New Books

My two souths : blending the flavors of India into a southern kitchen My two souths : blending the flavors of India into a southern kitchen
Gomez, Asha, author.
Perfume : a century of scents Perfume : a century of scents
Ostrom, Lizzie, author.
Hank : the short life and long country road of Hank Williams Hank : the short life and long country road of Hank Williams
Ribowsky, Mark, author.
Susie Susie's senior dogs
Stanton, Erin, author.
Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness Other minds : the octopus, the sea, and the deep origins of consciousness
Godfrey-Smith, Peter.
Are numbers real? : the uncanny relationship of mathematics and the physical world. Are numbers real? : the uncanny relationship of mathematics and the physical world.
Clegg, Brian.
A history of pictures : from the cave to the computer screen A history of pictures : from the cave to the computer screen
Hockney, David, author.
Atlas of improbable places : a journey to the world Atlas of improbable places : a journey to the world's most unusual corners
Elborough, Travis, author.
Tranny : confessions of punk rock Tranny : confessions of punk rock's most infamous anarchist sellout
Grace, Laura Jane, 1980- author.
The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus's crucifixion
Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas), author.
Undoing project : a friendship that changed our minds. Undoing project : a friendship that changed our minds.
Lewis, Michael.
18 and life on Skid Row 18 and life on Skid Row
Bach, Sebastian, author.
The human advantage : a new understanding of how our brain became remarkable The human advantage : a new understanding of how our brain became remarkable
Herculano-Houzel, Suzana, 1972-
Fit for the presidency? : winners, losers, what-ifs, and also-rans Fit for the presidency? : winners, losers, what-ifs, and also-rans
Morris, Seymour, author.
The great mistake : how we wrecked public universities and how we can fix them The great mistake : how we wrecked public universities and how we can fix them
Newfield, Christopher, author.
Girls in the moon Girls in the moon
McNally, Janet (Janet M.), author.
Game of loans : the rhetoric and reality of student debt Game of loans : the rhetoric and reality of student debt
Akers, Beth, 1983- author.
Your cabin in the woods Your cabin in the woods
Meinecke, Conrad, 1883-1971, author.
The vindication of man The vindication of man
Wright, John C. (John Charles), 1961- author.
Dark ghettos : injustice, dissent, and reform Dark ghettos : injustice, dissent, and reform
Shelby, Tommie, 1967- author.
The man with the poison gun : a Cold War spy story The man with the poison gun : a Cold War spy story
Plokhy, Serhii, 1957- author.
The nature of a pirate The nature of a pirate
Dellamonica, A. M., author.
Volo Volo's guide to monsters
The drug hunters : the improbable quest to discover new medicines The drug hunters : the improbable quest to discover new medicines
Kirsch, Donald R., 1950- author.
Where memory leads : my life Where memory leads : my life
Friedländer, Saul, 1932- author.
All the gallant men : an American sailor All the gallant men : an American sailor's firsthand account of Pearl Harbor
Stratton, Donald, 1922- author.
The daily stoic : 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living The daily stoic : 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living
Holiday, Ryan, author.
Julius Chambers : a life in the legal struggle for civil rights Julius Chambers : a life in the legal struggle for civil rights
Rosen, Richard A., 1947- author.
Notes on the cinematograph Notes on the cinematograph
Bresson, Robert, author.
Milk and honey Milk and honey
Kaur, Rupi, author.
Hope in the dark : untold histories, wild possibilities Hope in the dark : untold histories, wild possibilities
Solnit, Rebecca, author.
A year of reading : a month-by-month guide to classics and crowd-pleasers for you or your book group A year of reading : a month-by-month guide to classics and crowd-pleasers for you or your book group
Ellington, Elisabeth, author.
Poetry from scratch : a kitten Poetry from scratch : a kitten's book of verse
McCartney, Jennifer, 1980- author.
Guitar for dummies Guitar for dummies
Phillips, Mark, 1947- author.
Brat pack America : a love letter to Brat pack America : a love letter to '80s teen movies
Smokler, Kevin, author.
Start right where you are : how little changes can make a big difference for overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers, and recovering perfectionists Start right where you are : how little changes can make a big difference for overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers, and recovering perfectionists
Bennett, Sam, 1967- author.
Hot sauce nation : America Hot sauce nation : America's burning obsession
Nicks, Denver, author.
The ornatrix :b a novel The ornatrix :b a novel
Howard, Kate, author.
Chasing shadows Chasing shadows
Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author.
Plaid and plagiarism Plaid and plagiarism
MacRae, Molly, author.
Everything love is Everything love is
King, Claire, 1972- author.
A want of kindness : a novel A want of kindness : a novel
Limburg, Joanne, 1970- author.
Brazen : a Valentino mystery Brazen : a Valentino mystery
Estleman, Loren D., author.
The gentleman from Japan The gentleman from Japan
Church, James, 1947- author.
Last year Last year
Wilson, Robert Charles, 1953- author.
They are trying to break your heart They are trying to break your heart
Savill, David, author.
The gates of hell The gates of hell
Livingston, Michael, 1975- author.
Crochet therapy : the soothing art of savoring each stitch Crochet therapy : the soothing art of savoring each stitch
Corkhill, Betsan, author.
Old Man Logan. Vol. 2, Bordertown Old Man Logan. Vol. 2, Bordertown
Lemire, Jeff, author.
The dare and the doctor The dare and the doctor
Noble, Kate, 1978- rda
One more taste
Cutler, Melissa, author.
The hero
Grant, Donna, author.
This is our song
Chase, Samantha, author.
Wild at whiskey creek
Long, Julie-Anne, author.
Miracle on 5th Avenue
Morgan, Sarah, 1948- author.
Curse on the land
Hunter, Faith, author.
Viking warrior rebel
Bradley, Asa Maria, author.
Don't turn out the lights
Minier, Bernard, author.
Paws and effect : a magical cats mystery
Kelly, Sofie, 1958- author.
The viscount and the vixen
Heath, Lorraine.
Good housekeeping Christmas cookies : 75 irresistible holiday treats.
Island of the mad : a novel
Sheck, Laurie, author.
Bad boy : a novel
Wake, Elliot, author.
In sunlight or in shadow : stories inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper
Onslaught : the war with China--the opening battle
Poyer, David, author.
The Moravian night : a story
Handke, Peter.
Norte : a novel
Paz Soldán, Edmundo, 1967- author.
PhDeath : the Puzzler murders
Carse, James P., author.
Culdesac : a novella from the war with no name
Repino, Robert, author.
Mrs. Dalloway
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.
Ema, the captive
Aira, César, 1949- author.
The princess diarist
Fisher, Carrie, author.
Woodstock : master of disguise : a Peanuts collection
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000, author, artist.
Seal pup rescue
Peterson, Brenda, 1950-
Franken creepy
Howard, Kate, author.
Cinderella : 4 beloved tales
Meister, Cari, author.
Peculiar plants.
The science of space.
Computer science in the real world
Idzikowski, Lisa, author.
Life cycle of a honey bee
Jones, Grace, 1990- author.
The big book of superpowers
Katz, Morris, author.
The big book of girl power
Merberg, Julie, author.
Princess in Black and the perfect princess party
Hale, Shannon.
The princess in black
Hale, Shannon, author.
The science of stars : exploring matter
Kenney, Karen Latchana, author.
Doctor Strange.
When crocs fly : a Pearls before swine collection
Pastis, Stephan, artist, author.
Welcome to the backyard
Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.
Welcome to the forest
Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.
Welcome to the pond
Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.
Welcome to the seashore
Owen, Ruth, 1967- author.
Gregory, Josh, author.
Amstutz, Lisa J., author.
Amstutz, Lisa J., author.
Dump trucks
Clay, Kathryn, author.
Amstutz, Lisa J., author.
Amstutz, Lisa J., author.
Community helpers at a fire
Schuh, Mari C., 1975- author.
Tooth or dare
Ocean, Davy, author.
Babylon's Ashes
Corey, James S. A.
Born a Crime
Noah, Trevor
Chabon, Michael
The Fate of the Tearling
Johansen, Erika
Strangers in Their Own Land
Hochschild, Arlie Russell
The invisible kingdom
Ryan, Rob, 1962- author.
Shark week : everything you need to know
Brockenbrough, Martha, author.
Legendtopia : the battle for Urth
Bacon, Lee, author.
The battle of Hackham Heath
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.
What's up, Chuck?
Landry, Leo, author.
Bramble and Maggie : snow day
Haas, Jessie, author.
Squirrel in the house
Vande Velde, Vivian, author.
Sugar and spice
Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
Mother-daughter book camp
Frederick, Heather Vogel, author.
A small killing
Moore, Alan, 1953- author.
Fatale, the deluxe edition. Volume two
Brubaker, Ed, author.
The one hundred nights of hero : a graphic novel
Greenberg, Isabel, author, illustrator.
Sgt. Rock : between hell and a hard place
Kubert, Joe, 1926-2012.
Enhanced interrogation : inside the minds and motives of the Islamic terrorists trying to destroy America
Mitchell, James E. (Psychologist), author.
The wood for the trees : one man's long view of nature
Fortey, Richard A., author.
A woman looking at men looking at women : essays on art, sex, and the mind
Hustvedt, Siri, author.
The liberation
Tregillis, Ian, author.
Whiplash : how to survive our faster future
Itō, Jōichi, 1966- author.
The Autumn throne : a novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine
Chadwick, Elizabeth, 1957- author.
The cherished quilt
Clipston, Amy, author.
The gardens of consolation
Reza, Parisa, 1965- author.
The Christmas mystery : a Detective Luc Moncrief story
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
The soul of a SEAL
Elizabeth, Anne, author.
Wolf unleashed
Tyler, Paige, author.
Black butler. XXIII
Toboso, Yana, 1984- author, artist.
An atheist and a Christian walk into a bar... : talking about God, the universe, and everything
Rauser, Randal D., author.
The chemical wedding by Christian Rosencreutz : a romance in eight days
Rosencreutz, Christian, author.
Assassination classroom. 13
Matsui, Yūsei, 1981- author, illustrator.
Searching for John Hughes : or everything I thought I needed to know about life I learned from watching '80s movies
Diamond, Jason, author.
Better off thread
Lee, Amanda, 1967- author.
Cover me in darkness : a mystery
Rendahl, Eileen, author.
New worlds, old ways : speculative tales from the Caribbean
Feffer, John, author.
Relentless spirit : the unconventional raising of a champion
Franklin, Missy, 1995- author.
Secrets and shamrocks
Gobbell, Phyllis C., author.
Correia, Larry, author.
Tom Dooley : American tragedy
Brooks, Bill, 1943- author.
Egg drop dead
Childs, Laura, author.
Lancaster, Mike A., author.
Friedman, C. S.
Time of death : a Stillwater General mystery
Kerr, Lucy, author.
The feud : Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the end of a beautiful friendship
Beam, Alex, author.
All Joe Knight : a novel
Morris, Kevin (Lawyer), author.
Trigger yappy
Orgain, Diana, author.
The way of the writer : reflections on the art and craft of storytelling
Johnson, Charles, author.
Who watcheth
Tursten, Helene, 1954- author.
Life on Earth : understanding who we are, how we got here, and what may lie ahead
Dooley, Mike, 1961- author.
Island of glass
Roberts, Nora, author.
A season of spells
Hunter, Sylvia Izzo, author.
The divided city
McCallin, Luke, 1972- author.
Dear Yvette
Simone, Ni-Ni, author.
White nights in split town city
DeWitt, Annie, author.
Black & blue
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
George Lucas : a life
Jones, Brian Jay, author.
River of time : my descent into depression and how I emerged with hope
Judd, Naomi, author.
Of all that ends
Grass, Günter, 1927-2015, author, illustrator.
The glass universe : how the ladies of the Harvard Observatory took the measure of the stars
Sobel, Dava.
Out of bounds
McDermid, Val, author.
Babylon's ashes
Corey, James S. A., author.
Eight flavors : the untold story of American cuisine
Lohman, Sarah, author.
The rise of Athens : the story of the world's greatest civilization
Everitt, Anthony, author.
Walk into silence
McBride, Susan, author.
Waveform : twentieth-first-century essays by women
Judgment at Verdant Court
Planck, M. C., author.
Moran, Caitlin, 1975- author.
Hacked : a radical approach to hacker culture and crime
Steinmetz, Kevin F., author.
Earth in human hands : shaping our planet's future
Grinspoon, David Harry, author.
The immortal throne : a novel of The City
Gemmell, Stella, author.
How will I know you? : a novel
Treadway, Jessica, 1961- author.
Beyond the truth
Holt, Anne, 1958- author.
Blood vow
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Christmas days : 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days
Winterson, Jeanette, 1959- author.
The Whole30 cookbook : 150 delicious and totally compliant recipes to help you succeed with the Whole30 and beyond
Hartwig, Melissa, author.
Android tablets for dummies
Gookin, Dan, author.
To capture what we cannot keep
Colin, Beatrice, author.
Forgotten city : a Claire Codella mystery
Smith, Carrie, author.
The fate of the Tearling : a novel
Johansen, Erika, author.
Ill met by murder
Duncan, Elizabeth J., author.
Marry in haste
Van Kirk, Susan, 1946- author.
Ellis, Warren, author.
The pattern artist
Moser, Nancy, author.
Small giants : companies that choose to be great instead of big, 10th-anniversary edition
Burlingham, Bo, author.
Moshi Moshi
Yoshimoto, Banana, 1964- author.
Jump : take the leap of faith to achieve your life of abundance
Harvey, Steve, 1956- author.
A decline in prophets : a Rowland Sinclair mystery
Gentill, Sulari, author.
The mayor of Mogadishu : a story of chaos and redemption in the ruins of Somalia
Harding, Andrew, author.
Island people : the Caribbean and the world
Jelly-Schapiro, Joshua, author.
Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs
Smith, Douglas, 1962- author.
The EY tax guide 2017
Cracking the SAT premium
Beary good cooking
Curtis Road Church of God
The Chemist
Meyer, Stephenie
Labyrinth Lost
Cordova, Zoraida
Swing Time
Smith, Zadie
The Sleeping Beauty Killer
Burke, Alafair
Crazy totally awesome facts.
Under water ; Under earth
Mizielińska, Aleksandra, author.
5-minute Christmas stories.
Goodnight tractor
Robinson, Michelle (Michelle Jane), 1977- author.
The Christmas fox
McGrory, Anik, author, illustrator.
Prissy & Pop deck the halls
Nicholson, Melissa, author.
Smart internet surfing : evaluating websites and advertising
Lindeen, Mary, author.
Smart online communication : protecting your digital footprint
Lindeen, Mary, author.
Are you an echo? : the lost poetry of Misuzu Kaneko
Kaneko, Misuzu, author.
Tower of London : a chilling interactive adventure
Hoena, B. A., author.
Alcatraz : a chilling interactive adventure
Chandler, Matt, author.
Totally wacky facts about ancient history
Meister, Cari, author.
Totally wacky facts about modern history
Meister, Cari, author.
First to the last place on Earth!
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Relaxation and yoga
Son, John, author.
Who what where?
Tallec, Olivier, author, illustrator.
The Legacy of Arthur and Ruth Clausz Cromwell
McCollum, Dannel Angus
Irish immigrants of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank : test book number two. Volume IV, Accounts 12483-18750
Rich, Kevin J.
Maisy's Christmas presents
Cousins, Lucy, author.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.
Won't you be my kissaroo?
Ryder, Joanne, author.
Calvin can't fly : the story of a bookworm birdie
Berne, Jennifer, author.
How big could your pumpkin grow?
Minor, Wendell, author.
Ready for pumpkins
Duke, Kate, author.
Jane Foster's Brown Bear color book
Foster, Jane, 1970-
The night before Christmas : a holiday lift-the-flap
Christmas colors & counting
McGrath, Barbara Barbieri, 1954- author.
Olivia loves Owl
McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.
Home = Ev : English-Turkish
Animals = Hayvanlar : English - Turkish
A day = Bir gunum : English-Turkish
Calm-down time = Momento para calmarse
Verdick, Elizabeth, author.
The best Christmas gift ever!
Rumbaugh, Melinda, author.
Finding Dory
Mawhinney, Art, illustrator.
PAW patrol
Vroom, vroom, trucks!
Katz, Karen, author, illustrator.
Night-night, Wooly
Wetterwald, Florence, author.
Franceschelli, Christopher, author.
Hanukkah delight!
Newman, Lesléa, author.
Peekaboo, Pierre
Wetterwald, Florence, author.
Booth, Anne (Children's fiction writer), author.
Feliz Navidad : a royal Christmas
Rogers, Tom.
The Christmas boot
Wheeler, Lisa, 1963- author.
Potatoes at turtle rock
Schnur, Susan, author.
The bear who wasn't there
Pham, LeUyen, author illustrator.
If a T. Rex crashes your birthday party
Esbaum, Jill, author.
Madeline Finn and the library dog
Papp, Lisa, author.
It is not time for sleeping : (a bedtime story)
Graff, Lisa (Lisa Colleen), 1981-
Tom Clancy true faith and allegiance
Greaney, Mark, author.
The Mistletoe Secret
Evans, Richard Paul
Not Dead Yet
Collins, Phil
One Half from the East
Hashimi, Nadia
South Korea.
Cat got your diamonds : A Kitty Couture Mystery
Chase, Julie (Mystery writer)
Glenn Gould : a life off tempo
Revel, Sandrine, author, illustrator.
Silent Hill : among the damned
Ciencin, Scott.
Clarence : chicken phantom
Fridolfs, Derek, author.
Death comes to the fair
Lloyd, Catherine, 1963- author.
The Lake District Murder
Bude, John, 1901-1957, author.
Fodor's essential Caribbean
Adzich-Brander, Laura, author.
New England : the green guide.
Slipping : stories, essays & other writings
Beukes, Lauren, author.
Let's go Europe
Chaves, Anna, author.
Karrington, Blake, author.
Wrong for me
Ashenden, Jackie, author.
5 little ducks
Fleming, Denise, 1950- author, illustrator.
The Christmas Eve tree
Huddy, Delia, author.
My grandpa is a dinosaur
Fairgray, Richard, 1985- author, illustrator.
Have you seen my trumpet?
Escoffier, Michaël, 1970- author.
Scott 2017 specialized catalogue of United States stamps & covers
The pursuit of power : Europe 1815-1914
Evans, Richard J., author.
The eat fat, get thin cookbook : more than 175 delicious recipes for sustained weight loss and vibrant health
Hyman, Mark, 1959- author.
Talking as fast as I can : from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, (and everything in between)
Graham, Lauren, 1967- author.
A path to peace : a brief history of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the Middle East
Mitchell, George J. (George John), 1933- author.
One minute till bedtime : 60-second poems to send you off to sleep
The crown of fire
Abbott, Tony, 1952- author.
The flame bearer : a novel
Cornwell, Bernard, author.
Sinner man
Block, Lawrence, author.
Game of queens : the women who made sixteenth-century Europe
Gristwood, Sarah, author.
Jo Malone : my story
Malone, Jo, author.
Naming thy name : cross talk in Shakespeare's sonnets
Scarry, Elaine, author.
The art of confidence
Lee, Wendy, 1976- author.
Southeast Asia on a shoestring
Ray, Nick (Travel writer), author.
South America on a shoestring
A legal guide for lesbian and gay couples
Hertz, Frederick, author.
How do you say? = ¿Como se dice?
Dominguez, Angela N., author, illustrator.
Dog on board : the true story of eclipse, the bus-riding dog
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, author.
Book of Dragons
Saxton, Patricia, author, illustrator.
Click, clack, surprise!
Cronin, Doreen, author.
Wheeler, Patti.
Costa Rica
Vorhees, Mara, author.
The rough guide to Cuba
Europe on a shoestring
Baker, Mark (Travel writer), author.
Dog rules
Czekaj, Jef, author, illustrator.
Claws and effect
Kientz, Chris, 1967- author.
Explore with Marquette and Jolliet
O'Brien, Cynthia (Cynthia J.), author.
Glow of death
Cleland, Jane K., author.
The American miracle : divine providence in the rise of the republic
Medved, Michael, author.
Fodor's essential Hawaii
Anderson, Karen (Travel writer), author.
Central America on a shoestring
Fallon, Steve, 1953- author.
The invisibility cloak
Ge, Fei, 1964- author.
Dominican Republic
Girma, Lebawit Lily.
Rick Steves Spain 2017.
Steves, Rick, 1955- author.
Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai
Vidgen, Lucas, author.
Good morning, city
Kiernan, Pat, 1968-
Goodnight everyone
Haughton, Chris, author, illustrator.
Bedtime for Batman
Dahl, Michael, author.
Vroom! Kevin's big book of vehicles
Slegers, Liesbet, author, illustrator.
Green, Sara, 1964- author.
What's that noise? : (this book is calling you...)
Martins, Isabel Minhós, author.
Cat speak : revealing answers to the strangest cat behaviors
Webster, Maureen, 1959- author.
How to build a motorcycle
Lacey, Saskia, author.
From raindrop to tap
Bright, Michael, author.
Search and spot go! / Laura Ljungkvist.
Ljungkvist, Laura, author, illustrator.
Groundhogs and guinea pigs : a readers' theater script and guide
Wallace, Nancy K., author.
Little tails in the jungle : with Chipper & Squizzo
Brrémaud, Frédéric, author.
The grizzly bear who lost his grrrrr!
Biddulph, Rob, author, illustrator.
The whole town's talking : a novel
Flagg, Fannie.
Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis
Rice, Anne, 1941- author.
When all the girls have gone
Krentz, Jayne Ann, author.
The beautiful country and the Middle Kingdom : America and China, 1776 to the present
Pomfret, John, 1959-
How to survive a plague : the inside story of how citizens and science tamed AIDS
France, David, author.
The CSA cookbook : no-waste recipes for cooking your way through a community supported agriculture box, farmers' market, or backyard bounty
Ly, Linda, 1980- author.
Stone coffin : a mystery
Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- author.
Revelation : a thriller
Wilson, Carter.
Storm cell
DuBois, Brendan, author.
Novels, tales, journeys : the complete prose of Alexander Pushkin
Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837, author.
You can knit that : foolproof instructions for fabulous sweaters
Herzog, Amy, 1975- author.
Pieces of soap : essays
Elkin, Stanley, 1930-1995, author.
The kill fee
Smith, Fiona Veitch, 1970- author.
Under the shadow : rage and revolution in modern Turkey
Genç, Kaya, author.
"All the real Indians died off" : and 20 other myths about Native Americans
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939- author.
Shadow of the storm
Cossette, Connilyn, author.
The flowers of evil
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867, author.
Legacy of the demon
Rowland, Diana, 1966- author.
Tangled up in brew
Tremel, Joyce, author.
Pressure makes diamonds : becoming the woman I pretended to be
Graves, Valerie (Advertising executive), author.
White elephant
Idemitsu, Mako, 1940- author.
Pogue's basics: money : essential tips and shortcuts (that no one bothers to tell you) about beating the system
Pogue, David, 1963- author.
The honor was mine : a look inside the struggles of military veterans
Heaney, Elizabeth, author.
Faith. Vol. 2, California scheming
Houser, Jody, author.
Phillips, Carl, 1959- author.
Silent hill : sinner's reward
Waltz, Tom, author.
The great American songbook : stories
Allingham, Sam, author.
World of made and unmade : a poem
Mead, Jane, 1958- author.
The sellout
Beatty, Paul, author.
The Reykjavik assignment : a Yael Azoulay novel
LeBor, Adam, author.
The infinite : a novel
Mainieri, Nicholas, 1983-
The clothing of books
Lahiri, Jhumpa, author.
Gardening with chickens : plans and plants for you and your hens
Steele, Lisa, 1965- author.
Crochet style : over 30 trendy, classic and sporty accessories for all ages
Dougherty, Jennifer.
Planet Hulk : warzones
Humphries, Sam, author.
Moon knight. Vol. 3, In the night
Bunn, Cullen, author.
The Black Panther : Panther's rage. Volume 1, 1966-1976
Fatale. Book five, Curse the demon
Brubaker, Ed, author.
Fatale. Book Four, Pray for rain
Brubaker, Ed, author.
Fatale. Book three, West of Hell
Brubaker, Ed, author.
The discipline. Volume 1. The seduction
Milligan, Peter, author.
I modify IKEA : furnishings from everyone's favorite store, customized for your home
Major, Elyse, author.
Spectrum 23 : the best in contemporary fantastic art
Art deco : living with the Art Deco style
Miller, Judith, 1951- author.
Coming of age at the end of nature : a generation faces living on a changed planet
Catching homelessness : a nurse's story of falling through the safety net
Ensign, Josephine, author.
Showtime at the ministry of lost causes
Dumesnil, Cheryl, author.
Damn fine cherry pie : the unauthorized cookbook inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks
Bowden, Lindsey.
Paying freedom's price : a history of African Americans in the Civil War
Escott, Paul D., 1947- author.
The pit bull life : a dog lover's companion
Franklin, Deirdre, author.
Collected nonfiction : selections from the memoirs and travel writings . volume 2
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910, author.
Pirate utopia
Sterling, Bruce, author.
Slave hunt
Rock, J. A., author.
Bestiary : poems
Kelly, Donika, author.
The 7 habits of highly effective people : powerful lessons in personal change
Covey, Stephen R.
Rethinking positive thinking : inside the new science of motivation
Oettingen, Gabriele, author.
The coaching habit : say less, ask more & change the way you lead forever
Bungay Stanier, Michael, 1967- author.
Of fire and stars
Coulthurst, Audrey, author.
Dying for Christmas
Cohen, Tammy, 1963- author.
Pilgrimage : my search for the real Pope Francis
Shriver, Mark K. (Mark Kennedy), 1964- author.
Collected essays on evolution, nature, and the cosmos. volume one
Eiseley, Loren C., 1907-1977.
Paths to happiness : 50 ways to add joy to your life every day
Hoffman, Edward, 1951- author.
Gone with the gin : cocktails with a Hollywood twist
Federle, Tim, author.
The elephants in my backyard : a memoir
Surendra, Rajiv, author.
Out in the rural : a Mississippi health center and its war on poverty
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Victoria the queen : an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire
Baird, Julia (Julia Woodlands), author.
Haunted : on ghosts, witches, vampires, zombies, and other monsters of the natural and supernatural worlds
Braudy, Leo, author.
Trial of Roger Casement
Doran, Fionnuala, 1984-
Pretty knitted hands : mittens & wrist warmers for all seasons
Falk, Clara, author.
The diary of a teenage girl : an account in words and pictures
Gloeckner, Phoebe, author.
Crazy is the new normal
Tomorrow, Tom, 1961- author.
The Short Stack cookbook : ingredients that speak volumes
Fauchald, Nick, author.
Knock 'em dead resumes : a killer resume gets more job interviews!
Yate, Martin John, author.
The world of Edena
Moebius, 1938-2012, author, illustrator.
Colored travelers : mobility and the fight for citizenship before the Civil War
Pryor, Elizabeth Stordeur, author.
When we rise : my life in the movement
Jones, Cleve, author.
Counter jihad : America's military experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
Williams, Brian Glyn, author.
Beard science
Reid, Penny.
Grin & beard it
Reid, Penny.
Dawn of infamy : a sunken ship, a vanished crew, and the final mystery of Pearl Harbor
Harding, Stephen, 1952- author.
Our solar system
Roop, Peter, author.
My first book of animal opposites
Dalglish, David, author.
Grape, olive, pig : deep travels through Spain's food culture
Goulding, Matt, author.
The fish market : inside the big money battle for the ocean and your dinner plate
Van der Voo, Lee, author.
North Korea's hidden revolution : how the information underground is transforming a closed society
Baek, Jieun, author.
America's bicycle route : the story of the Transamerica Bicycle Trail
Mccoy, Michael.
Selected poems 1968-2014
Muldoon, Paul, author.
Azumanga Daioh omnibus
Azuma, Kiyohiko. author, artist.
Kuma Miko : girl meets bear. Volume 1
Yoshimoto, Masume, author, illustrator.
Haikyu!! 5, Inter-High begins!
Furudate, Haruichi, 1983- author, illustrator.
Food wars! Shokugeki no soma. Volume 4, Resemblances
Tsukuda, Yuto, 1989- author.
The Marches : a borderland journey between England and Scotland
Stewart, Rory, author.
The spy : a novel
Coelho, Paulo, author.
The keys
DJ Khaled.
Fate of flames
Raughley, Sarah, author.
The brain warrior's way : ignite your energy and focus, attack illness and aging, transform pain into purpose
Amen, Daniel G.
Istanbul : city of majesty at the crossroads of the world
Madden, Thomas F., author.
Apes and Angels
Bova, Ben, 1932- author.
The Daily show (the book) : an oral history as told by Jon Stewart, the correspondents, staff and guests
Smith, Chris, author.
The Mayakovsky tapes : a novel
Littell, Robert, 1935- author.
Harris, Robert, 1957- author.
I'll take you there : a novel
Lamb, Wally, author.
Moonglow : a novel
Chabon, Michael, author.
Deadman wonderland. Volume 11
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 9
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 4
Kataoka, Jinsei, writer, artist.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 1
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 5
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, artist.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 6
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 7
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 10
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 8
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 12
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman wonderland. Volume 2
Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.
Deadman Wonderland. 13
Kataoka, Jinsei, author.
Deadman Wonderland. Volume 3
Kataoka, Jinsei, author.
Weird but true! 8 : 300 outrageous facts.
The home-alone kitten
Nolan, Tina, author.
The unwanted puppy
Nolan, Tina, author.
Cross the line
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Beautiful burn
McGuire, Jamie, author.
The lies of Locke Lamora
Lynch, Scott, 1978- author.
The great impersonation
Oppenheim, E. Phillips (Edward Phillips), 1866-1946, author.
The sobbing school
Bennett, Joshua (Poet)
The lost daughter
Ferrante, Elena.
Ruler of the night
Morrell, David, 1943- author.
The next one will kill you : an Angus Green novel
Plakcy, Neil S. (Neil Steven), author.
Ella, Sara, author.
Please do not disturb
Glancy, Robert, author.
Wild things
Colbert, Jaimee Wriston, 1951- author.
Lucy and Linh
Pung, Alice, author.
Braxton-Smith, Ananda, author.
The Calorium wars : an extravaganza of the gilded age
O'Flaherty, Dennis, author.
Eve of chaos
Day, S. J. (Sylvia J.)
The art of holding on and letting go
Lenz, Kristin Bartley, author.
The burning light
Beaulieu, Bradley P., author.
A Very Pukka Murder
Gaind, Arjun, author.
Courting death : a novel
Heald, Paul J., 1959- author.
Welcome to the monkey house : a collection of short works
Vonnegut, Kurt.
A beautiful funeral
McGuire, Jamie, author.
The dispossessed : a novel
Borbély, Szilárd, 1964-2014, author.
Murder underground
Hay, Mavis Doriel, 1894-1979, author.
Deadly dog days
Blair, Jamie M., author.
A matter of honor : Pearl Harbor : betrayal, blame, and a family's quest for justice
Summers, Anthony, author.
The platinum age of television : from I love Lucy to The walking dead, how TV became terrific
Bianculli, David, author.
Fantastic beasts and where to find them : the original screenplay
Rowling, J. K, author.
Food anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of our edible world
Rothman, Julia, author.
Treasure palaces : great writers visit great museums
Ending the parent-teen control battle : resolve the power struggle and build trust, responsibility, and respect
Brown, Neil D., author.
Medical medium life-changing foods : save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits and vegetables
William, Anthony.
Encyclopedia of herbal medicine
Chevallier, Andrew, author.
Great city maps : [a historical journey through maps, plans, and paintings].
Rock gardening : reimagining a classic style
Tychonievich, Joseph, author.
Coast range : a collection from the Pacific edge
Neely, Nick, author.
The murderous history of Bible translations : power, conflict and the quest for meaning
Freedman, Harry, author.
In bed with the billionaire
Ashenden, Jackie, author.
Left at the altar
Brownley, Margaret.
Nourishing meals : 365 whole foods, allergy-free recipes for healing your family one meal at a time
Segersten, Alissa, author.
Easy Fair Isle knitting : 27 projects with a modern twist
Storey, Martin, 1958- author.
Queer : a graphic history
Barker, Meg John, 1974- author.
How to draw sci-fi utopias and dystopias : create the futuristic humans, aliens, robots, vehicles, and cities of your dreams and nightmares
Rollins, Prentis, author.
Getting your specialty food product onto store shelves : the ultimate wholesale how-to guide for artisan food companies
Lewis, Jennifer (Chef), author.
Smashed, mashed, boiled, and baked-and fried, too! : a celebration of potatoes in 75 irresistible recipes
Iyer, Raghavan, 1961- author.
Understanding the NICU : what parents of preemies and other hospitalized newborns need to know
Chibok Girls : The Boko Haram Kidnappings and Islamic Militancy in Nigeria
Habila, Helon, 1967- author.
The recovering spender : how to live a happy, fulfilled, debt-free life
Greutman, Lauren, author.
American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America
This way madness lies : the asylum and beyond
Jay, Mike, 1959 December 14- author, curator.
No quarter : the three lives of Jimmy Page
Power, Martin, author.
Kathy Griffin's celebrity run-ins : my A-Z index
Griffin, Kathy, 1960- author.
Same family, different colors : confronting colorism in America's diverse families
Tharps, Lori L., author.
Hi, anxiety : life with a bad case of nerves
Kinsman, Kat, 1972-
Rowdy : the Roddy Piper story
Toombs, Ariel Teal, author.
Thank you for being late : an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations
Friedman, Thomas L., author.
A radical faith : the assassination of Sister Maura
Markey, Eileen, author.
Truth or beard
Reid, Penny, author.
The history of rock & roll. Volume 1, 1920-1963
Ward, Ed, 1948- author.
Democracy for hire : a history of American political consulting
Johnson, Dennis W., author.
An extraordinary time : the end of the postwar boom and the return of the ordinary economy
Levinson, Marc, author.
Fighting blind : a Green Beret's story of extraordinary courage
Castro, Iván, 1967- author.
Schools around the world
Lewis, Clare, 1976-
Tales from a not-so-friendly frenemy
Russell, Rachel Renée, author.
Long, Ethan, author, illustrator.
Andy & Sandy and the first snow
DePaola, Tomie, 1934- author, illustrator.
Moose, goose, animals on the loose! : a Canadian wildlife ABC
Valério, Geraldo, 1970- author, illustrator.
The U.S. Constitution
Lüsted, Marcia Amidon, author.
Serena Williams
Porter, Esther.
Cinderstella : a tale of planets not princes
Miles, Brenda, author.
Carriger, Gail
Serenity: Those Left Behind
Whedon, Joss
The ninety-ninth floor
Ḥasan, Janá Fawwāz, author.
City on edge : a novel
Pintoff, Stefanie, author.
Victoria : a novel
Goodwin, Daisy, author.
Budhos, Marina Tamar, author.
Transoceanic lights : a novel
Li, S., 1984- author.
Bone and bread
Nawaz, Saleema, 1979-
The Bob Watson : a novel
Bardsley, Greg, author.
Superficial : more adventures from the Andy Cohen diaries
Cohen, Andy, 1968- author.
Rethink : the surprising history of new ideas
Poole, Steven, 1972- author.
Last girl before freeway : the life, loves, losses, and liberation of Joan Rivers
Bennetts, Leslie, 1949- author.
They can't kill us all : Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement
Lowery, Wesley, author.
The unnatural world : the race to remake civilization in Earth's newest age
Biello, David, author.
Lucky bastard : my life, my dad, and the things I'm not allowed to say on TV
Buck, Joe.
Robertson, Robbie.
Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Clare, Cassandra.
The power of love : connecting to the oneness
Van Praagh, James, author.
Moyer, Jenny, author.
Walking on sunshine : 52 small steps to happiness
Kelly, Rachel (Journalist), author.
This adventure ends
Mills, Emma, 1989- author.
Louise Nevelson : light and shadow
Wilson, Laurie, author.
The untold story of the talking book
Rubery, Matthew, author.
Life is funny
Frank, E. R., author.
Beyond Earth : our path to a new home in the planets
Wohlforth, Charles P.
Star Wars, catalyst : a Rogue One novel
Luceno, James, 1947- author.
Time of the twins
Jenner, Kendall Nicole, 1995- author.
Twenty-six seconds : a personal history of the Zapruder film
Zapruder, Alexandra, author.
Mastering the art of Japanese home cooking
Morimoto, Masaharu, 1955- author.
The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook : entertaining for absolutely every occasion
Moskowitz, Isa Chandra.
Golden : sweet & savory baked delights from the ovens of London's Honey & Co.
Packer, Sarit, author.
Dark fissures
Coyle, Matt.
The thunder before the storm : the autobiography of Clyde Bellecourt
Bellecourt, Clyde H. (Clyde Howard), 1936- author.
Set the boy free : the autobiography
Marr, Johnny, author.
Just getting started
Bennett, Tony, 1926- author.
Wonderland : how play made the modern world
Johnson, Steven, 1968- author.
I loved her in the movies : memories of Hollywood's legendary actresses
Wagner, Robert, 1930- author.
Finnegan, Erin (Novelist)
Wicked weeds : a novel
Cabiya, Pedro, 1971- author.
Hood love : a thug's destiny
Johnson, Shantel.
Extreme makeover : apocalypse edition
Wells, Dan, 1977- author.
Absolutely on music : conversations
Ozawa, Seiji, 1935-
This is our story
Elston, Ashley, author.
My sister Rosa
Larbalestier, Justine, author.
This house is mine
Hansen, Dörte, 1964- author.
Brothers at arms : American independence and the men of France and Spain who saved it
Ferreiro, Larrie D., author.
Forever painless : end chronic pain and reclaim your life in 30 minutes a day
Esmonde-White, Miranda, author.
Shusterman, Neal, author.
The nerdy and the dirty
Gottfred, B. T.
Dead or alive
McCoy, Ken, 1940-
Grace : a Willie Black mystery
Owen, Howard, 1949- author.
The gun room
Harding, Georgina, 1955- author.
Butter : a rich history
Khosrova, Elaine, author.
Bellevue : three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America's most storied hospital
Oshinsky, David M., 1944- author.
The coveteur : private spaces, personal style
Mark, Stephanie, author.
Trish Trash : rollergirl of Mars. 1
Abel, Jessica.
The abridged history of rainfall
Hopler, Jay, 1970- author.
Courting death : the Supreme Court and capital punishment
Steiker, Carol S. (Carol Susan), author.
Desolation Flats
Hunt, Andrew E., 1968- author.
Commotion of the birds : new poems
Ashbery, John, 1927- author.
Return to Umbria
Wagner, David P., author.
Born a crime : stories from a South African childhood
Noah, Trevor, 1984- author.
Forever words : the unknown poems
Cash, Johnny, author.
The social organism : a radical understanding of social media to transform your business and life
Luckett, Oliver, author.
The mistletoe secret : a novel
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
Payoff : the hidden logic that shapes our motivations
Ariely, Dan.
After the cheering stops : an NFL wife's story of concussions, loss, and the faith that saw her through
Feasel, Cyndy, author.
Beethoven's skull : dark, strange, and fascinating tales from the world of classical music and beyond
Rayborn, Tim, 1968- author.
The grain brain whole life plan : boost brain performance, lose weight, and achieve optimal health
Perlmutter, David, 1954- author.
Scrappy little nobody
Kendrick, Anna, author.
Getting risk right : understanding the science of elusive health risks
Kabat, Geoffrey C., author.
Ray & Joan : the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away
Napoli, Lisa, 1963- author.
Writing to save a life : the Louis Till file
Wideman, John Edgar, author.
Assassination generation : video games, aggression, and the psychology of killing
Grossman, Dave, author.
The authentic garden : naturalistic and contemporary landscape design
Hartlage, Richard, author.
Chaos A Scarpetta Novel
Cornwell, Patricia.
Georgia free persons of color
Ports, Michael A. Writer on genealogy, transcriber.
History of Rockland County, New York
In grateful remembrance : celebrating 150 years
St. Peter's United Church of Christ
American Victorian architecture : a survey of the 70's and 80's in contemporary photographs
German census records 1816-1916 : the when, where, and how of a valuable genealogical resource
Minert, Roger P. (Roger Phillip), 1952- author.
Favorite Recipes
A.O.R.N. of East Central Illinois
Food for the Soul and Body
Holy Cross Church (Champaign, Ill.)
Old Fashioned Cookbook
Fisher United Methodist Church (Fisher, Ill.)
A voice in the night
Camilleri, Andrea, author.
Schlump : tales and adventures from the life of the anonymous soldier Emil Schulz, known as "Schlump", narrated by himself
Grimm, Hans Herbert, 1896-1950, author.
Settle for more
Kelly, Megyn, author.
Turbo twenty-three : a Stephanie Plum novel
Evanovich, Janet. author.
Odessa sea : a Dirk Pitt adventure
Cussler, Clive, author.
Chaos : a Scarpetta novel
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.
No man's land
Baldacci, David, author.
The sleeping beauty killer
Clark, Mary Higgins, author.
Swing time
Smith, Zadie, author.
Turbo Twenty-Three A Stephanie Plum Novel
Evanovich, Janet.
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
Peck, Richard
The Cakes of Wrath
Brady, Jacklyn
Lackey, Mercedes
A perfect union of contrary things
Jensen, Sarah.
Six scary stories
One toss of the dice : the incredible story of how a poem made us modern
Bloch, R. Howard, author.
Inspired journeys : travel writers in search of the muse
Labyrinths : Emma Jung, her marriage to Carl, and the early years of psychoanalysis
Clay, Catrine, author.
Rune of the Apprentice
Stone, Jamison.
The thieves of Threadneedle Street : the incredible true story of the American forgers who nearly broke the Bank of England
Booth, Nicholas, 1964- author.
Culloden : Scotland's last battle and the forging of the British empire
Royle, Trevor.
The United States of soccer : MLS and the rise of American soccer fandom
West, Phil, author.
Human evolution : our brains and behavior
Dunbar, R. I. M. (Robin Ian MacDonald), 1947- author.
Entanglement : the secret lives of hair
Tarlo, Emma.
My lost poets : a life in poetry
Levine, Philip, 1928-2015, author.
Halo mythos : a guide to the story of Halo
Easterling, Jeff, author.
Florence Nightingale : the courageous life of the legendary nurse
Reef, Catherine, author.
The operative : a San Angeles novel
Brandt, Gerald (Science fiction writer), author.
Clamp, Cathy L.
Die for you
Dominy, Amy Fellner, author.
Blood for blood
Graudin, Ryan.
The best possible answer
Kottaras, E. Katherine, author.
The amateurs
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
Millennium : from religion to revolution : how civilization has changed over a thousand years
Mortimer, Ian, 1967- author.
Sew home : learn design basics, techniques, fabrics & supplies--30+ modern projects to turn a house into your home
Schlosser, Erin, 1982- author.
The secret life of souls
Ketchum, Jack, 1946- author.
A space traveller's guide to the solar system
Thompson, Mark (Astronomer), author.
The mad scientist's daughter
Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983-
Remnants of trust : a Central corps novel
Bonesteel, Elizabeth, author.
The Doulas : radical care for pregnant people
Mahoney, Mary, author.
A black sail : a Coleridge Taylor mystery
Zahradnik, Rich.
Deepest desires of a wicked duke
Page, Sharon, author.
The museum at the end of the world
Metcalf, John, 1938- author.
Animales blancos
Borth, Teddy, author.
Nacho va a la biblioteca
Slegers, Liesbet, author.
Wind River wrangler
McKenna, Lindsay, 1946- author.
Dig me out
Babovic, Jovana, author.
Country music hair
Duvall, Erin.
One with the tiger : sublime and violent encounters between humans and animals
Church, Steven, author.
Another tear
Bee, Traci.
Hood love 2 : a thug's redemption
Johnson, Shantel.
She changed comics : the untold story of the women who changed free expression in comics
Stephens, S. C.
Backroads of paradise : a journey to rediscover old Florida
Salustri, Cathy, author.
Contar de 7 en 7
Sloan, Holly Goldberg, 1958-
Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch
Rowling, J. K.
Loose leaf : plants, flowers, projects, inspiration
Bae, Wona, author.
Dead feminists : historic heroines in living color
O'Leary, Chandler, author, illustrator.
Gin : shake, muddle, stir : over 40 of the best cocktails for serious gin lovers
Jones, Dan (Dan Richard), 1952- author.
Walt Disney's Donald Duck : the ghost sheriff of Last Gasp
Barks, Carl, 1901-2000, author.
David Chelsea's Snow Angel
Chelsea, David, author, illustrator, colorist.
Oddly Normal. Book 3
Frampton, Otis, author, artist.
Adventure time. Volume 10
Hastings, Chris, 1983- author.
Tap, click, read : growing readers in a world of screens
Guernsey, Lisa, author.
Goldie Vance. Volume one
Larson, Hope, creator, author.
Ryan, Jo, author.
Who's hiding?
Braun, Sebastien.
The crayons' book of numbers
Daywalt, Drew.
A hop is up
Dempsey, Kristy.
Baby loves aerospace engineering!
Spiro, Ruth, author.
Baby loves quarks!
Spiro, Ruth, author.
The fisher king : a Jack McBride mystery
Lenhardt, Melissa, author.
The subsidiary
Celedón Pinto, Matías, 1981- author.
Liz's night at the museum
Barkley, Callie, author.
The peppermint princess
Perelman, Helen, author.
From above
McClintock, Norah, author.
Hilda and the stone forest
Pearson, Luke, author, illustrator.
The Lost Property Office
Hannibal, James R, author.
Hawkwing's journey
Hunter, Erin, author.
The forgetting machine
Hautman, Pete, 1952- author.
How to avoid extinction
Acampora, Paul, author.
Monkey and elephant and the babysitting adventure
Schaefer, Carole Lexa, author.
The movie version
Wunsch, Emma, author.
Be good be real be crazy
Philpot, Chelsey, author.
Tempting Texas
Raye, Kimberly.
The legendary lord
Bowman, Valerie, author.
A Christmas bride
Ramsay, Hope, author.
Gang tackle
Howling, Eric, 1956- author.
Beautiful crazy
Lane, Kasey, author.
Jess, Chunk, and the road trip to infinity
Clark, Kristin Elizabeth, author.
Effortless entertaining cookbook : 80 recipes that will impress your guests without stress
Steele, Meredith.
Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee
Thompson, Mary G. (Mary Gloria), 1978- author.
Spill : scenes of black feminist fugitivity
Gumbs, Alexis Pauline, 1982- author.
When your partner has an addiction : how compassion can transform your relationship (and heal you both in the process)
Lawford, Christopher Kennedy, 1955- author.
Don't you trust me?
Kindl, Patrice, author.
The Cat King of Havana
Crosshill, Tom, 1985- author.
Bounce : a novel
Shull, Megan, author.
One was lost
Richards, Natalie D., author.
Anderson, Laurie Halse.
After atlas : a Planetfall novel
Newman, Emma, 1976- author.
The stone man mysteries. 1, Stone cold
Yolen, Jane, author.
Whole cooking & nutrition : an everyday superfoods approach to planning, cooking, and eating with diabetes
Cavuto, Katie, author.
Crochet to calm : stitch and de-stress with 18 simple crochet patterns
My beer year : adventures with hop farmers, craft brewers, chefs, beer sommeliers, and fanatical drinkers as a beer master in training
Burningham, Lucy, author.
Roveto, Vanessa, author.
Nightmares : a new decade of modern horror
Make peace with your mind : how mindfulness and compassion can free you from your inner critic
Coleman, Mark, 1965- author.
Complete Madame Realism and other stories
Tillman, Lynne.
Mind over money : the psychology of money and how to use it
Hammond, Claudia, author.
The holidays
MacDonald, Mike, author.
But my family would never eat vegan! : 125 recipes to win everyone over
Turner, Kristy, author.
Mondrup, Iben, 1969- author.
Memoirs of a polar bear
Tawada, Yōko, 1960- author.
The man who wanted to know everything : a novel
Mishani, Dror, author.
Sweetness : Southern recipes to celebrate the warmth, the love, and the blessings of a full life
Jordan, Christy, author.
Archangel's Heart
Singh, Nalini
The Gallery
Fitzgerald, Laura Marx
The Stonekeeper
Kibuishi, Kazu
The Night Watch
Waters, Sarah
A recipe for cooking
Peternell, Cal, author.
Gauld, Tom, author, artist.
The Oxford illustrated history of modern China
JFK and the masculine mystique : sex and power on the New Frontier
Watts, Steven, 1952- author.
Under the midnight sun
Higashino, Keigo, 1958- author.
Suggestible you : the curious science of your brain's ability to deceive, transform, and heal
Vance, Erik, author.
The chemist : a novel
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- author.
Artist's painting techniques
The revenge of analog : real things and why they matter
Sax, David, author.
A death in the islands : the unwritten law and the last trial of Clarence Darrow
Farris, Michael P., 1951- author.
The trials of the King of Hampshire : madness, secrecy and betrayal in Georgian England
Foyster, Elizabeth A., 1968- author.
And the trees crept in
Kurtagich, Dawn, author.
The Friendship fairy
Provins, Amanda, author.
The king of the birds
Macam, Acree Graham, author.
The very fluffy kitty, Papillon
Kang, A. N., author.
Elena and the secret of Avalor
Gerber, Craig, author.
Babies don't walk, they ride!
Henderson, Kathy, 1949- author.
Baxter turns down his buzz : a story for little kids about ADHD
Foley, James M., 1947-
Lucy and Lila
Fletcher, Alison, author.
Bartholomew Quill : a crow's quest to know who's who
Hanson, Thor, author.
Ancient skies, ancient trees
Moon, Beth, photographer.
Against empathy : the case for rational compassion
Bloom, Paul, 1963- author.
So, you want to be a coder? : the ultimate guide to a career in programming, video game creation, robotics, and more!
Bedell, J. M. (Jane M.), author.
The knife slipped
Gardner, Erle Stanley, 1889-1970, author.
The private lives of the Tudors : uncovering the secrets of Britain's greatest dynasty
Borman, Tracy, author.
I am Doctor Strange
Busse, R. R., author.
A furry fiasco
Jacobs, Paul DuBois, author.
Pallas the pal
Holub, Joan, author.
Everything you need you have : how to be at home in your self
Kite, Gerad, author.
Gwynne, John, 1968-
Gods and angels
Park, David, 1953- author.
Escape to Havana : a foreign affairs mystery
Wilkshire, Nick, 1968- author.
Ladybug Girl gives thanks
Soman, David, author, illustrator.
Thomas' railway friends.
Curious George dragon dance
Nuchi, Adah, author.
Snoopy for president!
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000.
Frommer's easyguide to Las Vegas 2017
Bascos, Grace, author.
The shady tree
Demi, author, illustrator.
Canada year by year
MacLeod, Elizabeth, author.
Giving thanks : more than 100 ways to say thank you
Surrey, Ellen, author, illustrator.
Little kids first big book of birds
Hughes, Catherine D., author.
Ada's ideas : the story of Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer
Robinson, Fiona.
Why am I here?
Ørbeck-Nilssen, Constance, 1954-
School freezes over!
Chabert, Jack, author.
Thea Stilton and the Madagascar madness
Stilton, Thea, author.
A long December
Chizmar, Richard T., author.
Storm rising
Schofield, Douglas, author.
Scurvy : the disease of discovery
Lamb, Jonathan, 1945- author.
Nasty cutter : a Raymond Donne mystery
O'Mara, Tim, author.
How to survive in the North
Healy, Luke, author, artist.
The black guard
Smith, A. J., author.
Quick off the mark : an Alex Quick mystery
Moody, Susan, author.
The murder book : a Henry Johnstone mystery
Adams, Jane, 1960- author.
Death notes : a Phineas Fox mystery
Rayne, Sarah, author.
The heretic's creed
Buckley, Fiona, author.
Ancient aliens : the official companion book
The great Latin American novel
Fuentes, Carlos, author.
Final solution : the fate of the Jews 1933-1949
Cesarani, David, author.
Adnan, Etel, author.
Arcanum unbounded : the Cosmere collection
Sanderson, Brandon, author.
The Scottish duke
Ranney, Karen, author.
Leading the unleadable : how to manage mavericks, cynics, divas and other difficult people
Willett, Alan, author.
Nature's temples : the complex world of old-growth forests
Maloof, Joan, 1956- author.
Grandmother fish : a child's first book of evolution
Tweet, Jonathan, author.
Better baking : wholesome ingredients, delicious desserts
Ko, Genevieve, author.
Rudge, Leila, author, illustrator.
Pet in peril
Celine, Marie, 1955- author.
Blackberry juice
Cassidy, Sara, author.
Subway train adventure
Fenner, Julie, author.
Hand in hand
Wells, Rosemary, author, illustrator.
The Vanilla Bean baking book : recipes for irresistible everyday favorites and reinvented classics
Kieffer, Sarah, author.
Amelia Bedelia takes the cake
Parish, Herman, author.