New Books

Murder on the Quai Murder on the Quai
Black, Cara, 1951- author.
The far empty The far empty
Scott, J. Todd, author.
Straw man : a Jack McMorrow mystery Straw man : a Jack McMorrow mystery
Boyle, Gerry, 1956- author.
The many selves of Katherine North The many selves of Katherine North
Geen, Emma.
This is your brain on parasites : how tiny creatures manipulate our behavior and shape society This is your brain on parasites : how tiny creatures manipulate our behavior and shape society
McAuliffe, Kathleen, author.
Tom Clancy duty and honor Tom Clancy duty and honor
Blackwood, Grant, author.
Sea Rose Lane : a Hope Harbor novel Sea Rose Lane : a Hope Harbor novel
Hannon, Irene, author.
Liar liar : a Detective Helen Grace thriller Liar liar : a Detective Helen Grace thriller
Arlidge, M. J., author.
Under the harrow Under the harrow
Berry, Flynn, 1986- author.
Last call at the nightshade lounge : a novel of magic and mixology Last call at the nightshade lounge : a novel of magic and mixology
Krueger, Paul, author.
Radio girls Radio girls
Stratford, Sarah Jane, author.
The girl from the Savoy The girl from the Savoy
Gaynor, Hazel, author.
Grief is the thing with feathers : a novel Grief is the thing with feathers : a novel
Porter, Max, author.
P : poverty, prison, positive P : poverty, prison, positive
Leonard, Rachel I., author.
Stealing people Stealing people
Wilson, Robert, 1957- author.
Romeo and/or Juliet : a chooseable-path adventure Romeo and/or Juliet : a chooseable-path adventure
North, Ryan, 1980- author.
Chimpanzees for tea! Chimpanzees for tea!
Empson, Jo, author, illustrator.
Hensel and Gretel, ninja chicks Hensel and Gretel, ninja chicks
Schwartz, Corey Rosen, author.
The moon The moon's almost here
MacLachlan, Patricia, author.
Warning! : do not touch! Warning! : do not touch!
Warnes, Tim, author, illustrator.
Bedtime blessing Bedtime blessing
Davies, Becky, author.
Boy dumplings : a tasty Chinese tale Boy dumplings : a tasty Chinese tale
Compestine, Ying Chang.
ABC Passover hunt ABC Passover hunt
Balsley, Tilda.
Mom, dad, our books, and me Mom, dad, our books, and me
Marcotte, Danielle.
Little Lola saves the show Little Lola saves the show
Saab, Julie.
I love cake! : starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose I love cake! : starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose
Sauer, Tammi, author.
Over the ocean Over the ocean
Gomi, Tarō, author, illustrator.
A fairy friend A fairy friend
Fliess, Sue, author.
The story of noodles The story of noodles
Compestine, Ying Chang.
The story of chopsticks The story of chopsticks
Compestine, Ying Chang.
The story of kites The story of kites
Compestine, Ying Chang.
My dad at the zoo My dad at the zoo
Saudo, Coralie, author.
1 big salad 1 big salad
Medina, Juana, 1980- author, illustrator.
Superhero instruction manual Superhero instruction manual
Dempsey, Kristy, author.
Samanthasaurus rex Samanthasaurus rex
Mandell, B. B., author.
Our love grows Our love grows
Pignataro, Anna, 1965- author.
A sinful calling A sinful calling
Roby, Kimberla Lawson, author.
By the numbers By the numbers
Lancaster, Jen, 1967- author.
Hare and Tortoise Hare and Tortoise
Murray, Alison (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
The pursuit The pursuit
Evanovich, Janet, author.
The History of Fayette County, Tennessee, 1986.
Belmont County history, 1988.
History of Marshall County, West Virginia, 1984.
Marshall County Historical Society
The Fortineux-Fortinet family : Fortney, Fortna, Fordney, Furtney in America
Fortney-Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc.
Saline County, a century of history, 1847-1947
The History of Carroll Township (Vermilion County, Illinois) : in honor of Indianola's Sesquicentennial, 1836-1986.
Indianola History Book Committee
The Huntington family in America. Second supplement to the genealogical memoir of 1915
History of Carroll County, Missouri : carefully written and compiled from the most authentic official and private sources, including a history of its townships, cities, towns and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri ; the Constitution o
Saint Louis : Missouri Historical Company
John Cusick of Jefferson and Harrison counties, Ohio : early 1800's and his descendants
Komar, Linda Gail.
From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America From the war on poverty to the war on crime : the making of mass incarceration in America
Hinton, Elizabeth Kai, 1983- author.
Tristimania : a diary of manic depression
Griffiths, Jay, author.
Under the stars : how America fell in love with camping
White, Dan, 1967-
An armadillo in New York
Kraulis, Julie, author, illustrator.
Rosie the raven
Bansch, Helga, author illustrator.
Princess! Fairy! Ballerina!
Murguia, Bethanie Deeney, author, illustrator.
The not-so-faraway adventure
Larsen, Andrew, 1960- author.
Atteberry, Kevan, author, illustrator.
The best days are dog days
Meshon, Aaron.
Lomp, Stephan, author, illustrator.
One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree
Bernstrom, Daniel, author.
They may not mean to, but they do
Schine, Cathleen, author.
Barkskins : a novel
Proulx, Annie.
The ringmaster's wife
Cambron, Kristy, author.
Dark horse : an Eddy Harkness novel
Flynn, Rory, 1961- author.
The edge of the fall
Williams, Kate, 1974- author.
The invention of Russia : from Gorbachev's freedom to Putin's war
Ostrovsky, Arkady, 1971-
To protect and serve : how to fix America's police
Stamper, Norm, author.
Everybody behaves badly : the true story behind Hemingway's masterpiece The Sun Also Rises
Blume, Lesley M. M., author.
Is you okay?
Green, GloZell, 1972-
If I forget you
Greene, Thomas Christopher, 1968- author.
Security : a novel
Wohlsdorf, Gina.
Trail of echoes
Hall, Rachel Howzell, author.
Death comes for the deconstructionist : a novel
Taylor, Daniel, 1948- author.
Murder, by George : a Veronica Walsh mystery
Quigley, Jeanne, author.
The inevitable : understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future
Kelly, Kevin, 1952- author.
Couture confessions : fashion legends in their own words
Golbin, Pamela, 1970-
Death in the mind
Lockridge, Richard, 1898-1982.
Marrow Island
Smith, Alexis M., author.
We're all damaged
Norman, Matthew, author.
New England bound : slavery and colonization in early America
Warren, Wendy (Professor of history)
Love, sex and other foreign policy goals
Armstrong, Jesse, author.
Monsters : a love story
Kay, Liz, author.
Geye, Peter.
I'm just a person
Notaro, Tig, author.
Ordinarily well : the case for antidepressants
Kramer, Peter D., author.
The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan
Leamer, Laurence, author.
Outlander kitchen : the official Outlander companion cookbook
Carle-Sanders, Theresa, author.
Diane Arbus : portrait of a photographer
Lubow, Arthur, author.
The girls in the garden : a novel
Jewell, Lisa, author.
The woman who says no : François Gilot on her life with and without Picasso : rebel, muse, artist
Herwig, Malte Christian Walter, 1972-
What we become : a novel
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo, author.
Born of legend
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
Life moves pretty fast : the lessons we learned from eighties movies (and why we don't learn them from movies anymore)
Freeman, Hadley.
Liberty's last stand
Coonts, Stephen, 1946- author.
White rage : the unspoken truth of our racial divide
Anderson, Carol (Carol Elaine)
My voice
Martinez, Angie, 1971- author.
Garden revolution : how our landscapes can be a source of environmental change
Weaner, Larry, author.
The extra
Yehoshua, Abraham B., author.
Hell's gate
Schutt, Bill, author.
The house of hidden mothers
Syal, Meera, author.
Descender. Book two: Machine moon
Lemire, Jeff, author.
A la carte : selected papers on maps and atlases
Doing oral history
Ritchie, Donald A., 1945-
Gálvez : Spain-- our forgotten ally in the American revolutionary war : a concise summary of Spain's assistance
Butler, Edward F., 1937- author.
Marvin Martin, sculptor : the development of an artist during the Great Depression era and beyond : Kansas City Art Institute, Denver, and Illinois
Martin, Glen A.
The Gasser-Rottet Family
Williams, Iola A.
An American family: a collection of Nicholson family letters and memorabilia
Hammes, Norma, compiler
Genealogy online
Crowe, Elizabeth Powell.
Escape through jungle of a female pharmacy student: from Hanoi to Saigon, 1958
Tô, Bạch Tuyết, author.
Sketches and chronicles of the town of Litchfield, Connecticut : historical, biographical, and statistical : together with a complete official register of the town
Kilbourne, Payne Kenyon, 1815-1859.
White slave children of colonial Maryland and Virginia : birth and shipping records
Phillips, Richard Hayes.
Litchfield and Morris inscriptions : a record of inscriptions upon the tombstones in the towns of Litchfield and Morris, Ct.
Payne, Charles Thomas.
Mexican genealogy research online : a guide to help you discover your ancestry
Garza, Moises, author.
The surnames of North West Ireland : concise histories of the major surnames of Gaelic and planter origin
Mitchell, Brian, 1957-
Pen to paper : artists' handwritten letters from the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art
Archives of American Art, author.
Slothlove : an inspiring and intimate visual journey into the world of sloths / by Sam Trull.
Trull, Sam, author.
Recording unhinged : creative and unconventional music recording techniques
Massy, Sylvia.
Indeh : a story of the Apache wars
Hawke, Ethan, 1970- author.
The Star trek book
Ruditis, Paul. author.
Coyote America : a natural and supernatural history
Flores, Dan L. (Dan Louie), 1948- author.
Islam evolving : radicalism, reformation, and the uneasy relationship with the secular West
Edis, Taner, 1967- author.
The butler's child : an autobiography
Steel, Lewis M., 1937- author.
Brilliance and fire : a biography of diamonds
Bergstein, Rachelle, author.
The maximum security book club : reading literature in a men's prison
Brottman, Mikita, 1966- author.
Greetings from Utopia Park : surviving a transcendent childhood
Hoffman, Claire, author.
Every little step : my story
Brown, Bobby (Vocalist), author.
Jackie Robinson : an integrated life
Schutz, J. Christopher.
Spiral : trapped in the forever war
Danner, Mark, 1958- author.
Track changes : a literary history of word processing
Kirschenbaum, Matthew G., author.
The mistresses of Cliveden : three centuries of scandal, power, and intrigue in an English stately home
Livingstone, Natalie.
The farmers market cookbook : the ultimate guide to enjoying fresh, local, seasonal produce
Shanks, Julia, author.
DIY garden projects : easy activities for edible gardening and backyard fun
Pember, Mat, author.
How to ruin everything : essays
Watsky, 1986- author.
Girl code : unlocking the secrets to success, sanity, and happiness for the female entrepreneur
Leyba, Cara Alwill, author.
Cigarette girl
Matsumoto, Masahiko, 1934-2005, author, illustrator.
Delicious dump cakes : 50 super simple desserts to make in 15 minutes or less
Wyss, Roxanne, author.
Eat it up! : 150 recipes to use every bit and enjoy every bite of the food you buy
Vinton, Sherri Brooks, 1968- author.
The geek feminist revolution
Hurley, Kameron, author.
Everything explained that is explainable : on the creation of the Encyclopedia Britannica's celebrated eleventh edition, 1910-1911
Boyles, Denis.
Hot dog taste test
Hanawalt, Lisa, author, illustrator.
An anecdoted topography of chance
Spoerri, Daniel, 1930- author.
A super upsetting cookbook about sandwiches
Kord, Tyler, author.
Why you love music : from Mozart to Metallica : the emotional power of beautiful sounds
Powell, John, 1955-
Back to the kitchen : 75 delicious, real recipes (& true stories) from a food-obsessed actor
Prinze, Freddie, Jr.
Meat on the side : delicious vegetable-focused recipes for every day
Dinki, Nikki, author.
Kfood : Korean home cooking and street food
West, Da-hae, author.
I hate fairyland. Volume 1, Madly ever after
Young, Skottie, author.
À la mode : 120 recipes in 60 pairings : pies, tarts, cakes, crisps, and more topped with ice cream, gelato, frozen custard, and more
Weinstein, Bruce, 1960- author.
Dresden carnival : 16 modern quilt projects, innovative designs
Gallian, Marian B. (Marian Barbara), 1946- author.
The green guide to low-impact hiking and camping
Waterman, Laura, author.
Social Security handbook : overview of Social Security programs, 2016.
Otto Binder : the life and work of a comic book and science fiction visionary
Schelly, William, 1951- author.
Stitching in the stacks : librarian-inspired knits
Falling : a daughter, a father, and a journey back
Cooper, Elisha.
Magic and loss : the Internet as art
Heffernan, Virginia, author.
Stories from the heartland
Armstrong, Max, author
Shanghai grand : forbidden love and international intrigue in a doomed world
Grescoe, Taras.
Collected poems : 1974--2004
Dove, Rita, author.
Commander in chief : FDR's battle with Churchill, 1943
Hamilton, Nigel.
I'm your biggest fan
Coyne, Kate, author.
Lost among the birds : accidentally finding myself in one very big year
Hayward, Neil.
The great invention : the story of GDP and the making and unmaking of the modern world
Masood, Ehsan.
Can you find? an abc book = ¿Puedes hallarlo? abecedario
McKay, Sindy, author.
Angry birds playground : dinosaurs : a prehistoric adventure!
Esbaum, Jill.
What to do when mistakes make you quake : a kid's guide to accepting imperfection
Freeland, Claire A. B.
Weird but true! : ripped from the headlines 3 : real-life stories you have to read to believe.
Bullying is a pain in the brain
Romain, Trevor.
Adventure time. Sugary shorts
The courageous princess. Volume 1, Beyond the hundred kingdoms
Espinosa, Rod, author, artist.
Oxlade, Chris, author.
Oxlade, Chris, author.
Mattern, Joanne, 1963- author.
Ambulances to the rescue around the world
Staniford, Linda.
Police to the rescue around the world
Staniford, Linda, author.
Mattern, Joanne, author.
The water beneath your feet
Lawrence, Ellen, 1967- author.
Wetland food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
As good as gone : a novel
Watson, Larry, 1947- author.
Duppy talk : West Indian tales of mystery and magic
Hausman, Gerald.
Nancy Drew diaries. 7, Doggone town ; Sleight of dan
Petrucha, Stefan, author.
Thea Stilton and the Hollywood hoax
Stilton, Thea, author.
Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the unpleasant penguins from Pluto
Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author.
The secret puppy
Webb, Holly, author.
The lonely lion cub
Cobb, Amelia (Children's author), author.
Media : from news coverage to political advertising
Donovan, Sandra, 1967-
The hour of magic : the eighth adventure in the kingdom of fantasy
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Are crop circles real?
Lassieur, Allison.
Your digital footprint : 12 things you need to know.
Roesler, Jill.
Smart online searching : doing digital research
Lindeen, Mary, author.
Online gaming : 12 things you need to know
Roesler, Jill.
Prairie food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
The ebony duckling
Crump, Fred, Jr., 1931-2005.
Outdoor math : fun activities for every season
AdBåge, Emma, 1982- author, illustrator.
Big book of bugs
Zommer, Yuval, author, illustrator.
Olivia no quiere ir al colegio
Lindo, Elvira, 1962-
Superhero dad
Knapman, Timothy, author.
Five-minute bedtime bible stories
Parker, Amy, 1976- author.
Diana's White House garden
Carbone, Elisa Lynn.
The devils of Cardona
Carr, Matthew, 1955- author.
Field of graves
Ellison, J. T., author.
The long cosmos
Pratchett, Terry, author.
Allegiance of honor
Singh, Nalini, 1977- author.
Here's to us : a novel
Hilderbrand, Elin.
Tears to triumph : the spiritual journey from suffering to enlightenment
Williamson, Marianne, 1952- author.
Sons and daughters of ease and plenty
Ausubel, Ramona, author.
I'm thinking of ending things
Reid, Iain, 1981-
The Tumbling Turner sisters
Fay, Juliette, author.
If you can keep it : the forgotten promise of American liberty
Metaxas, Eric, author.
The girls : a novel
Cline, Emma.
The house of secrets
Meltzer, Brad.
Christmas on my mind
Dailey, Janet, author.
The loose ends list
Firestone, Carrie, author.
That selfie girl
High, Linda Oatman, author.
The second girl
Swinson, David, author.
Forgive me
Palmer, Daniel, 1962-
Timmer, Julie Lawson, author.
A house for happy mothers : a novel
Malladi, Amulya, author.
When we meet again
Harmel, Kristin, author.
Kill devil
Dellosso, Mike.
The gilded years : a novel
Tanabe, Karin, author.
Goodnight, beautiful women : stories
Noyes, Anna, author.
Among strange victims : a novel
Saldaña París, Daniel, 1984- author.
The sisters
Douglas, Claire, author.
The fallout : a novel
Cohen, Tamar, 1963- author.
The good lieutenant
Terrell, Whitney, author.
Hitler, Mussolini, and me : a sort of triography
Davis, Charles, 1960- author.
Not dead enough : a Cal Claxton Oregon mystery
Easley, Warren C., author.
Books of a feather : a bibliophile mystery
Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author.
Every woman's dream
Monroe, Mary, author.
Garden Lakes
Clarke, Jaime, 1971- author.
The reactive : a novel
Ntshanga, Masande, 1986-
Amy Snow : a novel
Rees, Tracy.
The Fifth Avenue Artists Society : a novel
Callaway, Joy, author.
The blobfish book
Olien, Jessica, author, illustrator.
La noche en que tú naciste
Tillman, Nancy, author, artist.
When we were sisters
Richards, Emilie, 1948-
You know me well : a novel
LaCour, Nina, author.
Meet me here
Bliss, Bryan, author.
City of jackals
Bilal, Parker, 1960- author.
Zen city
Fintushel, Eliot.
Doctor Who. The legends of River Song.
Elliot, Kendra, author.
Jazz moon
Okonkwo, Joe, author.
Just one damned thing after another
Taylor, Jodi, author.
Back lash
Knopf, Chris, author.
30 nights
D'Abo, Christine, author.
Doiron, Paul, author.
Primal instinct
Wyatt, Tara.
The crow girl
Sund, Erik Axl, author.
The invisible library
Cogman, Genevieve, author.
League of dragons
Novik, Naomi, author.
Stiletto : a novel
O'Malley, Daniel, author.
Charcoal Joe : an Easy Rawlins mystery
Mosley, Walter, author.
Dishonorable intentions
Woods, Stuart, author.
End of watch : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Foreign agent : a thriller
Thor, Brad, author.
The Cavendon luck
Bradford, Barbara Taylor, 1933- author.
Charlotte : a novel
Foenkinos, David.
Better get to livin'
Kilpatrick, Sally, author.
Some possible solutions : stories
Phillips, Helen, 1983- author.
The fairest of them all
Maxwell, Cathy, author.
Hot in Hellcat Canyon
Long, Julie-Anne.
Eden, Cynthia.
A study in sable
Lackey, Mercedes, author.
The latter days : a memoir
Freeman, Judith, 1946- author.
The art of tough : fearlessly facing politics and life
Boxer, Barbara.
A few right thinking men : a Rowland Sinclair mystery
Gentill, Sulari, author.
738 days
Kade, Stacey.
A dangerous age
Bensimon, Kelly Killoren, author.
Lily and the octopus
Rowley, Steven, 1971-
A beauty refined
Peterson, Tracie.
The art of being normal
Williamson, Lisa, 1980- author.
The Cresswell plot
Wass, Eliza, author.
Black tide rising
The darkest torment
Showalter, Gena, author.
Deception island
Kelly, Brynn, author.
Fan the flames
Ruggle, Katie.
The wicked duke
Hunter, Madeline, author.
At any cost
Baxter, Mandy.
Duke of sin
Hoyt, Elizabeth, 1970-
The beast of Clan Kincaid
Blackwood, Lily, author.
Sea change
Viva, Frank, author, illustrator.
The lost Compass
Ross, Joel N., 1968- author.
Sticks & stones
Mlynowski, Sarah, author.
A clatter of jars
Graff, Lisa (Lisa Colleen), 1981- author.
The Firefly code
Blakemore, Megan Frazer, author.
The mystery of the pirate ship
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
Meet the Little Prince : inspired by the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
The first Easter
Heyer, Carol, 1950- author.
Save me a seat
Weeks, Sarah, author.
Garfield. Volume 8
Evanier, Mark, author.
Dahl, Roald, author.
The end of the world
Rex, Michael.
Space camp
O'Ryan, Ray.
Wonder Woman : Amazon warrior
Korté, Steven, author.
Guardianes de los cristales
Mull, Brandon, 1974- author.
Firefighters to the rescue around the world
Staniford, Linda, author.
Haldy, Emma E., author.
Army Rangers
Slater, Lee, 1969- author.
The quest for the crystal
Howard, Kate, author.
Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1
Caramagna, Joe, adapter.
Adventure time. Vol. 7, The the four castles
Trujillo, Josh, author.
Movement plus : rhymes, songs & singing games : activities for young chiildren
Weikart, Phyllis S., 1931-
Renewable energy : discover the fuel of the future : with 20 projects
Sneideman, Joshua, author.
Pararescue jumpers
Slater, Lee, 1969- author.
Marine Force Recon
Slater, Lee, 1969-
The lost track of time
Britt, Paige, author.
Toilet paper mummy
Rex, Michael.
Lots of knock-knock jokes for kids
Winn, Whee, author.
Diary of an 8-bit warrior
Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction), author.
Ford, Daniel M., 1978-
The Southern vegetable book : a root-to-stalk guide to the South's favorite produce
Lang, Rebecca D., 1976- author.
Threadbare : clothes, sex & trafficking
Moore, Anne Elizabeth, author.
String theory : David Foster Wallace on tennis
Wallace, David Foster, author.
Land : a new paradigm for a thriving world
Adams, Martin, 1979-
Looking good ... every day : style solutions for real women
Nix-Rice, Nancy, author.
Black and white Bible, black and blue wife : my story of finding hope after domestic abuse
Tucker, Ruth, 1945- author.
100 years of tattoos
McComb, David, author.
Sex object : a memoir
Valenti, Jessica, author.
The screaming statue
Oliver, Lauren, 1982- author.
As brave as you
Reynolds, Jason, author.
Clash of the worlds
Columbus, Chris, author.
The secret destiny of Pixie Piper
Fisher, Annabelle, author.
Summer of lost and found
Behrens, Rebecca, author.
Jordan's return
Chase, Samantha, author.
Everywhere and every way
Probst, Jennifer, author.
The knitting all around stitch dictionary : 150 new stitch patterns to knit top down, bottom up, back and forth & in the round
Bernard, Wendy (Wendy Jo), author.
The global guide to divorce
Schuller, Wendi, 1957- author.
But you scared me the most : and other short stories
Manderino, John, author.
The unforgettable joke book
Cunningham, Sean, author.
Ocean of color
Scollon, Bill, author.
Pretentiousness : why it matters
Fox, Dan (Daniel Luke), 1976- author.
Magruder's curiosity cabinet : a novel
Wood, H. P. (Hilary Poole), author.
The divine madness of Philip K. Dick
Arnold, Kyle.
False choices : the faux feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton
Android phones for dummies
Gookin, Dan, author.
Murder comes by mail : a Hidden Springs mystery
Gabhart, Ann H., 1947- author.
Angry Birds : big movie eggstravaganza.
Veil of lies : a medieval noir
Westerson, Jeri.
The confusion
Stephenson, Neal.
Android tablets for dummies
Gookin, Dan, author.
Sketching people : an urban sketcher's manual to drawing figures and faces
Chapman, Lynne, 1960- author.
Archie. Volume one, The new Riverdale
Waid, Mark, 1962- author.
Shakespeare's gardens
Bennett, Jackie, author.
The 100 year miracle
Ream, Ashley, author.
Three little words
Novesky, Amy, author.
The white donkey : terminal lance
Uriarte, Maximilian, author, illustrator.
Dory's story
Scollon, Bill, author.
The all new Ball book of canning and preserving : over 350 of the best canned, jammed, pickled, and preserved recipes.
Kverneland, Steffen, author, illustrator.
Charleston syllabus : readings on race, racism, and racial violence
Mortal fall : a novel of suspense
Carbo, Christine, author.
The one that got away : a novel
Himes, Leigh, author.
Self made : becoming empowered, self-reliant, and rich in every way
Galan, Nely, 1963- author.
The Great revolt
Doherty, P. C.
Sober stick figure : a memoir
Tozer, Amber, author.
Finding Dory
Scollon, Bill, author.
Thoreau : a sublime life
Le Roy, Maximilien, author, colorist.
Agatha : the real life of Agatha Christie
Martinetti, Anne.
Llewellyn's complete book of mindful living : awareness and meditation practices for living in the present moment
Blutch. author, illustrator.
My handmade wedding
Mercer, Marrianne, author.
Wee garter stitch : must-have knits for modern babies and toddlers
Howell, Vickie, author.
Switching to the Mac : the missing manual
Pogue, David, 1963- author.
But what if we're wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past
Klosterman, Chuck, 1972- author.
Misunderstood : why the humble rat may be your best pet ever
Toor, Rachel.
Intelligent conversationalist, the : 31 cheat sheets that will show you how to talk to anyone about anything, anytime
Lloyd Webber, Imogen, author.
This is not my beautiful life : a memoir
Fedden, Victoria, author.
Chancers : addiction, prison, recovery, love: one couple's memoir
Stellin, Susan, author.
The naughty diet : the 10-step plan to eat and cheat your way to the body you want
Milne, Melissa, author.
Forgotten ways for modern days : kitchen cures and household lore for a natural home and garden
Blondel, Rachelle, author.
Haunted destiny
Graham, Heather, author.
Eccentric orbits : the Iridium story
Bloom, John, 1953- author.
The fate of gender : nature, nurture, and the human future
Browning, Frank, 1946- author.
Margaret Truman's deadly medicine : a capital crimes novel
Bain, Donald, 1935- author.
Gyasi, Yaa, author.
I almost forgot about you : a novel
McMillan, Terry, author.
A good month for murder : the inside story of a homicide squad
Wilber, Del Quentin, author.
Kingdoms in the air : dispatches from the far away
Shacochis, Bob, author.
Ink and bone
Unger, Lisa, 1970- author.
The fatherless daughter project : understanding our losses and reclaiming our lives
Babul, Denna D., author.
Islamic exceptionalism : how the struggle over Islam is reshaping the world
Hamid, Shadi, 1983-
In memory of bread : a memoir
Graham, Paul, 1976-
Unselfie : why empathetic kids succeed in our all-about-me world
Borba, Michele, author.
Engineering Eden : the true story of a violent death, a trial, and the fight over controlling nature
Smith, Jordan Fisher.
How God became God : what scholars are really saying about God and the Bible
Smoley, Richard, 1956- author.
The hatred of poetry
Lerner, Ben, 1979- author.
Rich and pretty
Alam, Rumaan, author.
The corners of the globe
Goddard, Robert, author.
What a fish knows : the inner lives of our underwater cousins
Balcombe, Jonathan P.
Hogs wild : selected reporting pieces
Frazier, Ian.
Worry-free living : trading anxiety for peace
Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author.
Die of shame
Billingham, Mark, author.
The Burger Court and the rise of the judicial right
Graetz, Michael J., author.
Alexander Hamilton
Chernow, Ron.
The queue : a novel
ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Basmah, author.
I like you just fine when you're not around
Garvin, Ann Wertz, author.
King, Kathleen Wallace, 1959-
Sister Eve and the Blue Nun
Hinton, Lynne, author.
Rogue justice : the making of the security state
Greenberg, Karen J., author.
The view from the cheap seats : selected nonfiction
Gaiman, Neil, author.
What to expect when you're expecting
Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg, author.
The politicians & the egalitarians : the hidden history of American politics
Wilentz, Sean, author.
Forbidden love in St. Petersburg : a thriller
Ben-Daṿid, Mishḳah, 1952- author.
The battle for home : the memoir of a Syrian architect
Al-Sabouni, Marwa, author.
Bravehearts : whistle-blowing in the age of Snowden
Hertsgaard, Mark, 1956-
The progeny : a novel
Lee, Tosca Moon, author.
Once a cop : the street, the law, two worlds, one man
Pegues, Corey, author.
Your pregnancy week by week
Curtis, Glade B.
The safest lies
Miranda, Megan.
The world according to Star Wars
Sunstein, Cass R., author.
Reading and writing cancer : how words heal
Gubar, Susan, 1944- author.
Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure
Atherton, Nancy, author.
Will do magic for small change : a novel of what might have been
Hairston, Andrea.
When someone you know has depression : words to say and things to do
Noonan, Susan J., 1953- author.
Dinner with Edward : the story of a remarkable friendship
Vincent, Isabel, 1965- author.
Harrington, Karen, 1967-
Dead loudmouth
Houston, Victoria, 1945- author.
Unpleasantries : considerations of difficult questions
Soos, Frank, author.
Danler, Stephanie, author.
The good life
Thurm, Marian, author.
Infidels : a novel
Taïa, Abdellah, 1973-
Available : a memoir of heartbreak, hookups, love and brunch
Perry, Matteson, author.
How to make white people laugh
Farsad, Negin, author.
Dear fang, with love
Thorpe, Rufi.
Outrun the moon
Lee, Stacey, author.
Bellow's people : how Saul Bellow made life into art
Mikics, David, 1961- author.
This too shall pass : a novel
Busquets, Milena, author.
The money cult : capitalism, Christianity, and the unmaking of the American dream
Lehmann, Chris, author.
A blade of black steel
Marshall, Alex (Novelist), author.
Happy family : a novel
Barone, Tracy, author.
Smoke : a novel
Vyleta, Dan, author.
Flight patterns
White, Karen (Karen S.), author.
Bitter freedom : Ireland in a revolutionary world
Walsh, Maurice.
Terror in the city of champions : murder, baseball, and the secret society that shocked Depression-era Detroit
Stanton, Tom, 1960- author.
Enchanted Islands : a novel
Amend, Allison.
Where's Warhol?
Ingram, Catherine, author.
The 6 voyages of Lone Sloane
Druillet, Philippe, author, artist.
Food and the city : New York's professional chefs, restaurateurs, line cooks, street vendors, and purveyors talk about what they do and why they do it
Yalof, Ina L., 1939- author.
The wolf of Sarajevo
Palmer, Matthew, 1966-
Witness to the revolution : radicals, resisters, vets, hippies, and the year America lost its mind and found its soul
Bingham, Clara, author.
The rise and fall of nations : forces of change in the post-crisis world
Sharma, Ruchir, author.
The long game : a memoir
McConnell, Mitch, author.
Escape to Miami : an oral history of the Cuban rafter crisis
Campisi, Elizabeth, 1961-
Seven days dead
Farrow, John, 1947- author.
Retreat from a rising sea : hard choices in an age of climate change
Pilkey, Orrin H., 1934- author.
People who knew me : a novel
Hooper, Kim, author.
Katherine of Aragon, the true queen : a novel
Weir, Alison, 1951- author.
True crime addict : how I lost myself in the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray
Renner, James, 1978- author.
Gluten exposed : the science behind the hype and how to navigate to a healthy, symptom-free life
Green, Peter H. R., author.
Architecture's odd couple : Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson
Howard, Hugh, 1952- author.
The awakened family : a revolution in parenting
Tsabary, Shefali, 1972- author.
Double cup love : on the trail of family, food, and broken hearts in China
Huang, Eddie, 1982-
Beer money : a memoir of privilege and loss
Stroh, Frances, author.
The first signs : unlocking the mysteries of the world's oldest symbols
Von Petzinger, Genevieve.
It's ok to laugh : (crying is cool, too)
Purmort, Nora McInerny.
Jane Doe January : my twenty-year search for truth and justice
Winslow, Emily (Emily Carroll), author.
The rules of love & grammar : a novel
Simses, Mary.
Hot little hands : fiction
Ulman, Abigail, author.
The alliance : a novel
Petersheim, Jolina, author.
No way but gentlenesse : a memoir of how Kes, my kestrel, changed my life
Hines, Richard, 1945- author.
Esther the wonder pig : changing the world one heart at a time
Jenkins, Steve, 1982- author.
Pen & palate : mastering the art of adulthood, with recipes
Madison, Lucy.
Breaking Rockefeller : the incredible story of the ambitious rivals who toppled an oil empire
Doran, Peter B., author.
The underdogs : children, dogs, and the power of unconditional love
Greene, Melissa Fay, author.
True to form : how to use foundation training for sustained pain relief and everyday fitness
Goodman, Eric (Eric David), 1980- author.
Letters to Kevin
Dixon, Stephen, 1936-
Disraeli : the novel politician
Cesarani, David.
Dark run
Brooks, Mike, author.
Zane's Vengeance : a novel.
Zane, author.
The hour of land : a personal topography of America's national parks
Williams, Terry Tempest.
Labor of love : the invention of dating
Weigel, Moira, 1984- author.
Charlie Whistler's omnium gatherum : campfire stories and Adirondack adventures
Broughton, Philip Delves, author.
The Brooklyn bartender : a modern guide to cocktails and spirits
Jones, Carey (Personal chef), author.
Little labors
Galchen, Rivka, author.
Melissa's Southern cookbook : tried-and-true family recipes
Sperka, Melissa, author.
100 years : wisdom from famous writers on every year of your life
All good children
Ingram, Dayna, author.
Dated emcees
Hodge, Chinaka, author.
Marrying Winterborne
Kleypas, Lisa, author.
Murder most fowl
Maxwell, Edith, author.
Oklahoma City
Johnson, Clifford, author.
American huckster : how Chuck Blazer got rich from-and sold out-the most powerful cabal in world sports
Papenfuss, Mary, author.
Free speech : ten principles for a connected world
Garton Ash, Timothy, author.
Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? : a story of women and economics
Marcal, Katrine, author.
The Kamikaze hunters : fighting for the Pacific, 1945
Iredale, Will, author.
Voyager : travel writings
Banks, Russell, 1940- author.
Texas Ranger : the epic life of Frank Hamer, the man who killed Bonnie and Clyde
Boessenecker, John, 1953- author.
Music in the air : the selected writings of Ralph J. Gleason
Gleason, Ralph J., author.
Guggenheim, Marc, author.
Magic and desire
May day : poems
Marquette, Gretchen, author.
Sew happy : stitch yourself stylish with 25 step-by-step projects
Ziegler, Karin, author.
Minimum wage. Book. So many bad decisions
Fingerman, Bob, 1964-
Shakespeare's First Folio : four centuries of an iconic book
Smith, Emma (Emma Josephine), author.
The edge of the Empire : a journey to Britannia : from the heart of Rome to Hadrian's Wall
Riley, Bronwen, author.
The end of American childhood : a history of parenting from life on the frontier to the managed child
Fass, Paula S., author.
Death on earth : adventures in evolution and mortality
Howard, Jules, author.
On being raped
Douglas, R. M., 1963- author.
I do it with the lights on : and 10 more discoveries on the road to a blissfully shame-free life
Thore, Whitney Way, author.
Silence and beauty : hidden faith born of suffering
Fujimura, Makoto, 1960- author.
Best of my love
Mallery, Susan, author.
His prairie sweetheart
Vetsch, Erica.
Plain protector
Stone, Alison, 1969-
A hero of France : a novel
Furst, Alan, author.
All summer long
Frank, Dorothea Benton, author.
Weird but true sports : 300 wacky facts about awesome athletics.
Shadow war
McFate, Sean.
America's snake : the rise and fall of the timber rattlesnake
Levin, Ted, 1948- author.
Hello, my name is Octicorn
Diller, Kevin, author.
The island house : a novel
Thayer, Nancy, 1943- author.
She poured out her heart
Thompson, Jean, 1950- author.
Modern lovers
Straub, Emma, author.
Draw the line
Linn, Laurent, author.
Finding Fontainebleau : an American boy in France
Carhart, Thaddeus.
The sudden appearance of Hope
North, Claire, author.
The adventurers
Elliot, Rachel, 1975-
Elmer and Grandpa Eldo
McKee, David, author, illustrator.
The tomb of Tutankhamun : discover Egypt's greatest wonder
Caldwell, S. A. (Stella A.), author.
Wolf camp
Zuill, Andrea, author, illustrator.
Cape Hell
Estleman, Loren D., author.
Almost completely Baxter : new and selected blurtings
Baxter, Glen, artist.
Never split the difference : negotiating as if your life depended on it
Voss, Chris, author.
Company Town
Ashby, Madeline, author.
The boys in the bunkhouse : servitude and salvation in the heartland
Barry, Dan, 1958- author.
Bare Bones : I'm not lonely if you're reading this book
Bones, Bobby, 1980- author.
December boys : a Jay Porter novel
Clifford, Joe, author.
About Grace : a novel
Doerr, Anthony, 1973-
East west street : on the origins of "genocide" and "crimes against humanity"
Sands, Philippe, 1960-
Triple play
Crownover, James D., author.
Champagne, uncorked : the house of Krug and the timeless allure of the world's most celebrated drink
Tardi, Alan, 1956- author.
Girl against the universe
Stokes, Paula, author.
Bill O'Reilly's Legends & lies : the patriots
Fisher, David, 1946- author.
Tattoo masters
5,000 km per second
Fior, Manuele, author, illustrator.
Song of silence
Ruchti, Cynthia, author.
We are Robin. Volume 1, The vigilante business
Bermejo, Lee, author, illustrator.
Eyewitness travel Scotland
Clough, Juliet, author.
You may see a stranger : stories
Whyman, Paula, author.
The four-night run
Lashner, William, author.
North Carolina
Frye, Jason.
Night sky with exit wounds
Vuong, Ocean, 1988- author.
Unconditional parenting : moving from rewards and punishments to love and reason
Kohn, Alfie, author.
Jābir, Rabīʻ, author.
Warlock Holmes. A study in brimstone
Denning, G. S., author.
Dolores Claiborne : a novel
King, Stephen, 1947-.
Black butler. XXII
Toboso, Yana, 1984-
The wallflower. Volume 34 = Yamatonadeshiko shichihenge
Hayakawa, Tomoko, author, illustrator.
The wallflower. Volume 35 = Yamatonadeshiko shichihenge
Hayakawa, Tomoko, illustrator, author.
The wallflower. Volume 36 = Yamatonadeshiko shichihenge
Hayakawa, Tomoko, illustrator, author.
A Catskill eagle
Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.
Legendary locals of Decatur, Illinois
Freeman, Huey.
The spender's guide to debt-free living
Jones, Anna Newell, author.
The missing will
Brunstetter, Wanda E., author.
Beard boy
Flannery, John (John Patrick), author.
How to manage a marquess
MacKenzie, Sally, author.
Watkins, Adam F.
Clean sweep! : Frank Zamboni's ice machine
Kulling, Monica, 1952-, author.
Follow me!
Sandall, Ellie, author, illustrator.
Lecrae (Musician), author.
Deep waters
Hall, Patricia, 1940-
Albina and the dog-men : a fantastical novel
Jodorowsky, Alejandro, author.
The age of genomes : tales from the front lines of genetic medicine
Lipkin, Steven Monroe, author.
A feminist in the White House : Midge Costanza, the Carter years, and America's culture wars
Mattingly, Doreen J., 1962- author.
The great acceleration : how the world is getting faster, faster
Colvile, Robert, author.
The next pandemic : on the front lines against humankind's gravest dangers
Khan, Ali, MD, author.
The dragon behind the glass : a true story of power, obsession, and the world's most coveted fish
Voigt, Emily, author.
In the clearing
Dugoni, Robert, author.
The marshal's justice
Fossen, Delores.
Freeman, Shannon (Shannon Ford), author.
Giganto Maxia
Miura, Kentarō, author, illustrator.
The good girls
Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
Silence is goldfish : a novel
Pitcher, Annabel.
Devil and the bluebird
Mason-Black, Jennifer, author.
The fall of butterflies
Portes, Andrea, author.
Moskowitz, Hannah, author.
This is my brain on boys
Strohmeyer, Sarah, author.
Answering the call : an autobiography of the modern struggle to end racial discrimination in America
Jones, Nathaniel R., 1926- author.
The emperor's revenge
Cussler, Clive.
Biomedical engineering and human body systems
Sjonger, Rebecca, author.
My favorite bedtime rhymes
Penguin misses Mom
Dahl, Michael, author.
Sleepy ABC
Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.
Wild! Bathtime
Dicmas, Courtney, author, artist.
Go, go, grapes! : a fruit chant
Sayre, April Pulley.
Crum, Shutta, author.
Let's play, pig!
I love my dinosaur
Church, Caroline, author.
Can you canoe? : and other adventure songs
Okee Dokee Brothers.
The sandwich thief
Marois, André, 1959- author.
Star Wars
Follow that hippo!
Posner-Sanchez, Andrea, adaptor.
Just hatched!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Pinkney, Jerry.
A duckling for Daniel
Santomero, Angela C., author.
I love you, Mom
Testa, Maggie.
My first word book about me
Cabrol, Marta, illustrator.
Touch and trace farm
Litton, Jonathan, author.
Sheep go to sleep
Shaw, Nancy (Nancy E.), author.
My bike
Engineering : cool women who design
May, Vicki V., author.
12 children who changed the world
McCullum, Kenya, author.
The Cuban Missile Crisis through the eyes of John F. Kennedy
Hamen, Susan E., author.
The civil rights movement through the eyes of Lyndon B. Johnson
Donohue, Moira Rose, author.
How to survive in the wilderness
Bell, Samantha, author.
The most amazing sports moments of all time
Williams, Doug (Sportswriter), author.
Danker, Sean.
Sneak-a-peek colors
Chapman, Aimée, creator.
Sutton, Sally, author.
Big brother Daniel
Santomero, Angela C., author.
Let's be fit
Hallinan, P. K.
Show me happy
Allen, Kathryn Madeline, author.
Baby's first words : farm.
Racing colors!
Team numbers.
Twilight's sparkly sleepover surprise
Finn, Perdita, author.
MacArthur at war : World War II in the Pacific
Borneman, Walter R., 1952- author.
Tiny Titans. Growing up tiny!
Baltazar, Art.
It ain't so awful, falafel
Dumas, Firoozeh, author.
What elephants know
Dinerstein, Eric, 1952-
Meet Mameshiba!
Shepherd, Carrie.
Time for kids almanac 2017.
Cooking : how to make food for your friends, your family & yourself
Daniels, Patricia, 1955- author.
Pinkalicious : story time
Kann, Victoria, author, illustrator.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Volume 1, Shell unleashed
Eastman, Kevin B., author.
Shark rescue : all about sharks and how to save them
Musgrave, Ruth, 1960- author.
Hout, Mies van, author, illustrator.
¿Cómo son buenos amigos los dinosaurios?
Yolen, Jane, author.
Apples and robins
Félix, Lucie, author.
Where's the artist? : from caves painting to modern art : a look and find book
Rebscher, Susanne, 1966- author, creator.
The bunny burrow buyer's book : a tale of rabbit real estate
Light, Steve, author, illustrator.
BMX racing
Adamson, Thomas K., 1970-
Agricultural engineering and feeding the future
Rooney, Anne, author.
Rain forest food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Desert food chains
Pettiford, Rebecca, author.
Double trouble
Mowry, Tia, author.
Guinness World Records : amazing body records!
Roberts, Christa, author.
Twist and shout
Dadey, Debbie, author.
Stella Batts : scaredy cat
Sheinmel, Courtney.
Quest for the golden apple : an unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters
Miller, Megan, 1963- author.
Diary of a Minecraft zombie. Book 2, [Bullies and buddies]
Skeleton battle
Morgan, Winter.
Limbo's diner
Terrell, Brandon.
Turning Japanese / MariNaomi.
The mirror test : America at war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Weston, J. Kael, author.
Mobs in the mine
Morgan, Winter, author.
The Angry birds movie laughtastic joke book
Carbone, Courtney.
Ai de jiao yu
De Amicis, Edmondo, 1846-1908.
Ask the astronaut : a galaxy of astonishing answers to your questions on spaceflight
Jones, Tom, 1955 January 22- author.
Do you talk funny? : 7 comedy habits to become a better (and funnier) public speaker
Nihill, David, author.
Girl singer
Carlon, Mick, author.
The happy medium : life lessons from the other side
Russo, Kim, author.
June : a novel
Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda, author.
The children
Leary, Ann, author.
101 job interview questions you'll never fear again
Reed, James. author.
GoatMan : how I took a holiday from being human
Thwaites, Thomas, 1980- author.
Hand drawn lettering : draw, print, paint
Marlborough, Max, author.
Grant, Mira, author.
Morgue : a life in death
Di Maio, Vincent J. M., 1941- author.
Chenoo : a novel
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
An ecology of elsewhere : poems
Meek, Sandra.
Rules for dating my daughter : the modern father's guide to good parenting
Dawson, Mike.
Street of Eternal Happiness : big city dreams along a Shanghai road
Schmitz, Rob.
You don't have to be a shark : creating your own success
Herjavec, Robert, 1962- author.
How to write like Tolstoy : a journey into the minds of our greatest writers
Cohen, Richard, 1952-
Mz N : the serial : a poem-in-episodes
McLane, Maureen N., author.
Nitro Mountain
Johnson, Lee Clay.
The last ranch : a novel of the new American West
McGarrity, Michael, author.
Jones, Stephen Graham, 1972- author.
Queer virtue : what LGBTQ people know about life and love and how it can revitalize Christianity
Edman, Elizabeth M., 1962-
Family history of fear : a memoir
Tuszyńska, Agata, author.
Love Canal : a toxic history from Colonial times to the present
Newman, Richard S., author.
Planetes. Volume 2
Yukimura, Makoto, 1976-.
Dressing the decades : twentieth-century vintage style
Dirix, Emmanuelle, author.
Rick and Morty. Volume Two
Gorman, Zac, author.
The real Mrs. Price
Mason, J. D., author.
Advanced style : older & wiser
Cohen, Ari Seth, author, photographer.
Cleopatra's needles : the lost obelisks of Egypt
Brier, Bob, author.
The silent dead
Honda, Tetsuya, 1969- author.
Drive! : Henry Ford, George Selden, and the race to invent the auto age
Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- author.
Someone like you
Bylin, Victoria, author.
Ruthless : scientology, my son David Miscavige, and me
Miscavige, Ron, author.
The Waldorf Astoria bar book
Caiafa, Frank, author.
Deep dark fears
Krause, Fran, author.
Wright, C. D., 1949-2016, author.
Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 : the year's best science fiction and fantasy
Places no one knows
Yovanoff, Brenna.
Brothers of the buffalo : a novel of the Red River War
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
Return to the Isle of the Lost : a Descendants novel
De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- author.
The last star
Yancey, Richard, author.
The cardamom trail : Chetna bakes with flavours of the East
Makan, Chetna, author.
Breaking through bias : communication techniques for women to succeed at work
Kramer, Andrea S., author.
Seeing off the Johns
Perez, Rene S., 1984-
Eleven things I promised
Clark, Catherine, 1962- author.
The new cocktail hour : the essential guide to hand-crafted drinks
Darlington, André.
Deadpool kills Deadpool
Bunn, Cullen, author.
National geographic kids almanac 2017.
Nick and Tesla's solar-powered showdown : a mystery with sun-powered gadgets you can build yourself
Pflugfelder, Bob, 1967-
Tiny blessings for bedtime
Parker, Amy, 1976- author.
Mowgli's rainy day
Rubiano, Brittany, author.
Isaac and his amazing Asperger superpowers!
Walsh, Melanie, author.
The mummy-makers of Egypt
Bower, Tamara.
Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
Scieszka, Jon, author.
Danny and the blue cloud : coping with childhood depression
Foley, James M., 1947-
Kimmel, Eric A., author.
Princess Penelopea hates peas : a tale of picky eating and avoiding catastropeas
Sweet, Susan D., author.
Move your mood! : by Brenda S. Miles, PhD and Colleen A. Patterson, MA ; illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown.
Miles, Brenda, author.
High? low? where did it go?
Rabe, Tish, author.
The universe, black holes, and the Big Bang
Gifford, Clive, author.
Stars, galaxies, and the Milky Way
Gifford, Clive, author.
Johnny Boo goes like this!
Kochalka, James.
Can you survive an artificial intelligence uprising?
Doeden, Matt, author.
Sesame Street library
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Stanley the mailman
Bee, William, author, illustrator.
Dickson, Irene, author.
Flora and the peacocks
Idle, Molly Schaar, author, illustrator.
A goofy guide to penguins : a Toon book
Coudray, Jean-Luc, 1960-
Rick Riordan
Leaf, Christina, author.
Sesame Street firehouse
Hood, Susan, 1954-
Firefighter rescue
King, Trey, author.
The little Christmas tree
Skevington, Andrea, author.
Jak and the magic nano-beans : a graphic novel
Bowen, Carl, author.
Batman character encyclopedia
Manning, Matthew K., author.
The Angry birds movie official guidebook
Cerasi, Christopher.
Unknown remains : a novel
Leonard, Peter A., author.
Over your dead body
Wells, Dan, 1977- author.
Ohlin, Nancy, author.
Smith, Lindsay, 1984- author.
Ask me how I got here
Heppermann, Christine, author.
Beyond the red
Jae, Ava, author.
The blood between us
Brewer, Zac, 1973- author.
Harmony House
Sheff, Nic, author.
Queen of hearts
Oakes, Colleen, author.
For the record
Huang, Charlotte, author.
Tribe : on homecoming and belonging
Junger, Sebastian, author.
The shark
Burton, Mary (Mary T.), author.
The sorcerer's daughter
Brooks, Terry, author.
The city of mirrors : a novel
Cronin, Justin, author.
Cooper, Constance, author.
Blue voyage
Renn, Diana, author.
Alice and the fly
a Rice, James (James D.)
Camp alien
Koch, Gini, author.
The house of dreams
Brown, Kate Lord, author.
The high places : stories
McFarlane, Fiona, 1978- author.
Rival forces
Ayres, D. D.
Rock steady
Ryder, Dawn, author.
Sweet little lies
Shalvis, Jill, author.
Time is the fire
Alcorn, Alfred, author.
Revolution on the Hudson : New York City and the Hudson River Valley in the American War of Independence
Daughan, George C., author.
The Mandibles : a family, 2029 - 2047
Shriver, Lionel, author.
Lassoing the sun : a year in America's national parks
Woods, Mark, author.
The useful book : 201 life skills they used to teach in home ec and shop
Bowers, Sharon, author.
Murder has nine lives
Levine, Laura, 1943- author.
A certain age
Williams, Beatriz, author.
American girls
Umminger, Alison, author.
The book of lost recipes : the best signature dishes from historic restaurants rediscovered
Saxena, Jaya.
The strange career of William Ellis : the Texas slave who became a Mexican millionaire
Jacoby, Karl, 1965-
The intimidation game : how the Left is silencing free speech
Strassel, Kimberley, author.
You and me, always
Mansell, Jill, author.
Saddle up
Vane, Victoria.
The sword of Midras : a shroud of the Avatar novel
Hickman, Tracy, author.
Vinegar girl : The taming of the shrew retold
Tyler, Anne, author.
Fatal pursuit : a Bruno, chief of police novel
Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23-
White trash : the 400-year untold history of class in America
Isenberg, Nancy, author.
Sunshine Beach
Wax, Wendy, author.
First strike
Coes, Ben, author.
The curse of tenth grave
Jones, Darynda, author.
Into the lion's mouth : the true story of Dusko Popov : World War II spy, patriot, and the real-life inspiration for James Bond
Loftis, Larry, author.
The fifty year mission : the complete, uncensored, unauthorized oral history of Star trek
Gross, Edward (Edward A.), author.
I am here now : a creative mindfulness guide and journal
House revenge
Lawson, Michael, 1948- author.
Hartley, A. J., author.
Death by video game : danger, pleasure, and obsession on the virtual frontline
Parkin, Simon.
An abbreviated life : a memoir
Leve, Ariel, 1968- author.
Dragons vs. drones
King, Wesley, author.
A gentleman's guide to scandal
Kimmel, Kathleen, author.
False hearts
Lam, Laura, 1988- author.
Older, Malka, author.
Harvey, Michael T., author.
Blockbuster! : Fergus Hume & the mystery of a hansom cab
Sussex, Lucy, 1957- author.
The ghostfaces
Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.
Written off
Copperman, E. J., 1957- author.
Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education
Smith, Mychal Denzel, 1986- author.
With malice
Cook, Eileen, author.
Hard cover : a Marc Portman thriller
Magson, Adrian, author.
Sfar, Joann, author, illustrator.
Six kids and a stuffed cat
Paulsen, Gary, author.
Blood in the water
Anderson, Taylor, 1963- author.
Living with a dead language : my romance with Latin
Patty, Ann, author.
Go, Otto, go!
Milgrim, David, author, illustrator.
The course of love : a novel
De Botton, Alain, author.
Bay of sighs
Roberts, Nora, author.
Meg : Nightstalkers
Alten, Steve, author.
Being Jazz : my life as a (transgender) teen
Jennings, Jazz, author.
A house full of daughters : a memoir of seven generations
Nicolson, Juliet.
Title wave
Barrett, Lorna, author.
The Nordic kitchen : one year of family cooking
Meyer, Claus (Cook), author.
The lion inside
Bright, Rachel, author.
My old pal, Oscar
Hest, Amy.
Clara : the (mostly) true story of the rhinoceros who dazzled kings, inspired artists, and won the hearts of everyone ... while she ate her way up and down a continent!
McCully, Emily Arnold.
Excellent Ed
McAnulty, Stacy, author.
Chicken in space
Lehrhaupt, Adam, author.
An after bedtime story
Smith, Shoham, 1966- author.
Can I tell you a secret?
Kang, Anna, author.
Luis paints the world
Farish, Terry, author.
The sword in the stove
Dormer, Frank W., author, illustrator.
The artist and me
Peacock, Shane, author.
Frankie the blankie
Sattler, Jennifer Gordon, author, illustrator.
The storm
Miyakoshi, Akiko, 1982- author.
Miles of smiles
Orloff, Karen Kaufman, author.
Kleber, Dori, author.
Painting Pepette
Lodding, Linda Ravin, author.
Baker, Jeannie, author, illustrator.
How much does a ladybug weigh?
Limentani, Alison, author.
Why diets make us fat : the unintended consequences of our obsession with weight loss
Aamodt, Sandra, author.
Escape from dark places : guideposts to hope in an age of anxiety & depression
Watkins, Ambra.
Nancy Clancy seeks a fortune
O'Connor, Jane, author.
Locker hero
Russell, Rachel Renée, author.
Grayling's song
Cushman, Karen, author.
We stand on guard
Vaughan, Brian K., author.
Knit to be tied
Sefton, Maggie, author.
Nearer the heart's desire : poets of the Rubaiyat : a dual biography of Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald
Richardson, Robert D., 1934- author.
Cross kill
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
Lessons my father taught me : the strength, integrity, and faith of Ronald Reagan
Reagan, Michael, 1945- author.
Sleepless in Manhattan: Midnight at Tiffany's Bonus
Morgan, Sarah.
The long game : a Fixer novel
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.
Freaky fish
Herrington, Lisa M, author.
Incredible insects
Herrington, Lisa M, author.
Amazing mammals
Herrington, Lisa M, author.
Minecraft beginner's guide
Zeiger, James, author.
What makes you you?
Arbuthnott, Gill, author.
Littman, Margaret, author.
The Fractured Republic : Renewing America's Social Contract in the Age of Individualism
Levin, Yuval, author.