the making of modern South Asia
Raghavan, Srinath, author.
Love & friendship : in which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon is entirely vindicated : concerning the beautiful Lady Susan Vernon, her cunning daughter & the strange antagonism of the DeCourcy family
Stillman, Whit, 1952- author.
The bitter taste of victory : life, love, and art in the ruins of the Reich
Feigel, Lara.
Action : a book about sex
Spiegel, Amy Rose, author.
The limousine liberal : how an incendiary image united the right and fractured America
Fraser, Steve, 1945- author.
Super mind : how to boost performance and live a richer and happier life through transcendental meditation
Rosenthal, Norman E., author.
The gene : an intimate history
Mukherjee, Siddhartha, author.
Late to the ball : age. learn. fight. love. play tennis. win.
Marzorati, Gerald, author.
Chain of title : how three ordinary Americans uncovered Wall Street's great foreclosure fraud
Dayen, David, author.
Medical judgment
Mabry, Richard L., author.
The war before independence, 1775-1776
Beck, Derek W., author.
Home game : big-league stories from my life in baseball's first family
Boone, Bret, 1969- author.
The auctioneer : adventures in the art trade
De Pury, Simon, author.
A country road, a tree
Baker, Jo, author.
At the edge of summer : a novel
Brockmole, Jessica.
The program : 21 days to a stronger, slimmer, sexier you
Pavelka, Jessie, author.
Jihadi John
Verkaik, Robert, author.
The fat artist : and other stories
Hale, Benjamin.
Anatomy of a soldier
Parker, Harry, 1983- author.
Death at breakfast
Gutcheon, Beth Richardson.
Frequency : tune in, hear God
Morris, Robert (Robert Preston), 1961-
A perfect life : a novel
Pollack, Eileen, 1956- author.
Homintern : how gay culture liberated the modern world
Woods, Gregory, 1953- author.
Digging up mother : a love story
Stanhope, Doug, author.
It's not okay
Dorfman, Andi, author.
Lesson Plan : an agenda for change in American higher education
Bowen, William G., author.
Finding north : how navigation makes us human
Foy, George.
Happy people read & drink coffee
Martin-Lugand, Agnès, author.
So much synth
Shaughnessy, Brenda, 1970- author.
The Vegas diaries : romance, rolling the dice, and the road to reinvention
Madison, Holly, author.
The seventh sense : power, fortune, and survival in the age of networks
Ramo, Joshua Cooper, author.
So close to home : a true story of an American family's fight for survival during World War II
Tougias, Mike, 1955- author.
Seal Team Six. Hunt the dragon
Mann, Don, 1957- author.
Unforbidden pleasures
Phillips, Adam, 1954- author.
The golden rules : 10 steps to world-class excellence in your life and work
Bowman, Bob, author.
32 yolks : from my mother's table to working the line
Ripert, Eric.
The value of the Moon : how to explore, live, and prosper in space using the Moon's resources
Spudis, Paul D., author.
Wattana: an orangutan in Paris
Herzfeld, Chris, author.
I'm fascinated by sacrifice flies : inside the game we all love
Kurkjian, Tim, author.
The Mother : a novel
Edwards, Yvvette.
Stanley Kubrick and me : thirty years at his side
D'Alessandro, Emilio.
Your favorite band is killing me : what pop music rivalries reveal about the meaning of life
Hyden, Steven, author.
Mr. memory : & other poems
Levin, Phillis, 1954- author.
Funny little pregnant things : (the good, the bad and the just plain gross things about pregnancy that other books aren't going to tell you)
Doherty, Emily.
Amateurs : a novel
Hicks, Dylan, author.
The metaphysical ukulele : stories
Carswell, Sean, 1970- author.
The man who saved Henry Morgan : a novel
Hough, Robert, 1963- author.
Hand-built outdoor furniture : 20 step-by-step projects anyone can build
Jackson, Katie, 1985- author.
Sewing happiness : a year of simple projects for living well
Ishida, Sanae, author.
The kitchen shelf : take a few pantry essentials, add two ingredients from the store, and make everyday eating extraordinary
O'Sullivan, Eve, author.
Your idea starts here : 77 mind-expanding ways to unleash your creativity
Eckert, Carolyn, 1964- author.
Main cities of Europe 2016.
Canadian Rockies
Hempstead, Andrew.
Rick Steves' Great Britain.
Steves, Rick, 1955- author.
McCarthy, Carolyn (Carolyn Marie), author.
Fodor's Thailand
Arizona & the Grand Canyon
Hull, Tim, author.
Moon. Vermont
Smith, Jennifer Rose.
The crown's game
Skye, Evelyn, author.
Girls on fire : a novel
Wasserman, Robin. author
Growing up mindful : essential practices to help children, teens, and families find balance, calm, and resilience
Willard, Christopher (Psychologist)
Injustice : Gods Among Us Year Three Volume 2
Buccellato, Brian, author.
Superman. Volume 1, Before truth
Yang, Gene Luen, author.
Gone with the witch : a wishcraft mystery
Blake, Heather.
The sin of certainty : why God desires our trust more than our "correct" beliefs
Enns, Peter, 1961- author.
In the name of Gucci : a memoir
Gucci, Patricia.
Boy erased : a memoir
Conley, Garrard, author.
Beethoven for a later age : living with the string quartets
Dusinberre, Edward, 1968- author.
A self-made man : the political life of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1849
Blumenthal, Sidney, 1948-
Prayers the devil answers : a novel
McCrumb, Sharyn.
The Service of the Dead
Robb, Candace M., author.
My life with Wagner : fairies, rings, and redemption : exploring opera's most enigmatic composer
Thielemann, Christian, 1959- author.
Diana's altar
Cleverly, Barbara, author.
Murder at Lambswool Farm
Goldenbaum, Sally, author.
An old-fashioned murder : a moonshine mystery
Miller, Carol, 1972- author.
The telling : a memoir
Zolbrod, Zoe, author.
Allegheny front : stories
Null, Matthew Neill, 1984-
My lost brothers : the untold story by the Yarnell Hill Fire's lone survivor
McDonough, Brendan, author.
The Nazi hunters
Nagorski, Andrew, author.
Left in the wind : the Roanoke journal of Emme Merrimoth
Gray, Ed.
Herbert Hoover in the White House : the ordeal of the presidency
Rappleye, Charles, author.
The Apache wars : the hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the captive boy who started the longest war in American history
Hutton, Paul Andrew, 1949- author.
Summer days and summer nights : twelve love stories
City of halves
Inglis, Lucy, author.
Spinale, Wendy, author.
A totally awkward love story
Ellen, Tom, author.
Sounds and sweet airs : the forgotten women of classical music
Beer, Anna R., 1964- author.
Full moon over Noah's ark : an odyssey to Mount Ararat and beyond
Antonson, Rick, 1949-
Sex with Shakespeare : here's much to do with pain, but more with love
Keenan, Jillian, author.
The song poet : a memoir of my father
Yang, Kao Kalia, 1980-
Following fish : one man's journey into the food and culture of the Indian coast
Subramanian, Samanth, author.
The vinyl detective : written in dead wax
Cartmel, Andrew, author.
A useful woman
Wilde, Darcie.
Today we drop bombs, tomorrow we build bridges : how foreign aid became a casualty of war
Gill, Peter, 1944- author.
Devoured : from chicken wings to kale smoothies--how what we eat defines who we are
Egan, Sophie.
Champagne baby : how one Parisian learned to love wine-and life-the American way
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Lines : a brief history
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The final tap
Flower, Amanda, author.
The highwayman
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The Fireman : a novel
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Boar Island
Barr, Nevada, author.
Beyond the ice limit : a Gideon Crew novel
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The magician : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
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Love, lies and spies
Anstey, Cindy, author.
The death code
Cummings, Lindsay, author.
Lily and Dunkin
Gephart, Donna, author.
Pisani, Ken, author.
The great hunt
Higgins, Wendy, author.
Great Falls
Watkins, Steve, 1954- author.
Rhode Island
Lee, Liz.
Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks
Benchwick, Greg, author.
From now on
Ward, Malachi, author, illustrator.
3 skeins or less : modern baby knits : 23 knitted baby garments, blankets, toys, and more!
Gray, Tanis, author.
Born to be wild : hundreds of free nature activities for families
Garlick, Hattie, author.
Dharma delight
Greenblat, Rodney Alan, 1960- author.
Never let you go
Murphy, Monica, 1970- author.
Danger, sweetheart
Davidson, MaryJanice, author.
Llewellyn's complete book of chakras : your definitive source of energy center knowledge for health, happiness, and spiritual evolution
Dale, Cyndi, author.
Scott 2017 standard postage stamp catalogue. Volume 1, United States and affiliated territories, United Nations, countries of the world A-B
A parliament of owls
Goff, Christine.
A cold treachery
Todd, Charles.
American rhapsody : writers, musicians, millionaires, movie stars, and one great building
Pierpont, Claudia Roth.
Cross-stitch to calm : stitch and de-stress with 40 simple patterns
Lintz, Leah, author.
Runnng with the champ : my forty-year friendship with Muhammad Ali
Shanahan, Tim.
Born on a Tuesday : a novel
John, Elnathan, 1982-
The California wife : a novel
Harnisch, Kristen.
Goodbye forever
Hill, Bonnie Hearn, 1945- author.
The turning point
North, Freya, author.
Fever city
Baker, Tim.
Eleven hours
Erens, Pamela, author.
Memories : from Moscow to the Black Sea
Tėffi, N. A. (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna), 1872-1952, author.
Elizabeth : the forgotten years
Guy, J. A. (John Alexander), author.
Octopus pie. Volume 3
Gran, Meredith, 1984-
Mind your manors : tried-and-true British household cleaning tips
Lethbridge, Lucy.
Learn to timber frame : craftsmanship, simplicity, timeless beauty
Beemer, Will, author.
War factory
Asher, Neal L., 1961- author.
Children of earth and sky
Kay, Guy Gavriel, author.
The emperor's railroad
Haley, Guy, 1973- author.
The land of 10,000 Madonnas
Hattemer, Kate.
Dig too deep
Allgeyer, Amy, author.
The crowdfunding handbook : raise money for your small business or start-up with equity funding portals
Ennico, Clifford R., author.
Whisper to me
Lake, Nick, author.
The attempt
Platzová, Magdaléna, 1972-
Me before you
Moyes, Jojo, 1969-
The Romanovs : 1613-1918
Sebag Montefiore, Simon, 1965- author.
The night the rich men burned
Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- author.
Everyone brave is forgiven
Cleave, Chris.
Redemption road
Hart, John, 1965- author.
Britt-Marie was here : a novel
Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author.
A different kind of daughter : the girl who hid from the Taliban in plain sight
Toorpakai, Maria, 1990-
Braving it : a father, a daughter, and an unforgettable journey into the Alaskan wild
Campbell, James, 1961-
Oneida : from free love Utopia to the well-set table
Wayland-Smith, Ellen.
Rough Riders : Theodore Roosevelt, his cowboy regiment, and the immortal charge up San Juan Hill
Gardner, Mark Lee, 1960- author.
Pinpoint : how GPS is changing technology, culture, and our minds
Milner, Greg, author.
The one true barbecue : fire, smoke, and the pitmasters who cook the whole hog
Fertel, Rien, 1980- author.
For the glory : Eric Liddell's journey from Olympic champion to modern martyr
Hamilton, Duncan, author.
First dads : parenting and politics from George Washington to Barack Obama
Kendall, Joshua C., 1960- author.
Shattered spear
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer), author.
The art of murder : a dead-end job mystery
Viets, Elaine, 1950- author.
The raft
Strydom, Fred, author.
Bosc, Adrien, 1986- author.
The outliers
McCreight, Kimberly, author.
Howard, Linda, 1950- author.
Under the big black sun : a personal history of LA punk
The noise of time
Barnes, Julian, author.
Lone Heart pass
Thomas, Jodi.
Murder in Morningside Heights : a gaslight mystery
Thompson, Victoria (Victoria E.)
I'm only in this for me : a Pearls before Swine collection
Pastis, Stephan, author, artist.
All-new all-different Avengers : the magnificent seven
Waid, Mark, 1962- author.
The final programme
Moorcock, Michael, 1939- author.
Eastman and Laird's tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : volume 8.
Walleye Junction
Salvalaggio, Karin, author.
The circle : a Grand & Batchelor Victorian mystery
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The summer dragon : first book of the Evertide
Lockwood, Todd, author.
The big picture : on the origins of life, meaning, and the universe itself
Carroll, Sean M., 1966- author.
Deep under : a Walker Security novel
Jones, Lisa Renee, author.
Asteroid made of dragons
Adams, G. Derek, author.
See also deception : a Marjorie Trumaine mystery
Sweazy, Larry D., author.
Jefferson's America : the President, the purchase, and the explorers who transformed a nation
Fenster, Julie M., author.
Visual intelligence : sharpen your perception, change your life
Herman, Amy, author.
Heyday : Britain and the birth of the modern world
Wilson, Ben, 1980- author.
The winter fortress : the epic mission to sabotage Hitler's atomic bomb
Bascomb, Neal, author.
Baseball's power shift : how the players union, the fans, and the media changed American sports culture
Swanson, Krister, author.
The love diet : a personalized, proven program that changes the way you feel to transform the way you look
Guttersen, Connie, author.
Who rules the world?
Chomsky, Noam, author.
Missing man : the American spy who vanished in Iran
Meier, Barry, author.
Feminism : reinventing the F word
Higgins, Nadia Abushanab, author.
The bridge ladies : a memoir
Lerner, Betsy, author.
Cooking with Loula : Greek recipes from my family to yours
Stratou, Alexandra, 1985- author.
The secret war : spies, ciphers, and guerrillas 1939-1945
Hastings, Max, author.
The strings of murder
De Muriel, Oscar, author.
Just life : a novel
Abramson, Neil, 1964-
Run, Spot, run : the ethics of keeping pets
Pierce, Jessica, 1965- author.
The only rule is it has to work : our wild experiment building a new kind of baseball team
Lindbergh, Ben, author.
The dog merchants : inside the big business of breeders, pet stores, and rescuers
Kavin, Kim, author.
You may also like : taste in an age of endless choice
Vanderbilt, Tom, author.
The ecliptic
Wood, Benjamin, 1981- author.
And after the fire : a novel
Belfer, Lauren, author.
Paper : paging through history
Kurlansky, Mark, author.
Alter egos : Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the twilight struggle over American power
Landler, Mark, author.
The life project : the extraordinary story of 70,000 ordinary lives
Pearson, Helen, author.
The aromatherapy garden : growing fragrant plants for happiness and well-being
Keville, Kathi, author.
The miracle on Monhegan Island : a novel
Kelly, Elizabeth, 1952- author.
The dove's necklace : a novel
ʻĀlim, Rajāʼ.
All the presidents' gardens : Madison's cabbages to Kennedy's roses : how the White House grounds have grown with America
McDowell, Marta.
Something new : tales from a makeshift bride
Knisley, Lucy, author, illustrator.
18 holes with Bing : golf, life, and lessons from Dad
Crosby, Nathaniel, author.
Everything is teeth
Wyld, Evie.
Heartland : farm-forward dishes from the Great Midwest
Russo, Lenny, author.
The cultural revolution : a people's history, 1962-1976
Dikötter, Frank, author.
Inherited disorders : stories, parables & problems
Sachs, Adam Ehrlich, author.
Sirocco : fabulous flavors from the Middle East
Ghayour, Sabrina, author.
Crochet one-skein wonders for babies
TED talks : the official TED guide to public speaking
Anderson, Chris, 1957 January 14-
Soccer without borders : Jürgen Klinsmann, coaching the U.S. men's national soccer team and the quest for the World Cup
Kirschbau, Erik, author.
The last good girl : a novel
Leotta, Allison, author.
Neither snow nor rain : a history of the United States Postal Service
Leonard, Devin, author.
God gave me you : the true story of love, loss, and a heaven-sent miracle
Seaman, Tricia.
Screamin' Jay Hawkins' all-time greatest hits : a novel
Binelli, Mark.
The artist's compass : the complete guide to building a life and a living in the performing arts
Moore, Rachel, 1964-
Back to Moscow
Erades, Guillermo, 1975-
The fire line : the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and one of the deadliest days in American firefighting
Santos, Fernanda, author.
I'd know that voice anywhere : my favorite NPR commentaries
Deford, Frank, author.
Desert boys
McCormick, Chris, 1987- author.
Federer and me : a story of obsession
Skidelsky, William, author.
If I was your girl
Russo, Meredith, author.
Adventures of a female medical detective : in pursuit of smallpox and AIDS
Guinan, Mary E., author.
The honeymoon
Smith, Dinitia, author.
White sands : experiences from the outside world
Dyer, Geoff.
Love & gelato
Welch, Jenna Evans, author.
Heart attack watch : stories
Foster, Alyson, author.
The unexpected everything
Matson, Morgan, author.
Suffer love
Blake, Ashley Herring, author.
The May Queen murders
Jude, Sarah, author.
Ring of fire IV
The long weekend : life in the English country house, 1918-1939
Tinniswood, Adrian.
Blood year : the unraveling of Western counterterrorism
Kilcullen, David, author.
The lonely ones
Sutton, Kelsey, author.
The true tails of Baker and Taylor : the library cats who left their pawprints on a small town --and the world
Louch, Jan, author.
The woman in blue : a Ruth Galloway mystery
Griffiths, Elly, author.
The curious charms of Arthur Pepper
Patrick, Phaedra, author.
The yoga of Max's discontent
Bajaj, Karan, 1979-
Crime and poetry
Flower, Amanda, author.
Keep you close
Whitehouse, Lucie, 1975- author.
Banks, Maya, author.
Golden delicious : a novel
Boucher, Christopher, author.
Bloodroot : a Martha's Vineyard mystery
Riggs, Cynthia, author.
A killer ball at Honeychurch Hall
Dennison, Hannah, author.
The castaway's war : one man's battle against Imperial Japan
Harding, Stephen, 1952- author.
The cook up : a crack rock memoir
Watkins, D., author.
Detroit hustle : a memoir of love, life & home
Haimerl, Amy, author.
Five presidents : my extraordinary journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford
Hill, Clint, author.
The mindspan diet : reduce Alzheimer's risk, minimize memory loss, and keep your brain young
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City of the lost
Armstrong, Kelley, author.
The girl from Summer Hill : a Summer Hill novel
Deveraux, Jude, author.
Two summers
Friedman, Aimee, author.
The doll-master and other tales of terror
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author.
Hayes, Antonia, author.
The map of bones
Haig, Francesca, author.
The versions of us
Barnett, Laura, 1982- author.
Better dead
Collins, Max Allan, author.
I let you go
Mackintosh, Clare.
White, Randy Wayne
Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Web-warriors. Spider-verse
Caramagna, Joe, author.
Avengers. The infinity gauntlet
Portrait and biographical album of Rock Island County, Illinois : containing full-page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Illinois, an
Universities Bond Issue, 1960
The University of Illinois Committee on Bond Issue Interpretation.
Germanic genealogy : a guide to worldwide sources and migration patterns
The American Society of Genealogists, 75th anniversary volume (1940-2015) : selected and original articles by fellows of the Society, past and present
American Society of Genealogists.
Loudoun County, Virginia marriages after 1850 : volume 1 : 1851-1880
Duncan, Patricia B.
Bartlett Kelley Circle, LGAR roll of ancestors
Worrell, Shari Kelley.
Map guide to German parish registers. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Silesia III, Regierungsbezirk Oppeln : with full index of included towns
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Map guide to German parish registers. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Silesia II, Regierungsbezirk Breslau : with full index of included towns
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Valiant ambition : George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the fate of the American Revolution
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Fall of man in Wilmslow
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The sport of kings
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Paul McCartney : the life
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Mission Hill
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The assassination complex : inside the government's secret drone warfare program
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The blue bath
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A fine imitation
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The bricks that built the houses
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Blood defense
Clark, Marcia, author.
Not working : a novel
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Kay's lucky coin variety: a novel
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The Lamentations of Zeno
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Robert B. Parker's Slow burn
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Reliance, Illinois
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The drowned detective
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The pier falls : and other stories
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Pit bull : the battle over an American icon
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ABC rainforest
Everybody's fool
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Zero K : a novel
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Grit : the power of passion and perseverance
Duckworth, Angela.
Heat and light
Haigh, Jennifer, 1968-
The strength of the wolf is the pack
Peterson, Scott, 1968- author.
Lorenzo : the pizza-loving lobster
Lordon, Claire, author, illustrator.
There is a tribe of kids
Smith, Lane, author.
The fairiest fairy
Booth, Anne.
The good dinosaur
Keast, Jennifer H., author.
Bear & Hare, where's Bear?
Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.
Truth or hair
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Sesame Street police station
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Welcome to Roarsville
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- author.
Peanuts. Volume seven
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The Fix-It Shop
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Sesame Street playground
Albee, Sarah.
123 Sesame Street
Hood, Susan, 1954-
The mightiest magic
Lemke, Donald B., author.
Finn & Rey escape!
Siglain, Michael, author.
Henry loves Beckett
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny, 1966- author.
Han & Chewie return!
Siglain, Michael, author.
Daniel goes to the playground
Friedman, Becky, adapter.
Wiener strikes back
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Rutabaga the adventure chef. 2 : feasts of fury
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Shupe, Joanna.
Pumpkinflowers : a soldier's story
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The atomic weight of love : a novel
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Once and for all : the best of Delmore Schwartz
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966.
Genie in a bottle
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The mysterious abductions
Hecht, Tracey, author.
The assistants
Perri, Camille, author.
Sweet lamb of heaven : a novel
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The secret of Dreadwillow Carse
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Shhh! I'm sleeping
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Snowflake freezes up
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Echo the copycat
Holub, Joan, author.
Heart of a Dolphin
Hapka, Cathy.
Winter is coming : the medieval world of Game of thrones
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Sweet theft : a poet's commonplace book
McClatchy, J. D., 1945-
The slowest book ever
Sayre, April Pulley, author.
Guinness World Records. Wacky and wild!
Brill, Calista, author.
Guinness World Records. Biggest and smallest!
Webster, Christy.
Bears make the best reading buddies
Oliver, Carmen, author.
The science of a flood
Marquardt, Meg, author.
Gregory, Josh, author.
The worst night ever
Barry, Dave, author.
The 12 most amazing American monuments & symbols
Yasuda, Anita.
Are you my mother? = ¿Eres tú mi mamá?
Eastman, P. D. (Philip D.), author, illustrator.
Yasuda, Anita.
iPod and electronics visionary Tony Fadell
Suen, Anastasia.
Roumanis, Alexis, author.
Brave Like Me.
Kerley, Barbara.
What's your story, Amelia Earhart?
Barton, Jen, author.
The titanium ninja
Howard, Kate, author.
Lindeen, Mary, author.
Alia Buhammad Baker : saving a library from war
Bacher, Lindsay, author.
Build, beaver, build : life at the longest beaver dam
Markle, Sandra.
Let's celebrate Labor Day
DeRubertis, Barbara.
Stampy's lovely book
Garrett, Joseph, author.
Kids Quiz whiz 6 : 1,000 super fun mind-bending totally awesome trivia questions.
Remarkable reptiles
Herrington, Lisa M., author.
What is computer coding?
Pratt, Mary K., author.
Amazing applications and perfect programs
Gifford, Clive, author.
Rain fish
Ehlert, Lois, author, illustrator.
The grumpy pets
Lombardi, Kristine A, author, illustrator.
At the marsh in the meadow
Mebane, Jeanie, author.
When your elephant comes to play
Barba, Ale, author, illustrator.
My house
Barton, Byron, author, illustrator.
Beer, Julie, author.
Pearson, Julie, 1978- author.
The morning they came for us : dispatches from Syria
Di Giovanni, Janine, 1961- author.
Hide and seek : an around-the-world animal search
Man, Charlene, author, illustrator.
Miracle man
Hendrix, John, 1976- author, illustrator.
A place for Elijah
Easton-Ruben, Kelly, author.
Keats's neighborhood : an Ezra Jack Keats treasury
Keats, Ezra Jack.
Ordinary Mary's extraordinary deed
Pearson, Emily.
Every breath we take : a book about air
Ajmera, Maya, author.
For the right to learn : Malala Yousafzai's story
Langston-George, Rebecca.
Swatch : the girl who loved color
Denos, Julia, author, illustrator.
The Lending Zoo
Asch, Frank, author, illustrator.
Extreme prey
Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- author.
Night shift
Harris, Charlaine, author.
The apartment : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
Wilde Lake : a novel
Lippman, Laura, 1959- author.
One night charmer
Yates, Maisey, author.
Trouble with a badge
Fossen, Delores, author.
How the duke was won
Bell, Lenora, author.
The earl takes all
Heath, Lorraine, author.
Fire bound
Feehan, Christine, author.
The cowboy's twins
Kastner, Debra, author.
The jazz of physics : the secret link between music and the structure of the universe
Alexander, Stephon, author.
The adventurist
Hipps, J. Bradford, author.
The Nazi Titanic : the incredible untold story of a doomed ship in World War II
Watson, Robert P., 1962- author.
Gray, Claudia, author.
What's your story, Wilma Rudolph?
Goddu, Krystyna Poray.
The science of growth : how Facebook beat Friendster--and how nine other startups left the rest in the dust
Ammirati, Sean, author.
The network : the battle for the airwaves and the birth of the communications age
Woolley, Scott, author.
Fall of light
Erikson, Steven.
Children of the dark
Janz, Jonathan, author.
Trapped in the Overworld. #1 : an unofficial Minetrapped adventure
Morgan, Winter, author.
The Alchemists' Council
Masson, Cynthea, 1965- author.
A drop in the ocean
Ogden, Jenni A., 1948- author.
The book of five rings : a graphic novel
Wilson, Seán Michael.
Guinness world records. Super humans!
Lemke, Donald B.
Ariol. The three donkeys
Guibert, Emmanuel, author.
Outback all-stars
Earhart, Kristin, author.
Higgins, M. G., author.
Secret of the time tablets
Maihack, Mike, author, artist.
Star Wars. Lando
Soule, Charles, author.
Lafcadio Hearn's "The Faceless Ghost" and Other Macabre Tales from Japan : a graphic novel
Wilson, Seán Michael, author.
Cold Mountain : the legend of Han Shan and Shih Te, the original Dharma Bums
Wilson, Seán Michael, author.
The demon's sermon on the martial arts : a graphic novel
Wilson, Seán Michael, author, adapter.
The 1916 Irish Rebellion
Nic Dhiarmada, Bríona, author.
The hidden oracle
Riordan, Rick, author.
The book of Harlan
McFadden, Bernice L., author.
Attack of the kraken
Sherry, Kevin, author, illustrator.
In the country we love : my family divided
Guerrero, Diane, 1986-
After the fire
Casey, Jane (Jane E.), author.
Red Platoon : a true story of American valor
Romesha, Clinton, author.
Underworld : from Hoboken to Hollywood
Kaz, 1959-
Rat queens. Volume three, Demons
Wiebe, Kurtis J., 1979- author.
Beyond book sales : the complete guide to raising real money for your library
Evens, Brecht, 1986-
We were feminists once : from riot grrrl to CoverGirl®, the buying and selling of a political movement
Zeisler, Andi, 1972- author.
Hall, Deirdre Riordan, author.
Barbra Streisand : redefining beauty, femininity, and power
Gabler, Neal, author.
Poison is not polite
Stevens, Robin, 1988-
Will Eisner : champion of the graphic novel
Levitz, Paul, author.
National parks of America : experience America's 59 national parks.
Homemade sourdough : mastering the art and science of baking with starters and wild yeast
Mason, Jane (Baker)
Rivers of London. Body work
Aaronovitch, Ben, 1964- author.
Wedding papercrafts : add handmade charm to your celebration.
Understanding exposure : how to shoot great photographs with any camera
Peterson, Bryan, 1952- author.
Giant days. Volume two
Allison, John, 1976-
Lead me home
Sorrells, Amy K., author.
Native believer
Eteraz, Ali, author.
The Wander Society
Smith, Keri, author.
Great American eating experiences : local specialties, favorite restaurants, food festivals, diners, roadside stands, and more
New charity blues
Griep, Camille, 1977- author.
The fibromanual : a complete fibromyalgia treatment guide for you and your doctor
Liptan, Ginevra, author.
Bookishly ever after
Bandeira, Isabel, author.
A buccaneer at heart
Laurens, Stephanie, author.
My kind of crazy
Reul, Robin, author.
The Bakersfield Sound : how a generation of displaced Okies revolutionized American music
Price, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1956-
The girl in the ice : a Detective Erika Foster novel
Bryndza, Robert, author.
Meet me in the middle of the air : dark miracles and black comedies
Schaller, Eric, author.
Hawkes, John, 1925-1998, author.
Real artists have day jobs : (and other awesome things they don't teach you in school)
Benincasa, Sara, author.
Hello, beauty full : seeing yourself as God sees you
Morgan, Elisa, 1955-
Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive : outsell, outmanage, outmotivate, and outnegotiate your competition
Mackay, Harvey.
Negotiating the nonnegotiable : how to resolve your most emotionally charged conflicts
Shapiro, Daniel, 1971- author.
Warren Buffett's ground rules : words of wisdom from the partnership letters of the world's greatest investor
Miller, Jeremy, 1978- author.
The pragmatic superpower : winning the Cold War in the Middle East
Takeyh, Ray, 1966- author.
The ex-offender's new job finding & survival guide : 10 steps for successfully re-entering the work world
Krannich, Ronald L., author.
Master of the grill : foolproof recipes, top-rated gadgets, gear, and ingredients plus clever test kitchen tips and fascinating food science
Mouse Guard. Legends of the Guard. volume two
The long hello : memory, my mother, and me
Borrie, Cathie, author.
The thank you book
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
The incident on the bridge
McNeal, Laura, author.
Where futures end
Peevyhouse, Parker, author.
Dan versus nature
Calame, Don, author.
The star-touched queen
Chokshi, Roshani, author.
The Raven King
Stiefvater, Maggie, 1981- author.
The taming of the Drew
Strohm, Stephanie Kate, author.
Keating, Lucy, author.
Rock, Peter, 1967- author.
Rollins, Danielle (Author)
Kosher USA : how Coke bacame kosher and other tales of modern food
Horowitz, Roger, author.
The chimes
Smaill, Anna, 1979- author.
The Berlin package : a thriller
Riva, Peter, 1950- author.
The magic island
Seabrook, William, 1884-1945, author.
How to be miserable : 40 strategies you already use
Paterson, Randy J., author.
Leiffing through poems
Roseman, Leo Leiff.
First Presbyterian Church : Champaign, Illinois
First Presbyterian Church (Champaign, Ill.)
Girl about town
Shankman, Adam, author.
Fifteen lanes
Laidlaw, S. J., author.
The girl who fell
Parker, S. M., author.
McCaffrey, Laura Williams, author.
October 31, 1517 : Martin Luther and the day that changed the world
Marty, Martin E., 1928- author.
Land of silence
Afshar, Tessa, author.
Salmon : everything you need to know + 45 recipes
Morgan, Diane, 1955- author.
New directions in sock knitting : 18 innovative designs knitted from every which way
Budd, Ann, 1956- author.
Rhapsody in schmaltz : Yiddish food and why we can't stop eating it
Wex, Michael, 1954- author.
Toni Tennille : a memoir
Tennille, Toni, author.
Ascending the boneyard
Watson, C. G., author.
Ahern, Cecelia, 1981-
Monograms for the home
Whitman, Kimberly Schlegel.
Aeneid Book VI : a new verse translation
Virgil, author.
Convicting the innocent : death row and America's broken system of justice
Cohen, Stanley, 1934- author.
The black Maria : poems
Girmay, Aracelis, author.
South Haven : a novel
Sawhney, Hirsh, author.
Saladin : the sultan who vanquished the crusaders and built an Islamic empire
Man, John, 1941- author.
Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all : a novel
Jonasson, Jonas, 1961- author.
The measure of darkness
Durcan, Liam, author.
The ultimate bicycle owner's manual : the universal guide to bikes, riding, and everything for beginner and seasoned cyclists
Weiss, Eben, author.
Tumbledown Manor
Brown, Helen, 1954- author.
Minimum wage. Book one, Focus on the strange
Fingerman, Bob, 1964- author, illustrator.
Fire and glass
Chan, Marty, author.
Bride of a distant isle : a novel
Byrd, Sandra.
Lawrence, Lisa J. (Lisa Joy), 1975- author.
Don't get caught
Dinan, Kurt, author.
Bonjour kale : a memoir of Paris, love, and recipes
Beddard, Kristen, author.
15th affair
Patterson, James, 1947-
15th Affair
Patterson, James; Paetro, Maxine.
Reality by other means : the best short fiction of James Morrow
Morrow, James, 1947- author.
Her again : becoming Meryl Streep
Schulman, Michael, author.
Jungle of stone : the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya
Carlsen, William, author.
The return
Johnson, Varian, author.
Late one night : a novel
Martin, Lee, 1955- author.
A court of mist and fury
Maas, Sarah J., author.
If you're so smart, why aren't you happy?
Raghunathan, Raj, author.
The body in the wardrobe
Page, Katherine Hall. author.
Father's day : a novel
Van Booy, Simon, author.
Foye, Meghann, author.
Siddhartha's brain : unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment
Kingsland, James, author.
A rage for order : the Middle East in turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS
Worth, Robert Forsyth, 1965- author.
Eat what you love : quick & easy
Koch, Marlene, author.
The magnolia duchess : a novel
White, Beth, 1957- author.
The big showdown : a Caleb York western
Spillane, Mickey.
God pretty in the tobacco field
Richardson, Kim Michele, author.
Must love cowboys
Brooks, Cheryl.
Impure blood
Morfoot, Peter, author.
A front page affair
Vatsal, Radha, 1972-
The other widow
Crawford, Susan (Fiction writer)
The national parks coast to coast : the 100 best hikes
Alvarez, Ted, author.
The only living boy : prisoner of the patchwork planet
Gallaher, David, 1975- author.
A robot in the garden
Install, Deborah.
Off script : an advance man's guide to White House stagecraft, campaign spectacle, and political suicide
King, Josh (Joshua), author.
All the beautiful brides
Herron, Rita B., author.
Delivering the truth : a Quaker midwife mystery
Maxwell, Edith, author.
Just over the horizon : the complete short fiction of Greg Bear. Volume one.
Bear, Greg, 1951- author.
Cursed legacy : the tragic life of Klaus Mann
Spotts, Frederic, author.
Down with the shine
Quinn, Kate Karyus, author.
The drowning girls
DeBoard, Paula Treick, author.
Detroit resurrected : to bankruptcy and back
Bomey, Nathan, author.
Once a soldier
Putney, Mary Jo.
Silence in the dark : a novel
Bradley, Patricia (Educator), author.
In the cold dark ground
MacBride, Stuart, author.
Then come back : the lost Neruda poems
Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973, author.
Normal Norman
Lazar, Tara, author.
Baby's first animals
Chapman, Aimée.
The super-smelly moldy blob
Stadelmann, Amy Marie, author, illustrator.
Epic fail
SerWacki, author.
One World Trade Center : biography of the building
Dupré, Judith, 1956-
Dad School
Van Slyke, Rebecca.
Cuban cocktails : over 50 mojitos, daiquiris and other refreshers from Havana
Bebo, Katherine.
Didi Keidy tiene un secreto
Coven, Wanda, author.
My dynamite dad.
A color of his own = Su propio color
Lionni, Leo, 1910-1999, author, illustrator.
Folgueira, Rodrigo, 1972- author.
On Broadway : from Rent to Revolution
Hodges, Drew.
I'm gluten furious! : a Get Fuzzy treasury
Conley, Darby.
The Ukrainian and Russian notebooks
Igort, 1958-.
Heirloom plants : a complete compendium of heritage vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers
Harrison, Lorraine, author.
Night guard
Lea, Synne, 1974- author.
100 things to know before you grow up
Gerry, Lisa, author.
Ear to the ground
Kolsby, Paul.
The misadventures of the family Fletcher
Levy, Dana Alison, author.
Perdidos en NYC : una aventura en el Metro
Spiegelman, Nadja, author.
Adventure time presents Marceline gone adrift. 1
Gran, Meredith, 1984- author.
Harrow County. [2], Twice told
Bunn, Cullen, author.
Dust up
McGoran, Jonathan.
These heroic, happy dead
Mogelson, Luke.
Reskilling America : learning to labor in the twenty-first century
Newman, Katherine S., 1953- author.
Sorting the beef from the bull : the science of food fraud forensics
Evershed, Richard, author.
The border of paradise : a novel
Wang, Esmé Weijun, author.
The red parts : autobiography of a trial
Nelson, Maggie, 1973-
Stand up for yourself & your friends : dealing with bullies & bossiness and finding a better way
Criswell, Patti Kelley, author.
The Pegasus quest
Quinn, Jordan.
Admit one : an American scrapbook
Collins, Martha, 1940- author.
Algorithms to live by : the computer science of human decisions
Christian, Brian, 1984- author.
Ghetto : the invention of a place, the history of an idea
Duneier, Mitchell, author.
Hard light : a Cass Neary crime novel
Hand, Elizabeth, author.
The people in the castle : selected strange stories
Aiken, Joan, 1924-2004, author.
Schrefer, Eliot, 1978- author.
Fearless : a cartoonist's guide to life
Armstrong, Robb, author.
Schow, David J., author.